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  1. Hi, a little bit about my situation. I had a hair transplant using the FUT strip method about 6 years ago. The procedure has left me with a Red scar line that goes across the back of the scalp. I am wanting to know if anyone has used laser therapy to reduce the redness of an FUT strip scar ?? My plan is to try to improve the scar by reducing the redness and then look at placing FUE grafts into the scar so that I can wear my hair shorter on the sides. Maybe down to a clipper 2 or 3. Any help would be really appreciated. TIA
  2. Hi Aus1980 In my honest opinion I would seriously consider traveling overseas for any procedure. I had a consultation with Dr Spano in Melbourne regarding an fue procedure. I didn't feel overly confident and he wasn't able to show me any of his work because of privacy issues which Didnt make me feel confident. I was probably feeling like yourself and really wanting to have it done in Aus instead of traveling overseas but after reading many forums I couldn't find any that would recommend having it done here in Aus. After doing my home work I ended up traveling to Brussels to have a fue procedure done with Dr Bisanga and would highly recommend considering him for a consultation. I believe he is one of the leading surgeons in the world and am happy with my results so far (about 6 and a half months). As for the cost you will probably find like I did that it works out to be the same going overseas and having it done compared to getting it done in Aus as price per graft is very expensive here in Aus. I normally wouldn't be one to comment but it's a big decision and would hate for you to make a bad choice. Really do your home work on the leading surgeons and don't be afraid to travel as it's a lot easier to organize than what you may think. All the best
  3. Hi everyone. Hoping someone might be able to help me out with some information regarding vbeam laser treatment on a previous FUT strip scar. The FUT strip was done about 5 years ago but I still have a red line that seems to run above the scar from ear to ear. I have heard that the Vbeam laser treatment does a great job with a couple of treatments in removing the red from scars. I have since had FUE into the scar area to try and disguise the scar but really need to get rid of the red line so I can wear my hair shorter. I am wondering how long after having FUE grafting into the scar area could I have the Vbeam laser treatment?? Has anyone else tried this type of laser treatment? Any success? Really looking forward to some feed back as I am a little bit lost at the moment. Thanks
  4. Fantastic write up David. Really informative which is what make these forums so good. I will be very interested in how the beard hair grows in the previous fut scars as I have one strip scar myself that I will address in a procedure in about a months time. Hopefully we can both have a great result with transplanting beard hair into the strip scare and are blue to wear the hair shorter on the sides. Looking forward to seeing your results mate. All the very best
  5. Hi Anthony777, Your hair looks fantastic. A great result. Just wondering how your previous strip scar looks after having the beard hairs grafted into it? Has it camouflaged the strip scar nicely? Looking at traveling from Australia to Belguim to see dr B for a HT and previous strip scar repair with beard hairs. I would ideally love to trim the sides down a bit shorter but with the strip scar makes it hard. Do you think you could buzz the sides shorter now after grafting the beard hair into the scar? I know what you mean being in Australia does make it hard when having to travel across the other side of the world. It's a bit daunting
  6. Hi Tomislav, How did your procedure go with Dr Bisanga? I know it's only early days but I am booked in for a couple of months time to have a similar procedure of around 3000 grafts so really interested in how you are going with it all. Were you scheduled to have the surgery over 2 days? Will the 3000 grafts give you enough density or will you have to go back in a couple of years time to add further? How are you finding Belguim? Hope it's all going well for you mate and looking forward to seeing some further posts and I am sure great results. I think you picked a great doctor to perform fue. All the best
  7. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has had a HT performed by Dr Mwamba? I had seen a previous post in regards to an FUT scar repair and the work looked flawless. Even with the head clippered down to a 2. I am currently in Australia but considering heading overseas and possibly Belguim to have a HT and repair works done on a previous FUT scar. Currently I am looking into dr Bisanga but considering dr Mwamba after seeing these results. Can anyone help me to make the best decision on who to see.
  8. Yeah I'm leaning towards dr Bisanga in Brussels for an fue procedure. He seems to get consistent results and doesn't try and over harvest the donor area. Which in my opinion would only lead to another issue seeing as though I'm looking at trying to repair a previous fut scar with fue grafts. Have any of you guys contacted his clinic to see what's involved in getting the ball rolling?? I had contacted them but they wanted a donor density. So I might have to see a clinic locally to try an obtain that information. I had seen the Knudsen clinic and it seemed there fue price was a little over $9.00 per graft. So although I think it will be dearer in the long run by the time I account for flights and accommodation in Brussels I think it will still be a better decision knowing that dr Bisanga is a word class surgeon and can hopefully help me gain coverage on top and help repair my fut scar to a point where I could buzz it down on the sides to about a 3 on the clippers
  9. I was actually interested in seeing Dr Path in Thailand but like you mentioned he is an expert in FUT which I'm not interested in this time. I am actually considering not having a procedure in Australia just for the conviniance and looking at perhaps seeing Dr Bisanga at the BHR clinic in Belgium. Apparently from reading posts on this forum he is an expert in FUE. Has anyone had any experience with him for an fue procedure or fue into a previous fut scar?? Really want to try and make the best decision with a doctor and it seems like the prices are quite comparable if not cheaper than here in Australia. Would appreciate any thoughts ....
  10. Hi fortune11, Just wondering with the previous fut scar whether you considered transplanting any fue grafts into it to try and disguise it if you ever wanted to try and buzz the sides down a bit lower? I have a similar fut scar and am wanting to try and disguise it through fue. Just wondering what dr Shapiro suggested if anything in regards to the scar? Thanks
  11. Hi Matt-Sydney, Just wondering how your experience was with dr Knudsen? I am looking at doing a HT procedure and have booked a consultation with him. Did you do FUT or FUE? How many grafts? And most importantly were you happy with results and would you recommend having a procedure with him?? Would really love to hear some feed back. Thanks
  12. I did have a consultation at the Knudsen clinic in Melbourne with Dr Vikram Jayaprakash. He seemed knowledgeable and ok to talk to but as most people have pointed out its hard to find any results when you google these Aussie doctors. Have you heard of the above dr or know any of his work?? The post that you spoke about regarding someone going to dr Knudsen was the patient happy with results? I could find that post
  13. Yes it is a real shame and such an opportunity for a HT surgeon in Australia to master the trade. So many Aussies looking to go overseas for the procedure. Thanks for your help on the matter. Through my research as you pointed out there are some great doctors overseas getting constant results. Maybe I need to approach them online. It's a bit daunting looking overseas but it is a very important decision as well
  14. Hi Transhair, Which surgeon do you speak of in Melbourne that you think looks to hopefully be good?? It is a real shame there isn't more feed back on this site about Australian doctors as I'm sure that some people are still having procedures done locally in Australia.
  15. Hi HRSN1, I am definitely going to go with fue. I had a previous fut procedure about 5 years ago and it was a big mistake. Now as you mentioned I have a scar to deal with. The scar is actually my major concern. I am wanting to try and disguise it by planting fue grafts into it. I don't shave my head by would like to clipper it shorter. Maybe a 3 or something without seeing the scar line. I'm hoping I can achieve this through fue. I am also looking at adding more coverage on the top. But really want to just get it to a stage where I can just put the whole thing behind me and move on with my life. I'm just a bit scared about doing another procedure with the wrong person and getting a bad result. Have you had any scar repair work done? Ever had a procedure done in Australia or have any advice for me? Thanks mate