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  1. Yes, the shock loss has been counteracted by means of time. I think the meds help to prevent some shock loss, but naturally the hair that has fallen due to shock comes back in anyway. It just depends on whether you're ok with a temporary blip; if not, go for the meds.
  2. that's actually pretty interesting.. i'm looking forward to any hypotheses.
  3. I felt it was worth creating a new thread on this topic Ever wonder how much the meds help to prevent or counteract shock loss after HT surgery? Check out my results in the attached picture. Facts: I used to be a user of Finasteride and Minoxidil but had quit it about 7 months prior to surgery. So Day 0 results is my baseline state (without benefits of hair loss meds). I was suffering pretty bad shock loss 1 month after 2nd HT surgery. This is when I restarted the Finasteride and Minoxidil. So far at 3.75 months, I seem to have decent quality hair, and the meds appear to have helped to counteract the shock loss. My hair still appears to be less than baseline, but it still seems better than I would have expected considering the shock loss at Day 30. I also think that my hair grew back a bit faster than normal-- though I can't be sure. Any thoughts?
  4. Yes, I went through a lot... basically 2 strip procedures, which I now realize was alot more effort for me than had I done FUE (except it was less $$$). In the future I still may go for 1-2 FUEs because I've seen people who have done 4 procedures (who would have been bald otherwise) and their front hairline looks so darn good. After this 2nd procedure grows out, I think my front will be better (Mohebi did crown but had extra hairs and filled in-between some of the previous implants at the middle to front hairline). Current dosage is 1.25 mg 1x/day. I considered 5mg/day but at the advice of many people on these forums, decided against it. You guys were right because, as in my pics in my previous post, you see that 3 months of 1.25 mg really counteracted alot of the shock loss I was dealing with at the 1month post-op stage. So for me, it looks like 1.25 is a very effective dosage. I never considered going lower while on the regimen, however I do think it could be a good idea. I am amazed that your .625 mg 2x / week is effective.. but you are an expert on these forums so I'm sure people will follow your lead if it works for you long-term... I know I would consider going lower. Do you plan on getting another procedure in the future? How many have you had thus far?
  5. Good to hear from you too hsrp! At the time, I had started a new relationship. I got off of meds because of some combination of the following reasons: the side effect of watery you-know-what. I thought it would be embarrassing. Now I just spin it off as being manly (lol). I wanted to give my body a break from the medicine. stupidly, I thought there may be a chance that my body has adapted to having hair and stopping medication might not drastically change my hair quality. my gf was so infatuated with me at the "new relationship phase" that I felt it doesn't matter how I look.. little did I know how after the "new relationship" phase, every little flaw is nitpicked. a few months after stopping the meds, I started getting comments from her and her family about how I am losing hair and it is probably because I wear a hat too often. part of me knew that I do need to get a 2nd HT in the future and I wanted an honest assessment of what areas of my scalp need implants. Since implants are resistant to DHT they are permanent and this would reserve the option of getting off meds again in the future but still having a scalp with proper distribution of hairs (a good look / not too many hairs in one area and not enough in other areas). Bad points of getting off meds: You can lose hairs that will never grow back! You can lose ALOT of hairs VERY QUICKLY and people WILL notice the balding but your mind still thinks that you have a decent amount hair. Eventually the mind catches up to reality and you either get back on it or just accept your more bald look.
  6. Me too. Dr. Mohebi said it could make a 10% difference in final results. So I shaved. I also had shock loss (my fault for not getting on meds sooner). So I had a very bad ugly duckling phase, which lasted 3.5 months (I am at 4 months now) and things are almost back to pre-operation at this point. See attached pic, which I made today.
  7. Paulygon

    About Shock Loss

    Against my Dr's advice I decided not to take Propecia after my second hair transplant procedure. Lo and behold, I have been experience pretty bad shock loss. I figured I'd upload some pictures for you guys to be the judge and hopefully it will help you make a decision on whether you want to use propecia to mitigate shock loss after surgery.
  8. I was experiencing shock loss 30 days post-op. I got on Fin and Rogaine. I was hoping for early growth to get back the shock loss hair and maybe early growth. It looks like at 4 months I am about the same situation as pre-op.. maybe slightly worse.. but the meds seemed to counteracted shock loss to some degree. I am quite happy about this.
  9. A happy update regarding my shock loss. I immediately started back up on Fin + Minox after realizing shock loss was occurring (Day 30 post-op). After about 3 months, I've gotten back into decent shape (see Day 111 post-op).
  10. No side effects but I just didn't want to take the pill for the rest of my life. I dropped rogaine also. Really, my sex appeal was way up, I was pretty darn good meeting new girls, but then I got a girlfriend and got too comfortable. Stopped the Rogaine and then Propecia a couple months later. Now I see how big a factor they were in my great hair just a year ago. Hopefully going back on those meds can revive the hairs that were dependent on Rogaine or Propecia. But I am sure some follicles have died in the nearly 8 months of not taking the two drugs. But I'll go back on and take as much as I can get.
  11. Love that you found This chart. Ya, there is such a marginal difference between hair growth at 5mg vs 1mg. Thank you for this information.
  12. Hmm. Maybe I will try Dut. If there is a big difference. Thanks for the idea!
  13. OP was on Day 5 and they seemed wet/mucusy.. by Day 10 these things became hardened and were very annoying bumps on my scalp. Dr. Mohebi's after-care instructions said that I could wash my hair a little more aggressively starting Day 10. I did, and alot of these bulbs came out along with their attached hairs follicles on that day. This has me a little worried, but as Dr. Blake mentioned, the roots heal very fast (usually by day 4 you're good)... so realistically, the massive fallout on day 10 shouldn't be anything for me to worry about, right?? I can see myself worring for the next 9-12 months that I messed up my procedure by being a little more aggressive on Day 10's shampooing.
  14. I'm on HT #2 and was experiencing this. I was concerned had to reach out to my HT Doc. See the attached image of my scalp under similar conditions as OP and Dr Parsa Mohebi's diagnosis. He quickly eased my mind that these bulbs are nothing to worry about.