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  1. Gojira35, You seem to show a potential 4A pattern, but time and your family history of hair loss will tell. What are your goals? Thanks for sharing.
  2. Bald or buzzed and with and without a choice, you can do it. Your look is good, as long as the skin tone of the scalp doesn't have unnecessary contrast in pigmentation from the sides to the top and the length of the groomed hair is in a uniformed manner. A side profile photo might be helpful to post as well.
  3. The crown is a difficult area to restore, especially if your hair line continues to recede.
  4. Your surgical clinic should be aware of this condition for any possible post-op concerns.
  5. Is that the entire list of doctors being considered for female hairline work?
  6. Extended sun exposure is not a healthy choice for up to 12 months. Stick to your doctor's recommendation.
  7. A Norwood III seems accurate, but you can measure the hairline for a general idea of determining your pattern, and you can have a specialist measure the density on top too. The lesser pigmented hair is less visible in creating the illusion of coverage.
  8. Any thorough examinations over a given amount of time can be very beneficial. Stabilization is very important as is the commitment to medical therapy.
  9. A typical 3000-graft FUT scar can be about thirteen centimeters long and four to six millimeters wide. As no two patients' donor areas and goals are equal, the size of the linear scar can be dependent on density, hair characteristics, and closure method. The reduction of the overall area in the donor region may cause stretch-back to occur well after the FUT grafts have matured.
  10. 5000 sounds good, but also look at the possibility of the crown worsening. Maybe test your beard hair in the crown at some point too. The coverage could yield a great effect but be realistic in expecting to restore everything you had; surgery is meant to create the illusion of coverage. Inquire about the benefits of including hyaluronic acid and platelet-rich plasma during the surgery.