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  1. beautiful hairline design and work looks pristine, you chose a great doctor, best of luck in your healing, recovery and growth
  2. I believe most doctors outside the US have built experienced technical teams do deal with the tedious and repetitive work involved with FUE in order to avoid fatigue - how does anyone expect to have a 3k graft FUE case done in a day without excellent techs that the doctor supervises and also performs overall quality control? I know in my case, the doctor was primarily involved with the recipient site incisions and design of the hairline, but he was intimately involved from the beginning to end checking up on his lead tech and also administering meds, checking up on me, etc. I think without thi
  3. I have a very limited donor as well as was probably already at a Norwood 5A going to 6, so I had to be very conservative as well... do I have full coverage? absolutely not, but I'm happy where I am, my appearance looks 100% natural and most importantly, I don't waste an hour in the morning trying to do a comb-over to hide my balding, using hairspray to keep every hair exactly in place, worried about the wind, weather, etc. For me, my HT gave me back a sense of normalcy and better confidence. Your end result should shape up to be great! continued luck healing and growing
  4. love the conservative hairline design and restoration which will serve you well into the future, work looks prestine, if I were to guess it looks like Dr. Bloxham?
  5. WOW, really growing in nicely and you can see the outline of a great result! FUT scar in donor is negligible even at very short hair length - congrats and continued success healing & growing
  6. getting lots of greys on the sides, I've heard of "rinses" before, are they more natural? is this just a salon treatment or are there over the counter products? Was never a big fan of the full dyed hair look and wanted to keep it more natural if possible
  7. Hasson & Wong, Konior, Rahal, Cooley, Shapiro, Gabel - consult, consult, consult .... and like others have suggested, you're still in a very early stage until your final result is seen, but nothing stopping you from consulting with a few top notch docs and will likely take a year before you can get in for another procedure anyway
  8. great repair story, happy you found a talented surgeon in Dr. Feriduni
  9. never even heard of a back to back FUT, incredible! best wishes on your healing and growth.
  10. maybe 1990-91, before graduating college, I'm not sure but I envision Madonna songs were still popular at that time?? Dress You Up, Like a Virgin, La Isla Bonita - in high school I had a nice head of hair, then all of a sudden diffuse thinning, I clearly remember playing catch with my god-daughter who must have been 7 or 8 at the time and she blurted out so matter of fact "you have a bald spot on your head"! so of course I started with the creative styling (coverup), wearing it longer, covering the bald temples on the sides, in the beginning it was ok, but as I lost more hair it was so time co
  11. looks like you need another mega-session based on the balding area that needs to be restored, since you've already had an FUT procedure, I would look into that again to yield as many grafts as possible - Dr. Blake Bloxham, Konior, Shapiro, Hasson & Wong, Dr. Cooley, Dr. Gabel - just a few I would be researching and talking with
  12. I few from NJ to Canada twice for my procedures. My recommendation and advice. Buy and bring with you an oversized cap that you can adjust in the rear but it will be large enough on top where it never touches your head. Second, be prepared to be asked by security to take your cap off when you go thru airport to your gate. Yes, you will get a funny glance or stare by some security officer or 2 that you'll never see again for a few seconds. Dont sweat it, nobody really cares except you. And last, you will have to spray your grafts about every hour or so - even as you're traveling. I suggest putt
  13. nonsurgical route would be best, derma-roller, PRP injections, even fibers if it bothers you that much, but it does not look bad at all, and certainly not to the point to risk surgery, especially if you're going to continue to loose hair in the future, wait until the risk/reward factors are in your favor - just my opinion
  14. i did a small FUT procedure in my early 20's which of course I regret to this day, the strip was taken at the base of my head and not the usual linear scar they do now. After I continued having hair loss into my 40's, I decided to go FUE for my repair and restoration, 2 FUE procedures with Dr. Rahal which was night and day in terms of recovery of my first small FUT procedure - if I could do it all over again, I should have waited until my mid 30's, went to an excellent FUT doctor like you did, and managed my donor better, but of course not everything goes as you wish
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