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  1. I believe this will look much better with the maturation of the transplanted hairs. Also you could try a style with 3 millimetres on the sides and leave it like it is now on top. I think it will create a picture of a better head of hair. Leaving it long on the sides will portray the receiving area as thinner.
  2. Good luck! Will follow your journey. You need to stay on fin because you were probably headed to baldness in your 30's.
  3. Following! Please be active. We need to follow a case from Hattingen. They have a good rep but few cases here.
  4. It's incredible how large of a difference there is between your good pics and the bad ones. Thank you for showing both sides of the story.
  5. Looking good. I must always go back to the first page with this case to remind myself how bald you were. Will be very interesting to follow your second pass.
  6. Jordan Henderson, is that you? Looking great. Very much ahead of the curve. And wise choice in hairline position.
  7. Thank you for being transparent even when your case is not an instant success in the early stages. We need more reviews like this. Rooting for you. Also will be interesting to see your donor a bit longer.
  8. Looking great as always. What brand of fin are you on if I may ask?
  9. Very frizzy right now. Will be interesting to see this one when it settles. Thanks for being detailed.
  10. After reading through I was expecting to see a much worse hairloss. You are in an optimal position to achieve a full head of hair. Especially with the meds. Good luck and please stay active.
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