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  1. 50 year old adult male...Have had 3 HTS in the past 7 years..Does anyone know at rusted site where I can get propecia without a prescription? I go online and each time I find one they need a prescription... Any info would be most appreciated.. Thank you....
  2. Been using Rogaine foam for what feels like around 15 yrs...it's so inexpensive when you buy online like 12 bucks a month... My question is after using it for so long does it lose it's effectiveness ? I have had 4 H Ts in the last 7 yrs and of course I have lost some of my non transplanted hair in that time...It's hard to tell wr I would have been if I never started the rogaine..
  3. I am in the USA....Thank you I will give it a shot...
  4. In the past 6 years I have undergone 4 H.Ts...Basically small procedures..I took propecia for about 3 years straight from 2000-2003...I used to say if it worked so well I would have not had to undergo transplants,whatever...Question,is there a trusted site to get a good generic brand? Thinking about going back on it just Dont want the added expense of 70$ a month..Thank you
  5. Well like I said I liked the first one did not like the second one..Go to Dr.Dorin he takes his time and I feel the procedure all on all is better.His technique to get you numb is better than Bosleys.From what I remember Bosley uses a saline injection during operation which Dr.Dorin does not...
  6. Hi.. I used dr.alpeter way back in 07 and the following year in 08... I liked the first procedure but not the second..Both were done in the front.. I would recommend Dr.Dorin look him up..I had two small procedures by him and I liked the results..He was also 50 cents a graph cheaper than Dr.Alpeter.. Good luck.
  7. Went for an 800 graph transplant on Jan 17th by Dr.Dorin...He performed a 1400 graph transplant in March of 2010.. The 1400 graph one came in nice but I have to tell you once you have this so called hair loss gene it doesnt seem to stop...Took propecia for 3 years straight about 8-9 years ago and if it really did work would I have went for 4 HTs? 2 by Bosley 2 by Dr.Dorin,I am a 48 year old male.. Dont feel like shelling out 65-70 dollars a month on Propecia especially with all the hype about a lower sex drive..Lets face it, we are men and of course as you get older, you do slow down but who needs that on our mind so to speak. I am currently taking Hairomega ''used to be called hairmax'' twice a day in pill form..It claims to have the natural ingrediants to combat DHT..Been on it now 2 months so I guess it needs time to work in my system.. Even after 4Hts since 07 with around 3800 in the front I still consider myself thin in the front... Any help with a DHT blocker would be great.. Thank you...
  8. I have been off and on over the past 6 years with the use of propecia...Like I guess most people I got tired of paying around 80 bucks a month for the prescription brand.. Ilooked into the internet to get finasteride and have used a couple..I have of course lost more hair in the past 6 years and to be honest I dont think there is a miracle pill to stop MPB comepletely.. If anyone knows of a trusted site where I can get fiasteride without a prescription please let me know...I tried one time to get a prescription for proscar but the Dr. I went to would not give it to me... Thank you...
  9. Any opinion on coloring transplanted hair? I am 46 years old and just finished my third HT in three years...The last was done by Dr.Dorin..I usually color my hair once every 2 weeks around the temples and just slightly on top...I actually make the bottle last for two or three times so my extent of the coloring is very minimal when I do. Just curious as to how it affects transplanted hair,if at all..Remember when I do it is very minimal and my hair actually feels very good when I am finished..The bottle says it does have natural nutrients for the hair... Thank you....
  10. Just had a 3rd HT with Dr.Dorin..First 2 were with Bosley..My question is I have in the past used propecia on and off for around 5 to 7 years..I am now taking generic propecia ''finasteride''instead of taking the entire 1 milligram I cut it in half and take a half a milligram a day consistenly.. I have spoken to Dr.True and Dr.Dorin about it and they say taking half on a reg basis will be just fine. Any thoughts out there on just taking half a day?
  11. I am 9 days post op from Ht with Dr.Dorin..Should I start using rogaine again even if I still have the scabs? Or wait until all the scabs fall off?
  12. Thinking of going for a 3rd HT..The first 2 were done by Bosley.... I live in Bk. NY and do not feel like travelling out of State..Any opinions on Dr.Dorin? Does he shave your head prior to Ht?How are his prices? If anyone knows... Any info on the Dr.would be greatly appreciated..Thank you....
  13. Heard a lot of opinions about what is the right dosage to take...Presently I am taking one milligram a day of finasteride.. Any suggestions? Thanks...
  14. Thinking of going for a third HT..I had the last two at Bosley..They were small procedures,I was not educated by this site yet..Can you recommend a good NY doctor? Do not want my head shaved..I know some Drs.prefer to do this,but I rather not.. Thank you....
  15. Been using proscar for the past 6 months.Before that propecia basically for about 4-5 years..I heard that after this time frame that the effectiveness wears off.....Just really feel like using Rogaine foam which I have been using for quite sometime now.....I have lost more hair in this timeframe so I feel that by cutting out the oral medication really should not be a big deal...Any suggestions?