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  1. It's most likely a temporary telogen effluvium. If that is the case you should expect regrowth soon in (3-6 months).
  2. I believe the structure of the hair shaft is final at around 24 months. If it stays wiry after, the hair follicle has probably been damaged in some way, which leads to permanent alteration of the hair shaft.
  3. The best thing you can do? It's pretty simple, use finasteride and minoxidil if you can and want. The former is more important. Finasteride or the combination of finasteride + minoxidil will likely thicken your hair up and increase your density. Your current hair loss pattern (diffuse) doesn't lend itself that well for a hair transplant surgery. If you want one anyway, I would wait longer.
  4. Thank you, Anthony, for the update, the extensive review, and the nice words. Glad you are happy and wish you well and also important don't forget to enjoy your new coupe of hair from time to time .
  5. Sorry to hear that. Scarring alopecia is poorly understood and medically managing it is very difficult or impossible. There is some literature out there that shows the use of immunomodulatory & anti-inflammatory can help, but it is very limited. Great that you have had a (test) hair transplant though. There is a huge chance that those grafts will grow.
  6. 3-4 days. I used a neck pillow, worked great. But the sleep quality wasn't that great (lol). After that, I just slept on my back (while normally I'm a stomach sleeper).
  7. Please see the result of the following patient who wished to restore and lower his hairline and also restore his temple points. The after pictures that can be seen are at 7.5 months after the operation. The patient is extremely pleased with the result and plans for a second hair transplant with us late this year. The graft distribution: 3456 grafts total 1's - 797 2's - 1278 3's - 1089 4's - 292 Every graft was checked under a microscope prior to insertion to the recipient area. Placements: Before & After (7.5 months):
  8. Well, using finasteride is always better than not using finasteride, but considering your age and status I don't believe it's a necessity. I would say you could def get your front done and I think you are looking at around 2500 grafts.
  9. 4000-5000 grafts probably, if your donor allows for it, it could be FUE only. But else you are looking at FUT or a combination of FUT + FUE. I would go for coverage on the top and keep your hairline conservative. It's highly advisable you go in for a live personal consult.
  10. Considering your age, yes it can definitely be done in my opinion. Do you have a better top view? Also, are you on finasteride?
  11. 4000-5000 grafts in two sittings.2x FUE if your donor has a good density. FUT or FUT + FUE is also a possibility.