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  1. Interesting. Anyone know if there is any downside to wearing fibres on your recipient area every day while you await your result? Like, could it potentially harm growth?
  2. Looks like an infinite donor. Good result!
  3. Thank you for coming back and updating. Are YOU happy with your result? Do you feel like a new man going out?
  4. I like videos so much more than pictures. You do a good job of presenting the development. Thank you! For the 6 month video it would be nice to see more of the crown and how it's doing. Happy growing.
  5. Bisanga delivering. Congrats!
  6. I can see how happy she is even through the blurring. Brought a tear to my eye. Is she considering filling it in even further?
  7. How old are you? And how many years on fin? No sides? Also do you have the usual Asmed photos? Pre and post op etc. I wanna see where your hairline actually was. Think our cases are quite similar, that's why I'm being so nosy.
  8. Didn't hear of them until they started putting up a lot of results the last few weeks. I was impressed with pretty much every one of those.
  9. Perfect hairline design for your face.
  10. Did you get an answer to what date they plan to be up and running at the new building?
  11. Those folds on his scalp, are they also due to constantly wearing a turban? Splendid result.
  12. Thank you for detailing your journey. Wish you all the best! Do you have the pictures with the drawn on hairline? Much appreciated.
  13. And to think the crown is only at 6 months. That is already a knockout result considering where he started.
  14. Great characteristics on that guy. And what a result he got. Applause!
  15. As for illusion of density being the most one can hope for, I guess that goes for covering larger amounts of bald skin. Because looking at the video there, that's no illusion. That's just a marvelously dense hairline. Very impressive!