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  1. 2months and 20 days update : I am facing shockloss in the recipient area. https://imgur.com/a/mOgjF https://imgur.com/a/5FXMk https://imgur.com/wgYmsYr https://imgur.com/a/OqKuL https://imgur.com/a/EKTYn
  2. I went with eugenix for my 2nd HT. Already created thread for that in this forum ,you can check it for further information. I am at Post Op Day 16 today.My donor area has already healed. Will update the thread in a day or two and then monthly afterwards.
  3. Thank you for showing great concern about her. First of all i am Dr. myself and i had such a good conversation with her before the surgery and immediately after it. First and foremost thing when i called her up on her whatsapp number after around 8months post , she replied she is in some emergency and wont be able to respond to my calls. but when i called up the clinic the same they , they answered me saying Dr.Radha is busy in surgery and they will give me a call back once she is back from OT. That was the last time i received a proper reply from the clinic. There were a couple of incidents which has happened. when i called up the clinic and used my real name , they said dr.radha is not avaliable and they have no idea when she will be back from states.When i called them up with a different name and from different number they replied to me saying i can get a date after a couple of months. What do you think of it ? I kept calling on her whatsapp number several times but there was no response.Further on I received so many conflicting answers from her clinic and it was disappointing. I had my surgery in december 2014 and the last reply i received before she went off was 6 months post op. The next reply which i received from her was in march 2017 and that too after a lot of persistence from David-The moderator and the admins. I lost trust in her , it was not only the financial aspect but also the respect i had for her which went down the drain. I just felt terrible and still do the same. You are just saying things in her favour without revealing anything which had happened.If she cared so much about her patients she would replied us or updated the mods about the situation which was happening. I had a bad experience with her and i underwent another HT from another dr. and moved on with my life. The reply i received from her in march was sorry as i couldn’t reach to her . what can i do for you ?
  4. Her clinic should have informed us about the things which were happening. I haven’t received a reply from her for over an year. Can you imagine it’s been over an year?? . In between that one year she has been doing HTs. The reply which i received from her was in march-april this year and that too after repeatedly contacting admin and moderator on this forum. did you undergo HT from her ?
  5. Hello everyone I have undergone my 2nd HT @Eugenix Clinic,Gurgaon,India on 30th June 2017.Dr.Arika Bansal did my procedure. I reached the clinic on 29th and met Mr.Nelson.He is such a wonderful person.Then i met Dr.Arika bansal, she discussed that i would require about 3000grafts instead of 5000 as we thought durning skype consultation. 30-06-2017: Reached the clinic around 10am,finished all the pre-op formalities.My procedure started @11:00A.M. and lasted till 7:30 P.M.Total about 3000grafts were extracted and were placed on the frontal and crown region.The procedure was a breeze.There was not much pain apart from a couple of times when they injected me with local anaesthesia. Dr.Arika Bansal and her team are wonderful.Apart from the procedure ,i had such a wonderful time with the team @eugenix.. After the procedure ,i was explained about all the post-op follow up. Now is the waiting time. I am attaching all the Pre-op and post-op pics. P.S: I had a previous FUT procedure with one of the recommended Dr. on this forum.
  6. hello i am looking for undergoing my 2nd HT. The first one i had in december 2014 with Dr.Radha wasnt a successful one and i want to move on with it. Need suggestions. Thanks regards baldboy.
  7. @David @Bill :Thanks alot for helping us out.Did you get any update from Dr.Radha ? I havent received any reply from till now.
  8. Oh my bad sorry for that .Thanks for the information. I'll contact moderator about my issue.
  9. @Sambaba1983: My HT was done in December 2014. These pics are 16months post HT not 5months. Plz read my comments again clearly
  10. and i forgot to mention, some part of my HT was done Dr.Radha and some by her assistants.I havent mentioned this anytime till now because i thought she is one of the best in india with respect to both her skills and doctor patient relationship. i request mods to contact her again from my behalf. @sambaba1983: i agree.each operation is different and every patient has their right to question if something hasnt gone right.
  11. Contacted her clinic again today and they said she is in USA and will be coming back in 2nd week of june.Lets see how it turns up ahead.
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