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  1. Never heard of them, sorry. Now that you mentioned you will soon be a medical doctor, I'd say another option would be to save up money working two-three years and then go to the best in North America: H&W. But then again, a 5k session at their place might be too hefty even with a doctor's salary. And then the waiting... well, just wanted to throw the option in there. That is great and another testament of the power of this forum. Will be interesting to see how the Dr stands by his work.
  2. In my opinion yes. Or he's the greatest artist known to man in creating a fake hairline. That holds up through 90 minutes of dashing, heading balls and slidetackling.
  3. Sucks to hear about your old man. Can't speak to his outlook without pics but yours is still promising as I said. I too have been impressed by Eugenix. There's also Erdogan who had some famous problems with low density hairlines as of the last year or two but for large sessions he still brings it. Anyway, you have a foundation now, let's find the right surgeon to fill it in. I would do irl or at least Skype consultations if possible and see who gives you the best impression. Your next step is crucial.
  4. If ever there was a time for a refund - this is it. You must have caught the doctor on the worst day of his career. Having said that, your donor looks pretty massive and your hair is thick. And you are keeping your spirits high. I honestly think you are still in a position where you'll end up with a good head of hair.
  5. For those unaware of what a hairline can do to a man's appearance. Just wow. And somebody's been hitting the gym too. Looking good, bro.
  6. 40 pounds is 18kg. Must have been a typo? I was really scratching my head there as you didn't look like an obese guy in any photo. Losing 88kg would have been like losing 200 pounds.
  7. So happy for you after what must have been long term mental tormenting. Did the hairline also turn out to your pleasure?
  8. Pictures of your hair pre and post op. Also pictures of you being at the Bhatti clinic. I respect that it can be frustrating to see a response like mine if you are telling the truth. But without a track record of a poster and without pictures, a text is just a text and can be written by anyone with an agenda.
  9. When someone dedicates their first post to trashing a surgeon and provide text only, it is always hard to believe. I am very sorry if you are indeed speaking the truth, but what we need here is evidence and maybe the other side of the story. @Melvin-Moderator
  10. You are a doctor in Europe for 10 years and you have to look for a discount on a hair transplant? I find that hard to believe.
  11. You have found your sweetspot length and styling. That is also a part of the journey.
  12. There can be a big difference in appearance between hair on the sides/back and hair on top when it's at that particular length. Grow it out and see how it looks then. Also shockloss from surgery is a possibility. That hair will come back. And obviously, stay on fin if you don't have any side effects.