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  1. This 35-year-old individual came to MyWHTC for hairline and temple work. The patient has extremely curly hair and dark skin. From the hard work of Dr. Patrick Mwamba and his highly-skilled medical team, this patient’s hairline and temples were successfully treated with 2,049 FUE by FIT grafts and platelet-rich plasma. These are photos showing 8 months of growth.
  2. This mid-30s Norwood 3V patient has wavy dark hair of a coarse caliber and a fair skin complexion with below average donor hair density (sixty follicular hair units per square centimeter). The patient pursued Dr. Patrick Mwamba of Belgium for hairline repair and augmentation, temple restoration, and hairline recession. The patient had a bad hair transplant procedure in 2015 that resulted in poor growth and aesthetic quality prior to coming to MyWHTC Clinic in Brussels, Belgium. The unnaturalness of the previously transplanted hairline restricted the patient from wearing the desired hair sty
  3. November 29, 2018 Brussels, Belgium MyWHTC Clinic is excited to release its December '18 hair loss newsletter. The organization is striving to help hair loss sufferers through educating the entire hair loss community. Celebrating its eleventh year in operation, My World Hair Transplant Center (MyWHTC) is at its best level of operation. Dr. Patrick Mwamba is offering in-person consultation from December 5th to December 31st. For additional information, visit http://www.mywhtc.be Contact: Gio Macatti customer.care@mywhtc.com +32 479753281 (WhatsApp)
  4. As founder of MyWHTC Clinic, Dr. Patrick Mwamba is one of the early developers of the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique - also referred to as the follicular isolation technique (FIT). Follicular isolation technique involves the knowledge, artistry skills, and instruments that offer an FUE surgeon the ability to reconstruct a patient's donor and recipient areas.
  5. This female patient came to My World Hair Transplant Center in Brussels to add symmetry and balance. From the 12-month results comparison photo below, you can more clearly see where the growth has thickened patient’s hairline and temple regions. The growth has significantly added more balance to the patient’s feminine appearance. The new hairline and temple regions are more aesthetically satisfying to the patient. The angles and locations of the temple peaks are also very appropriate for this particular patient. The procedure was 1000 FUE (FIT) hair grafts and platelet-rich plasma.
  6. Below is a case where the donor area was harvested of more than one thousand hair grafts and the evidence is unnoticeable. This process is invaluable to the patient and allows for immediate concealment of the hair restoration procedure. By enabling our patients to leave our clinic unnoticed and unidentifiable as a patient, we continue to reach new goals for the hair loss community. In hair transplant surgery, we take hair follicles from the back of the head and move it to the bald areas. In this case, we took hairs and moved them without trimming or shaving the donor area (back of the hea
  7. This Norwood V (potential Norwood VI) patient came to Dr. Patrick Mwamba to treat the front and top. The patient has medium skin and black hair with about average (70 cm2) donor density. Dr. Mwamba advised minoxidil and HelpHair vitamins to maintain hair quality and prolong hair growth. The surgery was FUE by FIT, a method involving the transfer of single follicular unit hair grafts and no linear scarring. The growth from the 2,551-graft FUE procedure is acceptable at 36 months. My World Hair Transplant Center 73 Rue Defacqz, Brussels, Belgium 1060
  8. October 1, 2018 Brussels, Belgium MyWHTC Clinic and Dr. Patrick Mwamba release its hair loss newsletter. The organization is striving to help hair loss sufferers through educating the entire hair loss community. Celebrating its eleventh year in operation, My World Hair Transplant Center (MyWHTC) is better than ever. MyWHTC's expert staff is comprised of highly qualified medical professionals. With Dr. Patrick Mwamba as medical director, it's highly trained medical team has over 60 years of surgical hair restoration experience and has successfully treated hundreds of patients fro
  9. Here is a NW 5 patient who came to MyWHTC in Brussels, Belgium. Dr. Patrick Mwamba treated the top and front with 2500 FUE. Below are the 14-month results.
  10. This Norwood III patient came to us for hairline work. The surgery was FUE by FIT, a method involving the transfer of single follicular unit hair grafts an no linear scarring. The growth is acceptable at only six months post-op. We are optimistic that the coverage will improve for six more months.
  11. August 24, 2018 Brussels, Belgium MyWHTC clinic is extremely pleased to announce that Dr. Patrick Mwamba is now offering hair loss consultations in Los Angeles (Hollywood), California on October 12 & 13, 2018. Dr. Patrick Mwamba is an expert in the field of medical hair restoration. His specialties include FUE, BHT, FUT, and corrective hair transplant repair with an array of non-surgical hair restoration treatment methods. His perseverance to treat patients of any ethnicity having any hair type gives him the versatility to be an authority in the hair transplant community.
  12. This patient came to our facility in Brussels, Belgium for 1,000 FUE on the front to treat the temporal recession. We discussed the possibility of future hair loss and non-surgical treatment options. MyWHTC
  13. This patient had a strip surgery performed at previous clinic that resulted into a linear scar from ear to ear. The patient elected to undergo a scar excision and revision to correct it. The result was a thinner linear scar. Dr. Mwamba was able to offer some new options to this patient such as correcting the directional growth of the hair and grafting with FUE by FIT, the preferred method of transplanting single follicular unit hair grafts. Here are the results from 200 scalp grafts and 200 body hair grafts at 16 months.
  14. This patient had 4011 FUE and BHT grafts 16 months ago. We expect more growth over many months to come.
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