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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    10 years +
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    Norwood V A
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration
    I'm here for support

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    Dr. Hussain Rahal
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    True & Dorrin
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    Rogaine Foam

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  1. they do post some solid videos on youtube with patients going thru the procedure from beginning to end, but not many post-op or photos of 4-6-9-12 month results
  2. you've got naturally great hair texture which makes your result look even better - just enjoy
  3. I never used a travel pillow, but I did sleep upright like in a comfortable armchair or recliner for up to 7-8 nights for the fluids and swelling in your head to drain and go down quicker
  4. i thought the entire premise of minox for it to be used topically and absorbed into the scalp for the most effective use?
  5. you have alot more people envious of your hair than your fiance! looks amazing bro .. couldn't be more perfect, congrats
  6. i'd add Dr. Cuoto in Spain on your list, unfortunately you would have to add if waiting time weren't an issue either, his clinic's waiting list is nearly 2 years - excellent FUE results.
  7. bite the bullet - there are no real good ways to conceal a bald head. people will look at you once, think something is off, and then go back to worrying about their own life and problems. believe me when I tell you that we are our own worst enemies when we think people are obsessing over how we look - they're not. we are self-conscious beings, but others don't really care. so as Melvin commented, cut your hair short or buzzed before you have your procedure so you and others get used to it, and wear a baseball cap as much as you can. you're going to be going thru a transformation that takes time, so there is no easy quick fix, but it is well worth it, good luck
  8. the conservative hairline with some age appropriate recession makes it even more natural! There is no way anyone would think you've had a hair transplant with your result. I understand we'd all want a more hair, but I'm convinced the better docs know exactly where the correct hairline placement should be. I can't tell you how many cases I look at where people are thrilled to have an 18 yo hairline which looks top-heavy, temples not restored properly, and stands out like a sore thumb. Just wanted to let you know your case looks ultra-natural and you should have no regrets about the conservative hairline. Enjoy and congrats!
  9. superb progress thus far, densely packed to match your native hair, doesn't look like you had any work done at all, continued success
  10. I don't believe any of the regrowth is from actual hair transplantation but the puncturing and needling of his scalp - possibly possibly causing some stimulation. Given all that, I still think this is another hair regrowth scam.. notice the website plug at the end which leads you to products to buy?
  11. I would argue that BHT is a last resort if your donor is completely depleted and should not be your first choice especially for hairline work because the differences in the hairs will stick out like a sore thumb
  12. I would kill to have your donor! your result is going to look amazing
  13. I agree with everyone here. Even with a hair transplant, you need to find a "sweet spot" on length and style. Because my density is not great - I went from bald to balding - I still need a decent length on top to give it some layering and the illusion of coverage. I can get to a grade 4 or so on the back and sides and definitely see no scarring from my FUE procedures. Beyond that I would not feel comfortable with shorter hair. Those couple of months after my transplant when I had a fully shaved head were really so liberating, just getting in and out of the shower, no worries about styling hair, towel dry head and go! For some, maybe shaving your entire head is the way to go, its just what you can accept, and there are definitely limitations to both options.