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  1. What I wrote when you were worried about a thin crown with hair at a short length. Now when it's at a longer length it looks good. To the untrained eye you don't even have crown loss. As for progress on your new hairline, you are looking really good.
  2. Another famous footballer who suffers from hairloss is Patrice Evra. He just went out on Instagram and begged Hasson and Wong to help him: Surely he already had SMP though? What do you think?
  3. To be honest he should just do like his brother who is three years older but balded earlier than he did: Think he would look better with a trim up top and a beard.
  4. Gonzalo still had his hair when he went to Napoli in 2013 (aged 25 and a half). Signs were there though: When he arrived at Juve in 2016 (aged 28 and a half) he was a NW6 pattern but with some brave hairs still keeping up a fight: It should have taken a toll on his confidence in the shallow world of football where appearance means a lot. But he did deliver like crazy last season at Napoli and first season at Juve. He could always take comfort in his gazillion dollars I guess.
  5. Those are two different men. Congrats! And good to hear that the Doctor stands by his work and is a perfectionist.
  6. Chill man. Expect nothing at 3 months. Wait for the 6 months to know where it's headed.
  7. And with only 2295 grafts. Wow! You were bald. Looking forward to the second part.
  8. Horrible timing for all those things to happen after a HT! Stay strong, bro. Things are happening, looking forward to the next updates.
  9. Mid 50's? I thought you were like 40. You have good skin and no grey hairs at that age, which is rare. With this knowledge I reinforce the point that nobody will ever look twice at your temple points. Yes mate, I paid the deposition to De Freitas. Procedure in September 2020.
  10. I agree about the effect of temple points. But we can't all look like Cristiano Ronaldo. To me a big part of a hair transplant is having reasonable expectations based on the specific situation. With a killer hairline nobody will look twice at those points. What I'm looking to do myself is maximize the now while still having the long term future in mind. Meaning use those precious grafts to fill up that skull. Frontal third and hairline now and then come back in 5-10 years for a refill of the mid and crown if needed. Using 500+ grafts on temple points would be a gamble. Those babies will be needed up top.
  11. Freitas is over a year waiting list but you can also get a canceled slot if you are lucky. From their vids I don't remember a lot of temple point work. Their hairlines are the best though. Not a lot of cases here but there is a Spanish forum where you can find many patient reviews. Bisanga is a good bet too, though. He's great with cases like yours. In your case I wouldn't do anything about temple points. You will look great with a new hair line. But that's just me.