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  1. I'd be stunned if any reputable, ethical doctor told you that you could get 5K+ grafts in one sitting from an FUT strip surgery. That's highly unlikely even with someone with an excellent donor. You're probably looking looking at possibly 3k grafts for a frontal zone restoration from an FUT mega-session. Just my opinion but definitely more realistic based on the tons of cases I've seen and my own HT experience.
  2. If you've viewed enough of any doctor's cases and post-op photos, their work - especially hairline designs - is like their unique signature.
  3. unless they changed their procedure, I had a 2nd procedure with Rahal just about or over 12 months later and they did not require another round of bloodwork
  4. already looks good, will only get better over the next 12 months! congrats
  5. if you need a mega-session in one sitting and will need future surgery as your hair loss pattern progresses - go with the FUT gold standard
  6. Dr. Wong was an excellent choice, congrats! Design and work looks meticulous. Continued success healing and growing.
  7. your transformation is amazing, very happy for your Abhinay! It helps that you have a great donor, course dark hair and you went to an excellent clinic for high norwoods, congrats again!
  8. Sorry you had to go thru this. I think your donor needs some more time to heal before doing SMP - especially since you're only 6 months post op. While SMP is not as invasive or traumatic to your donor as the actual graft extractions - I think it would be wise to give your body more time to heal, at least after 12-18 months.
  9. I had 3 FUE procedures with Rahal over a 4 year period to restore my hairline, midscalp and crown. 1st procedure was 2k grafts, second was 1.5k and 3rd was 1k grafts. He definitely prefers smaller FUE sessions for graft viability and also to limit trauma to your donor in one sitting. While this method took longer, my recoveries were all a breeze, and graft yields were high. I'd rather have a safe, conservative and ethical doctor like Rahal than someone who wants to exploit you for as many grafts as possible in one sitting.
  10. the post op pics explains where 4k grafts went into that hairline - dense packed for sure!
  11. the hairline design drawn and post-op showing graft placement looked a little awkward to me at first, but final result shows Dr. nailed it, wow!
  12. FUT is still the gold standard both for your donor management and graft yield. Who have you consulted with or considering for your procedure? At your age and level of hair loss, you're not going to be a one-and-done kind of patient, so be realistic, practical with an eye toward the future! and my other advice is don't panic and make an impulse decision based on fear. Choose a reputable surgeon and you'll be in good hands.
  13. I would see if you could do another FUT and in the process revise your scar. I've seen Dr. Bloxham of Feller & Bloxham do some amazing scar revisions. Of course if not possible because of scalp laxity issues, then FUE or combination with SMP should take care of it. Best of luck.
  14. great example of Dr. Bloxham's refined work, you should be in for an excellent result, best of luck healing and growing
  15. how old are you? personally i didnt think you needed to lower your hairline, your native hair was naturally perfect .. not even the best HT doctor can recreate what nature gave you best of luck in your healing and growth
  16. one of the best Dr. Diep results that I've ever seen
  17. growth can vary from person to person, people can be faster or slower growers, however the 4 month mark is typically the beginning/start of the growth process typically growth timeline is as follows: 10-20% - 4-5 months; 40-50% -5-6 months; 60-70% - 8-9 months; 80-90% - 10-12 months; 100% - 18+ months
  18. maybe re-read my response - any surgery, including a hair transplant, is a RISK. You don't have severe or even moderate hair loss, in my opinion, to justify taking on the risks associated by undergoing surgery. You potentially risk ....... a failed hair transplant (no growth), shock loss of native and miniaturized hair that may or may not grow back, the inability to recreate both the naturalness and density of your God-given hairline, etc. We all take on those risks when undergoing surgery, but when there is moderate to severe hair loss, the reward far out-weigh the risks. In your case, its the complete opposite. As I said before, in my opinion, if I had your hair, I would not get surgery at this time, but good luck to you in whatever decision you make.