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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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  1. I did see through your journey. Very intersted to see your crown pics now after 1 year post surgery
  2. Work looks great. Can you post some pics now on how the donor/ recipient is looking after 15 days post transplant
  3. Looks Good ! I am planning to go for a crown session sometime next month with her. Can you also post pics of 7 days/ 15 days post transplant to know how the recovery would be like. All the best for the growth
  4. Thanks mattj.. I also have seen great results of SMP with buzz cut but I heard it also can be used for giving a dense effect for long hair . Probably I am not suitable candidate in that case either given that the existing hair is very thin
  5. Thanks for the reply HTSoon. I have closely followed your entire thread on crown procedure . Its great to have you reply here . I will try the comb over to see if it has any effect. Right now , the concealers are doing the trick for me but the idea is to cover balding spots in the crown conservatively for now with about ~1000 grafts ( Dr Bhatti's estimate) . But I am also worried about the expanding crown in future and an unusual donut of hair. I will message you personally on your experience for more details
  6. Thanks for the reply Bill. I did undergo FUE before. How many grafts do you think would give a better coverage? The only problem going aggressive coverage now is if the baldness in the crown expands and transplanted hair stands in between. @aWidowsPeek : I am on fin at the moment for the past 2 months which stabilised the hairfall but Rogaine gave me too much itchiness and pimples. I was also apprehensive about SMP with long hair but the clinic after reviewing the pics said that it would be definitely possible to mask the baldness.
  7. Guys , Any inputs or suggestions on this? I do not want to take a bad step at this crucial juncture
  8. I understand that but the hairline is pretty stable now and what do you think of transplant / SMP for crown in the current situation?
  9. Definitely not short. I want to keep as long as its shown in pics
  10. Hi Guys, First of all , thanks to all the forum users and moderators for the wealth of information here. Really helps all of us guys in here. Coming to myself - I'm 29 years now from India and I have had thinning since early 20s. I had transplant to the front of about 1800 grafts for the hairline and the result is mildly satisfying. It's neither great nor worse. I am a diffuse thinner with fine hair. Now I look back after an year of transplant - I see my crown has had thinned a lot and there's a considerable bald spot which has been bothering me quite a bit and has taken a hit on my confidence. I will post the pics of my crown currently in various lightings. Could you guys please see and suggest if FUE on crown is the way to go for me and also suggest how many grafts would be great for a decent coverage. With toppik fibres currently , none gets to know that my crown is thinning but using it daily and with rains/ wind - there is always this fear of losing the mask. I come a culture where traditionally hair is seen as something very important and is probably an aspect when I plan to marry. So really appreciate what you guys would think and would be the best way to go . Here are the options I am exploring currently : 1. Get 1000-1200 grafts to the crown with no-shave FUE from Dr Bhatti 2. Get SMP done with long hair done from A's clinic to conceal the thinning and plan an HT in future The end goal is to not worry about hair for atleast 2-3 years down the lane again. What do you guys think. Any input is appreciated. I am really confused and looking for answers
  11. Front coming along nicely. How's the top and back view coming along? Pics from back and top angle would be appreciated
  12. Thanks for the replies ... Would try the medication as suggested
  13. Hi Guys .. First of all , Thanks to Google - I found this forum . A small Intro abt me : Indian - 25 years of age. Hair Thinning since 3-4 years. I have just been going through few posts but cant get the head and tail of few of them. I am pretty new to this terminology n stuff. Knowledge on Hair Restoration or Hair Related Terminology is almost negligible What do I need from You : Please review the pics I posted . Which NW am i at? Suggest any medication / Care please Do you suggest I had to get the hair transplant immediately? Could you please tell me how many grafts are required approximately? [i just need a rough approximate to calculate the cost] Please do help me out guys ! Sorry for the pic angles .. Self pics .. Dont mind