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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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    Dr. Parsa Mohebi
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  1. Yes, the shock loss has been counteracted by means of time. I think the meds help to prevent some shock loss, but naturally the hair that has fallen due to shock comes back in anyway. It just depends on whether you're ok with a temporary blip; if not, go for the meds.
  2. I felt it was worth creating a new thread on this topic Ever wonder how much the meds help to prevent or counteract shock loss after HT surgery? Check out my results in the attached picture. Facts: I used to be a user of Finasteride and Minoxidil but had quit it about 7 months prior to surgery. So Day 0 results is my baseline state (without benefits of hair loss meds). I was suffering pretty bad shock loss 1 month after 2nd HT surgery. This is when I restarted the Finasteride and Minoxidil. So far at 3.75 months, I seem to have decent quality hair, and the meds appear to ha
  3. Paulygon

    About Shock Loss

    Against my Dr's advice I decided not to take Propecia after my second hair transplant procedure. Lo and behold, I have been experience pretty bad shock loss. I figured I'd upload some pictures for you guys to be the judge and hopefully it will help you make a decision on whether you want to use propecia to mitigate shock loss after surgery.
  4. I was experiencing shock loss 30 days post-op. I got on Fin and Rogaine. I was hoping for early growth to get back the shock loss hair and maybe early growth. It looks like at 4 months I am about the same situation as pre-op.. maybe slightly worse.. but the meds seemed to counteracted shock loss to some degree. I am quite happy about this.
  5. Second Hair Transplant. This is mostly crown work with some grafts filling the frontal sides. Work done by Parsa Mohebi. (He was also my first surgeon). I liked his hair restoration & design strategy from Day 1 (when we met in 2012), and wanted him to do the second procedure to continue where he left off.
  6. Paulygon

    HT 1 was 2710 grafts
  7. This is great.. makes me so happy to see such great results! I'm sure you're stoked... styling your badass hair every morning. Cheers buddy!
  8. nice clean job, mate. and great result.. it is going to be fun playing with styling options when the gets a little longer!! cheers
  9. I'm so happy for you buddy.. I know the feeling of having a good transplant... make sure you use the positive results to make a positive change in your lifestyle.
  10. some references to hair loss in TV shows and movies-- Sex and the city, Hangover 1, etc..
  11. umm.. no.. actually, I was very happy to see that I have the option of getting a 20% discount on all these hair products. If Bill's team is able to create this ecosystem that enables all of us to share valuable information (and further, to receive discounted items), we should be very grateful. I think that DISpHAIR misinterpreted the service that Bill is providing by enabling users with high reputation to have access to discounted items. That being said, my gripe is that the 20% discount still does not bring the 5% minox foam down to match Kirkland's price -- and I need it badly right
  12. Gillenator, this is a great post. I am going to link to this for another guy, who was about to make the possible mistake of getting FUE done for a discount price by a doc who is learning to use the ARTAS robot.. he has been on the fence on whether to cancel the procedure.. he finally decided to cancel (by advice of guys on HTN) but he still has a nagging in the back of his mind whether he has made the right decision. I think he will be more confident that canceling with a doc that is just learning is the right move, after reading your post. Thank you for your input and sharing your experi
  13. Interesting comparison. Personally, every time I shave using a shaving machine I am left amazed that people actually use these devices over manual shavers. My moderately priced shaver (3 rotating blades) always leaves hairs in different areas. It is such a hassle to get a quality shave from one. If the parallel exists to automated hair translant procedures, then I would concur, the manual ones would get you a better quality result the first time, just like a manual shaver.
  14. Excellent post-- thank you for writing that Spex! I think alot of it comes down to Acceptance.. if you accept the hair loss you can adapt to the change. So many of us have a tough time accepting the hair loss.. thankfully we have some more options nowadays and have weapons in our arsenal. Having these weapons (great HT docs, FDA approved meds) can be a double edged sword because it allows us to to fight even harder to keep our hair and allows us to continue to correlate our "identity" with our hair.
  15. Gillenator, Thank you for the answer. It makes sense that strip would be more painful than FUE (and it wasn't as bad as I feared it would be-- the anticipation is the worst part). I am still considering whether to go for FUT or FUE for my next round of HT. Anybody have thoughts on that? Would it be wise to go for as many FUT's as I can (my doctor says based on my scalp laxity I can probably do about 3 more) before I start FUE's? I see it as getting more for my money with FUT route.. and since I've already had one, I have a scar in the back anyway. I've experienced the pain, and since
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