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  1. Good to hear that you are happy so far! Could we also get some pictures of an exposed hairline please? Happy growing!
  2. These guys knew what they were doing separating your transformation into several procedures. So much love put into that dense hairline. It's like a piece of art.
  3. This is a very impressive transformation! So much looking forward to following your second round aswell.
  4. So far not a result that made it worth it, I'm guessing. Could still be though. I hope ASMED do you well should this not turn out a decent result. Whatever happens, stay strong and take your time to evaluate the situation. You still have a lot of grafts in the bank and should be able to get coverage. And thank you for being so detailed about your journey. It is very much appreciated.
  5. Sensational improvement for just 3000 grafts.
  6. So it should be about two weeks until your 6 month report? Looking forward to it. The change in appearance you are aiming for really is a massive one!
  7. Looks like this will be one of the best cases for Dr. Koray ever. Congrats to him and to you.
  8. Great to hear that you are happy! Looking forward to your more formal post and kindly requesting a few shots of the hairline in close up.
  9. He was doing tourism a couple days before the surgery. Good luck to you, pancake. Will follow you closely.
  10. That's a high ambition you have there, being as detailed as those guys. Hope you deliver on the promise. Myself I followed Jaxx, Hamburger and Deb the closest. Really, really appreciate the effort from everyone that comes back and gives an update no matter the satisfaction of the result. Wish you all the luck!
  11. Looking good already and I hope the hairline fills in during the next couple months.
  12. Thank you for updating. Is the touch up for the necrosis spot only or also other areas? Will it be free of charge?
  13. First time in a while that I've read someone that's generally unhappy with his experience at ASMED. Will be interesting to follow how this one turns out.
  14. BjornBorg

    Alopecia areata 3 months after FUE

    Any answers from the experienced boys on the forum? Seen this before?
  15. It does appear different, even to a non-HT-geek, I'd say. But then again, you are only at 8 months? Surely it will be better month by month.