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  1. Thank you for sharing and great to read that you are happier now than you were when you opened the thread. Hang in there until the 12 month mark to see if your right temple gets up to speed. I have to echo that it is a little hard to analyze the situation from those pictures.
  2. First narrow it down by countless hours of studying cases yourself and also reputation that comes from other users research. Then do online consultations and see how thurough and customer friendly their responses are.
  3. Same. Seems like a young guy and he is climbing the reputation ladder fast. Liked every case I saw so far. https://bhrclinic.com/team/dr-antonio-j-alcaide/
  4. Love the comb throughs. Very honest. Nice result!
  5. BjornBorg

    ASMED 14 Jan 2019 - 2800 Grafts

    Korays aftershots always look so clean. Happy growing!
  6. @Raphael84 and @brickellmoto Thank you both for your inputs. I'm humble to the fact that there are guys that are worse off than I currently am. To me though it's all about what the hairloss does to you mentally. I know guys that were slick bald at 25 that are 100% at ease and living their lives to the fullest. Big families, social circles, successful careers. The thing with those people is I never once think about their hair. NEVER. Hair is all in the head of the person wearing it. Unfortunately for me, my hair is always on my mind. As is the case with most people on this forum, probably. Anyway, I've done the online consultation at Koray, Keser, Bisanga, Feriduni and De Freitas. They've all been very consistent quoting me around 2000 grafts. It will be interesting to see if that is the amount quoted at the live consultation aswell.
  7. BjornBorg

    3 years in the making...

    Probably one of the more ideal cases for toppik on here, seeing as you have thick hair everywhere around that spot. But I do see what you mean about also strengthening the front and what it would do to your overall appearance. I would put the hairline somewhere between your suggestion and Matt's.
  8. My intention is, if everything feels right when visiting the clinic, to go through with a transplant in late 2020. Additional pictures of the combover I'm wearing daily. Which is something that I dream about not having to spend time on. To have good hair just once more. Just a few good years.
  9. Almost a year since I started this thread. I am booked for consultation at De Freitas clinic in Valencia in March. Not with Dr Rafael De Freitas because the waiting time for a consultation with him is about a year. Instead I chose consultation with his colleague Dr Cotellesa who is also present at surgery. Pictures from today below. My feeling is that nothing has changed since a year back. Maybe one or two hairs lost in the immediate front.
  10. Things are coming along nicely. Thrilled for you, mate!
  11. Should be a good result. Thank you for a detailed review. Please keep it updated as the months go by. A lot of people interested in Keser results.
  12. You have a perfect hairline now. Just enjoy it while the frizzyness is settling month by month making the result better and better. Congrats! 🤩
  13. Very, very nice. 😍
  14. You surely have mastered the art of applying that stuff. Does it look natural in person? Anyone looking at you dodgy?
  15. Cleanest 5 day post-op pics I've seen in my life.