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  1. Out of curiosity, what happened? And what was the timeline like? Sorry to hear. Aside, it's my belief, as well as many others, including surgeons, that if you get a HT then you need to take meds, whether in pill form or topical.
  2. It really depends on the quality of your donor and, to an extent, beard. It's great you're doing FUT first and seeing Dr. K, as he'll plan out a long term strategy. Personally, I'd use something like 500 grafts to fortify the front for the first procedure. More importantly, are you on meds? Also, get on minox, either oral or foam (I suggest Kirkland if you go foam. It's the same stuff).
  3. I ate edibles after my procedures. Way more effective than any pain killer. fwiw.
  4. I had 2 FUTs w/ Dr. K. I want to say I often went with a 4 to play it safe. Never had an issue with scar showing when wet, even after second FUT. fwiw. edit: here's a link. This is after my second FUT, maybe month 4 or 5?
  5. I did not say that. I said the person would lose "double digit percentage" of grafts.
  6. The first week or so after my first procedure, my then GF and a few close guy friends told me after the fact that I legit looked like "Frankenstein." And they each said that specific word separately 😂 It obviously got a whole lot better. Aside, I don't care for liberals/cancel culture, but that first post from "Timo" should be taken down. We don't need that racist noise here. Just my two bits.
  7. If you have IG you can just place a sticker over your face and screenshot to get around the cropping and whatnot. Looking good at 5 months, btw. I thought I peaked at 5 months, but I'm nearing month 8 and it's really fascinating how much thicker it's become. Styling your hair the right way doesn't get talked about enough post op, but that's part of the process. I think I've figured out how to best do it in less than five minutes. ngl, but it took some experimenting with different products and whatnot (using less is better, but I need something for lift). Anyway. Keep us posted. Looking good.
  8. I thought I peaked at month 5. Then I thought it was month 6. I'm nearing month 8 and things just keep getting better. Enjoy the ride.
  9. Never heard of Marc Anthony concealer. XFusion is amazing when used correctly (watch a video, dont use a lot). Also something like Tint Brand which is super fast to apply would work well. Though I get it. If it's really bothering you then go ahead and get the surgery. I can see something like that bugging me. Just make sure you go to a top tier doc. And be prepared for the possibility of having a second procedure several years later .. EDIT: And be prepared to take fin. It's a must, imo.
  10. I personally do not recommend wearing a hat, whatsoever, for the first 5 days. Wear a hat right out of surgery, for example, and you're probably going to lose double digit percentage of the grafts just placed in. When it comes time to wearing a hat in those early days, I suggest something like this (same one I wore), largest size possible for your head, but just tight enough on the outside so the inside doesn't touch the top of your head. Wear sparingly (like running to store real quick) not at events, etc. Generally speaking, tho, avoid hats as much as possible for those first 10 days. After 10 days, where any hat you desire. I suggest staying away altogether from beanies, etc.
  11. You went to the best. Works looks super clean. Keep us posted.
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