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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Dr. Victor Hasson
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  1. Your donor area looks awesome. But 5000 grafts for the results you got I would be disappointed as well...
  2. I'm not being grandiose. I'm just saying after all this, maybe just accept the hairloss and get on with your life. But it is your money and life. If you want to spend the money time and emotion on smp, then that's your decision. All smp will fade. So you will need to have touchups over and over again. I've seen very good smp, but imo, if you're going for the day or two old shaved look, there isn't really that much difference vs actually being skin bald. Yes it frames the face but the overall look is very similar.
  3. Dude once there laser sessions remove the ink just leave it. Why go through this again. Imo even the BEST SMP doesn't look natural or that good. Move on with your life. You're not fooling anyone sporting a fake shaved head vs a bald head. Imo the two don't look that much different, but hey its your money.
  4. Not really. But I know it'll eventually happen. I know I'll need a touch up later down the road. I'm still on the fence if I would get the touch up or just let nature take it's course lol
  5. It's what he designed and I agreed with. I didn't want a straight hairline. My main goal was restore the fullness and stylability of the hairline. I will admit when the procedure was done and I saw the hairline it looked a lot more widow's peakish than I expected. But when the hair grew in, the widow's peak look went away. I'm glad I agreed to the hairline because the slight v shape adds maturity and makes it more natural looking. If you're local, it's a no brainier you go with hw
  6. I got it from another site. Stopped using it because the new batch I got about a year ago aggravated my scalp (gave me pimples on the applied area). I use minox foam and a topical dht blocker (kourosh) but honestly have no idea if it's working. Like most people I'm just afraid if I stop by hair loss will.progress faster , finding out that the meds did work in mainting. ..
  7. Because of his reputation. And I live a ten minute walk from his office 😉
  8. You need to take clearer pics. But even with the blurry donor area you can see the scars quite clearly. Diep uses a noticeably larger punch and that is why his donor area scars are large, it's that simple. So really we aren't comparing the ability of surgeons when it comes to which clinc is better at using the same punch size. End of the day, both surgeons have great recipient yields.. if you want smaller donor scars, go to Hasson. It's not bc hassons technicians are better per se , but they choose to use smaller punches which results in smaller scars. Personally, I wouldn't get my hair cut as short as I do with diep sized scars as I'm already subconscious with mine the way it is now.
  9. This is my donor area from Dr Hasson. Just came back trom the barber. Number 1-2 fade with an Oster classic 76 which is actually shorter than other guards. Their number 1 is actually closer to a 0.5 and 2 is more like in between a 1.5-2. You can still see the scars but it is no where as obvious as Dr dieps
  10. I'm pretty sure Doug will be able to chime in about how many fue cases Dr Hasson and or Wong have done in the last couple years. Their results seem pretty much identical in terms of success rates. The thing is that Dr hassons fut scars are well hidden that most ppl would opt for a mega session doing fut which is so much cheaper.
  11. Not sure why that would be a problem if his results speak for itself. Hasson does come in to speak to you after towards the end of the consultation to confirm everything they the consultant has recommended. This is from my experience, at least.
  12. From what I have seen online. Hasson. Donor scars are noticeably smaller and overall cleaner work. The size of the donor scars on dieps work, you can't cut your hair as short, which defeats the purpose of an fue procedure. Yes I've had work done by Dr Hasson, but judging by the pictures alone which have been posted I would lean to Dr Hasson for FUE or FUT.