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  1. 3,5 a couple of months ago when I asked. Don't think it's changed since.
  2. I would use your last 2000 or so grafts (if that is what the doctor tells you you have left) to reinforce your current hairline and also the midscalp. Then grow it out and use a haircut that covers the crown. Reason for this? The crown is known as a black hole for grafts and using your last ones there would be more risky.
  3. This will be greatness. Bisanga stepping up lately, everything looks so clean. Please let us know as often as you can.
  4. Thank you for updating. I have to say though it's a bit hard to judge the result based on those angles. The big question though, are you happy so far?
  5. That's very cool. Excited for you and looking forward to your report. As for your questions I think you can ask the clinic what they recommend. They were always good with answering my questions.
  6. Aha. That length is better for your hair in its current state. I think it's starting to look better but not yet a satisfactory result with regards to the hairline. How's the crown and midscalp looking?
  7. You are in a position where you can still achieve your desired result. And although this procedure was a failure, because let's just be honest and say it was, it didn't send you backwards from your starting position but rather some way towards where you want to be. There are guys who had botch jobs that ruined their lives. You are far from them! Now stay strong and chose your path carefully.
  8. That is a dream result. Thank you for coming back and updating us. Many people say that a zigzag hairline is more natural but your straight one is a real wow factor. I'd love that.
  9. Don't worry about the redness, it's already looking OK. Just stay out of the sun and it will be gone before you know it.
  10. That picture brings forward a lot of positives. Your hairline design looks perfect, adding the temporal peaks was a great choice and the donor looks good from that picture at least. The foundation is there, now we await the next few months to find out the real result.