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  1. @ JeanLucBergman Very well argued. I actually agree with you that it is not who performs the surgery which is the most important part, but the result that counts. Clearly Asmed are getting the best results and as such it may be worth considering them over a different clinic where the doctor is more involved. Your point about fatigue makes perfect sense. Like I said I haven't had surgery at Asmed nor have I been for a live consultation. Are the live consultations conducted by Dr Erdogan? How does he measure the area for treatment and donor capacity? Also do all the different teams which work in Asmed use manual FUE and KEEP?
  2. Hi Rappy. I was wondering the same thing. Dr Erdogan is definitely my number one choice in terms of surgeon and to be honest I would rather pay his prices than go elsewhere. However I have recently spoken with the clinic and have been informed that the only part he is involved in is the slit making. All other parts are done by either surgical assistants or techs. I have spoken with a correspondent of Dr Yaman's and he has told me that the extractions are done by him and another Dr called Dr Ali. Dr Yaman does all the slit making and the grafts are placed by techs. I may be wrong but I think the done thing is that the doctor does the extraction and the incisions and the techs do the placement. I feel donor management and incision making are the key areas and as such the selected doctor should be the one doing this. Can anyone patients of Asmed shed any light on this situation. Clearly whatever they're doing is working. Does it matter that the doctor isn't involved? Are the team so well trained that they can get consistently good results with little 'hands on' input from Dr Erdogan.
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies. JeanLucBergman I agree with your point that most of the hairs on my head are probably miniaturising already. If Dr Erdogan's intention is to overcompensate now for the hairs that will fall out later then a 5000 graft procedure seems reasonable. I would like a thick head of hair and perhaps 3000 grafts just wont cut it. I'm not keen on FUT solely based on the fact that I like to keep my hair at grade 1 on the sides. My intention would be to get SMP in the donor area to mask the removed hairs from a mega session of FUE. Has anyone heard of this being done and being effective? Mattj - I have sent you an email for Dr Rahal's opinion
  4. Ok thanks a lot for the advice. Does Dr Rahal do online consultations or would I need to see him face to face? Also I agree that to get a full look I'd need to have 5000 grafts. My only issue is that to get that is sacrifice future surgeries which I may need to rely on.
  5. Yea the crown is thin but as I don't see it daily it doesn't bother me. I'd rather have a strong hairline and dense midscalp then just use a concealer if the crown does start to bother me. Both doctors who recommended 5000 grafts would do the procedure over 2 days. In that case perhaps 3000 graft FUE in the hairline and midscalp would get me a good result?
  6. Mattj thanks for the reply. Yea my hair loss is quite diffuse. It's fairly stable too due to the finasteride and minox. I think I'd get a good result with that number of grafts but my only issue is if I lose more hair in the future not having enough left in the donor to cover the loss. FUE as I like my hair quite short. I'm in 2 minds. One that I could get it done and enjoy a full head of hair for a while. Two that I get a more conservative transplant but never really be happy with it. What's your opinion?
  7. Hi everyone. This is my first post so forgive me if I waffle on a bit. First of all just wanted to say that this has been a great help to me in learning about different surgeons and options when it comes to hair restoration. I am 27 years old and have been suffering with hair loss for about 9 years now. I caught it early with finasteride and minoxidil and they have slowed the progress but I think a surgery will really stop me worrying about this daily. I had a small surgery (probably premature) in 2011 with Dr Raghu Reddy at the private clinic in London. It was for approx 900 grafts in the frontal corners. This has given me a solid base to use hair fibres on and this is how I've been masking the hair loss for a while now. So I have been looking for a surgeon for around 6 months now. I am aware of some recommended ones who are in my price range. However my issue is knowing if they are quoting me for an appropriate number of grafts. I have had the following quotes Dr Koray Erdogan (online quote) - 5000 grafts Dr Nader Ebrahmimi ( face to face) - 5000 grafts Dr Tejinder Bhatti ( online quote) - 3000 grafts I am trying to strengthen my hairline and mid scalp. I would like to have good density in the frontal portion of my head. I am also looking for a touch up in the crown by as I don't see it in the mirror I don't mind so much. I feel like 5000 grafts is too much but I'd like some opinions if you'd be so kind. Thanks alot guys. I have attached some pictures but please have a look at my album 'Hair 2017' for more. ( I can only upload 4 here)
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