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  1. 7.5 week update redness is going down. Had some pimples In back of head where grafts were taken. Cleared up for the most part now. I had to shave my head to wash and take of the pimples. So this is 2 weeks after shaving my head.
  2. Thx guys. As I wait for the hair to grow. Just setting up my gym to decrease some weight. Keep my mind focused on something else.
  3. Week 3 post op redness is down but still there, bit of flakes but I think that’s just dry skin from healing taking proscar 1.25 Mg and biotin I think shedding phase is around the corner
  4. Just hope I get decent density after all said in done. That’s my only worry now. $$$$! This was not cheap. Thanks for all your kind encouraging words. Helped me get to this stage in my hair transplant journey. 🙏🏽Ty very much for all that post and provide information on this site.
  5. 7 days post surgery pictures 4000 grafts .85 mm motorized punch used for extraction have not done a single thing in past 7 days, no pain killers used after day 6 still bit sore/tender on recipient site but numb as well
  6. Been on proscar for many years. This is right before my surgery. Wet and dry.
  7. day 4 post op. 3 wash at Hasson and Wong tomorrow. How is this looking for density and 4 day healing?
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