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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Where is this guy these days anyways. ... 🤔
  2. Since some may be interested. Three year update. Under different angles and lighting. Flash not used in any though. Sorry as I only had time to take the pics in selfie mode so quality is super HD.
  3. Seems like all of you are more concerned than the person with the results.... Doesn't look good, but placing transplanted hairs in between native hairs is always risky as the result is also dependant on the native hairs sticking around. The best cases imo are the ones that are on a completely bald area. At least it's predictable. But the case is disappointing, nevertheless.
  4. With that punch size, anything under s number 2 guard, you'll likely see the dots. Dr diep is known to use larger punches and it really shows. ... The post op photos of his work is always pretty bloody. Hope it works out for you. I know I'm not gonna be the only one that's says I don't think you needed a ht.
  5. With my donor I can shave it down to a number 1 without issue. I will never be able to shave it slick without the scars being seen in the donor but I don't plan on ever shaving my head to the bone. To answer your first question, the skin bumps from the hair is not normal. I look at my native hair and there isn't any bumps at the base of the shaft. My results aren't as bad as others as it's not every single graft that resulted in the chicken skin texture but probably around 25%. It's not that noticeable but if I shaved my recipient area you would notice it. Whether the avg person would even notice, I'm not sure, but I do and that's what really matters. I do notice that when I pluck out the transplanted hair, the texture is a lot better in that it almost flattens out, so that is a good sign. Having the hair laser removed my solve the texture issue as it could be the hair shaft causing the skin at the base of the shaft to tent a bit. As for my redness. Again it's not bad but you will be able to see it for sure if I shaved down my recipient area. I am however very glad that there is the option of the v beam to reduce or even eliminate the lingering pinkness. End of the day, I am glad there are options and I'm glad my procedure was a small one. But I will say that knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have had the procedure done. My out was always to shave the recipient and cal it a day if my hairloss progressed, as I didn't think the ht would cause permanent colour and or skin texture issues. I don't blame anyone but myself for not doing more research. The results I received from my procedure was excellent, and I want to be clear that there was nothing negative about the results I received from my procedure. All I'm really saying is that I never intended to have more than this one small procedure, and because of that, I shouldn't have had it done.
  6. Have you considered having the transplanted hairs permanently removed via Laser?
  7. How many grafts did you get from Dr bhattis procedure? Donor looks pretty good for having 4k+ taken out via fue. Do you have a link for your first procedure?
  8. Harry. Did you notice improved skin texture after plucking the hairs out? I noticed that the hair root and shaft of the transplanted hair actually causes some skin irregularities. I once plucked one hair out and within a couple days the skin that used to around that hair that used to look goose pimplish, flattened out. Also I am so happy for you that you found something that works. Two years after my ht I still have some pinkness. It is nowhere near as bad as some, and not as noticeable as yours. It is good to know I have an out if I do decide to shave my head and remove my transplanted hairs if my hairloss progresses. Even before your post I researched and believed v beam would be my best bet. Really appreciate your post.
  9. I think I speak for most people on here when I say, don't do it! Your hair looks like its in great shape.
  10. Sorry for replying so late, but in all your pictures you posted from other threads, you can easily see the FUE scars. They may not look like obvious "dots" due to the number of grafts taken, but you can definitely see the scarring.
  11. I always thought Dr diep made extractions that were way too large. Personally, I don't think it's shock loss but just the size of punch he used and the pattern. A 2000 graft fue should not leave your donor as patch as yours is. Generally you should be able to wear your hair with a number 1-1.5 without your fue scars showing. As for your recipient area, it does look like I I healing very well.
  12. looks good to me man... 7k for 3k grafts is a good price. I may have missed it, but how old are you. The last thing you want is to use up all your donor hair to have a teenage hairline. Your hairline does not look like it has receded, but age appropriate. 99.9% of people won't even notice. The .1% that do notice, is you! All the replies here saying that the results are decent to good, and these are people that KNOW you had something done.
  13. I too also have some of the "cobblestoning" that you have shown in your pictures but it depends on the lighting and angle where it can be seen, and only on a few hairs, not all. And like yourself, during the first few months when no hairs were sprouting, the skin texture had no bumps and was smooth as well. I think it has to do with the hairs growing out, and the thickness of the shaft that might be causing the skin to dimple out? As you can see it looks worse when you pull the hair against the natural direction as well... I know in the future, if my hair loss progresses, I will not attempt to play catch up. I do plan to laser the transplanted hair away and hopefully what I see under is normal skin... If not, I plan to see if there are options like fraxel out there for me. Redness: I am 2 years post op and after a hot shower my recipient area is still slightly pink.. I think it has some to do with my use of rogaine. I remember going off rogaine for a couple days and the recipient area looked a lot paler, but who knows. At the end of the day, I had a small procedure, and although I am extremely happy with my results, I am not going to defy nature anymore as I have better things to worry about, and money to spend on...
  14. Please post a picture or your hair without u pulling it back.
  15. If it were me I wouldn't bother with a ht. Your hair doesn't seem to contrast your skin much so it would look decent buzzed down to a zero guard or even 1 guard without too much of a horse shoe effect.