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  1. Some people asked for pics in PM so here ya go. Taken with iPhone 8; images like 5 or 8 mbs. Lighting was very bright and directly on both the left and right side of my head. Light bulbs were also uncovered. fwiw (some people do some trickery around here). Image taken legit after I rolled out of bed, hence the messy look. I used to be bald AF (see post history) fwiw. Background: I had one FUT that yielded about 4400 grafts seven years ago and you can still see strip scar a bit as a result. There was an event that prompted signifiant stress that was traumatic. That occurred about 4.5 months ago. More than usual shedding began about 2 months after that event. The back and sides began looking significantly thinner. Image was taken 4.5 months from that event. It was a traumatic event, or hardest challenge of life but I've since gotten over the hill (fwiw). Saw sides starting to* return to normal a few weeks ago.
  2. A bit lazy to post pics of the side, but if you're suffering from this/wondering about it, I will. IDK any other way to put it, but legit went through a really challenging time. I've gotten over the hill, and I'm going to be 100% fine, but was hardest thing of my life. And fwiw, recently met with Dr. Konior for booking my second procedure; he said donor area was "excellent."
  3. One month update re: DUT as I await my HT procedure next year. No side effects whatsoever. I'll post pics at the 3 month mark, but I am seeing slight improvement in the crown area. It's the type of improvement you would only notice, but others might not. Facial hair 100% growing slower. But again, for me that's a bonus.
  4. Just an update re: this echo chamber: My hair did start growing back. It was very thin on sides but has since returned to what it used to be. fwiw.
  5. Just an update from me re: Dut. I've been on it for 10 days now. No sexual sides whatsoever, BUT, I have noticed that my facial hair is growing significantly slower, which I'm tooootally cool with. I shaved on the 7th of November and 10 days later, my beard is at about what it would look like five or six days in. Wonder why that is? Either way, I'm cool with less shaving.
  6. Thanks. Yea, I'm going to be following this thread closely. This my deal fwiw. Dealing with the crown sucks. Used to have it where two dashes of concealer was all I needed to look good. Now I'm using a lot more and I'm over it. Can't wait for my procedure with Dr. K. Really hope someone cancels! Keep us posted man!
  7. I know you know this, but helps to hear: You're the only one who sees it that way and only upon close inspection lol Looks really good brother congrats
  8. Damn I just learned a ton from this thread. Sends us your new hair once you get it done.
  9. What sort of coverage are you expecting from this? Getting crown work done myself with Dr. K. But will likely only be adding about 1K to crown.
  10. I understand you want to look good for wedding day (it played into why I got my first procedure), but everything I'm seeing here shows me you're doing everything wrong. You might look good in the short term, once hair has fully grown, but the concern, imo, is what you will look like for the rest of your life. And the options you will have later in life to address your hair will be limited. Price shouldn't dictate where you go. I believe timing should play a role, but it shouldn't be all about timing. I do wish you luck, though.
  11. In sake of accuracy, Dut blocks 2, Fin blocks 1, per post.
  12. That's impressive. Questions: - Do you really believe microneddling works? It seems like a gimmick, but so many people are trying it. - What is a ballpark of cost for a PRP procedure like yours with a reputable doctor, in your opinion? I am not asking for your docs prices, but what can I expect if I go somewhere reputable? Thanks.