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  1. Very good post @OliverAtom. We can't divide our research into clinic posted=bad and patient posted=good. It doesn't work like that. You need to use your eyes and be honest to yourself about what you're seeing. If you're watching a clinic posted youtube vid where they are combing through the hair and doing so in natural or harsh lighting then what you see is the truth, although be it a top case that they want to show off. It's still a real result. Likewise if you see a patient on here post a blurry pic in flattering light that makes a hairline look dense then what you see is probably
  2. Ok, the immediate front looks sparse and the temple points look a bit unnatural at this point. But let's not forget you covered half your head plus reconstructing temple points with only 3.1k grafts. As been mentioned, a touch up and you will be golden. The shape is there. Don't go any lower, just fill it in.
  3. Here he is at 7 months for reference. After 8000 grafts. I agree it is a case of overharvesting.
  4. Ok I saw now how many grafts you needed. If 7000 Euro is your budget then I would strongly advice researching Dr. Keser.
  5. Yeah sorry for kidnapping your thread, man. 😛 As for what you described, I can totally see where you're coming from. At the same time getting a better result than you did (and at just 9 months) in one go is not that common. Your result is a success. And now that you see how well you responded to the procedure, you know that total satisfaction is within reach.
  6. What would be your budget and how many grafts are you looking for? Because at 5000 Euro or below, there is noone safer than Koray I would argue. But if you are willing to go up a bit, then yes there are better options.
  7. Koray Erdogan is the industry leader in Turkey. Yes, there are two or three examples around here that had subpar growth. But you'll never find a complete disaster with a botched donor or anyone looking like a freak. A couple of less successful cases will occur when you have more cases than anyone else on this forum. A year or so ago there was a problem with Koray results getting a bit inconsistent since he was upgrading the number of patients he does a day. But I believe he has finetuned his operation and that the situation is under control as of late. Someone like @JayLDD, @Melvin-Modera
  8. What is your plan? To adress crown? And how many grafts do you estimate are left in your donor?
  9. First I have to correct you on the spelling of the name of the country because it's driving me mad. Sweden*. 😀 I can see on his page that he charges 52.000kr for 2200 grafts. That would be about 5015 Euro which is like 2,3 Euro per graft. At that price interval I would go for a proven option like Asmed or Demirsoy or even Cinik.
  10. Are you from Sweden? Don't do the mistake of going for geographical convenience. There are 3-4 clinics in Sweden that can give you a good result (actually some of my RL friends did it here), but the consistency isn't there. You are taking a gamble. Especially since the price in Sweden is equally as high as the top clinics you can find in Belgium or Spain.
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