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  1. I mean, the guy is now going to have a full head of hair. 8.500 sounds high, but the results look good.
  2. You could probably get the results you want with about 2,500 grafts - just don't get greedy with your hairline*. It won't be as thick as you were when you were 16, but it will give that appearance for sure. You won't get the results you want unless you go to the very best doctors, though, and that means paying about $10 a graft. Places overseas will likely charge you way less, but you won't be happy and you'll set yourself up in a bad spot long term. Trust me and everyone else on this. Go to the best. Also, and some would disagree with me here, but I'd go FUT first time. Get the scar filled in later with beard hair. If you're not on Propecia, get on that right now. It's incredible how much it helps keep your existing hair and you have a lot.
  3. I would never be able to notice the difference. Nobody cares or looks at your hair as closely as you do.
  4. If you don't like how you look now you certainly won't like how you look for the rest of your life because you went to some budget doctor. Just my two bits, but shopping on price is legit the worst way to approach this. I wish you luck.
  5. Yes, I got on meds when I got the HT. Initially just did Fin + Rogaine. My hair started shedding and that is when I looked into DUT. Still on Rogaine. And totally. Can't wait for this second procedure.
  6. No, you're right. The top middle portion has taken a hit and it helped quite a bit.
  7. Thanks, but what might be hard to see is the halo happening around my head. Adding product to my hair will also* make the crown visibly thing very quick, too. At the end of the day I should be grateful, though, as my crown was clearly thinning out eight years ago. This should be proof people should take their meds + use rogaine, though I often wonder if rogaine really does anything. EDIT: Also, should note, that I experienced a rather heavy shed on DUT to the point it sorta freaked me out. IDK if it was due to the DUT or just seasonal shedding, but the shedding has since stabilized.
  8. Also, found some pics of me shortly before my first HT from 2012. These are the pics I sent Dr. K before consultation; my HT was shortly after that. Demand for him wasn't as high as it is today back then.
  9. I personally wouldn't go to Turkey/India/etc. Check out Dr. Konior, he is re: as being among the best in the world. I suggest you get on propecia asap; you have a lot of hair left so you want to do what you can to hold onto it. I would also suggest getting a FUT for your first transplant and not FUE so you can max out your donor area. My guess is over time, you will need more coverage. Something like 1500 grafts is all you need, maybe 2K is all you need today. Aside, you have plenty of hair. Most of the guys here wish they had your problem. Good luck.
  10. And if you guys are getting bored watching your crown come in, I'm waiting on my procedure! Although, this is great for me as I'm seeing Dr. K and have two recent crown procedures that will help me make a decision. So thank you!
  11. Find a surgeon who does 80% or more of the surgery. Not as easy as you think ...