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  1. Updating my day 20 pictures post HT, nothing much has changed, transplanted hairs are growing along with other hairs. Donor area is improving but pains a bit on touching it and still skin is visible through it. And have noticed start of shedding period from last few days. Would like senior members to give their genuine feedback on the work done and my progress.
  2. Updating my 10th day post HT pictures. My head is almost scab/crust free. Looks better to me after 3rd head wash.
  3. Today had my 1st hair wash after 7 days care. Back donor area healing well, beard area healed up by 4th day itself. After 1st head wash still lots of crust remaining especially on the transplanted area to which the doctor said will clear up by 10th day. Uploading pictures of 8th day after head wash with donor area pics. Would like the senior members to help me know how things are going with their valuable feedbacks.
  4. Today the day 2 of my HT. It was a long tough session made easy by Dr. Arika and her very efficient and caring team. Total of around 5100 grafts were transplanted which included 500 from beard in 2 days. Attaching my pictures so other members can give me feedback of the work done. Will post donor areas pics once the dressing is removed.
  5. Dr Arika did around 2650 grafts today, more to be done tomorrow. Will keep on updating....
  6. To start with, Vinay (dont remember his id) HT results videos on youtube with dr. Gaurang krishna of medilinks gave me the confidence for having my own HT. Somewhere in my mind dr gaurang was the doctor I was looking forward having my HT seeing at the wonderful job he has done with vinay. Still has its a very big thing for me getting a HT done. I started searching internet for more options and this forum is the perfect guide for the same. Looking at few of the members (harin, blackpanther) amazing journey here my second option was eugenix's Dr Arika bansal and Dr Pradeep sethi and then started the long process of calls with them to finalise it. I sent my pics to both centres for evaluation. Called up eugenix and talked to Mr Nelson and he said doctors have suggested some 4000-5000 grafts using head and beard as donor, that has to be done in 2 sittings(2 days in a row) Frankly speaking I never thought I would be requiring so many grafts, to that he said as I less hair on my crown and mid scalp area and majority of grafts need to be used there. Then contacted Mr Sarvar of medlinks, he showed my pictures to Dr Gaurang and even he suggested 4000-4500 grafts in 2 sessions 6 months apart which was not acceptable to me. After a few days spoke with Dr Arika Bansal and she cleared all my doubts and my concern about beard hair as donor as I have less beard growth and then things were finalised in a very short period after getting confirmation that both Dr Arika and Dr Pradeep will be there for the as I was keen having them for my HT procedure. So as I am writing this sitting in my hotel room getting ready for day 1 of my HT. Will update my before and after procedure pictures by today evening. Hoping to have a good day with these great Doctors.
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