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  1. I sincerely regret trying to give you very sound advice. I wish you luck. Moving on now.
  2. It seems you're misinformed. Going FUT first will max your donor supply. If someone told you otherwise, such as a doc in Turkey, I can assure you they are lying. Good luck.
  3. It's all the same shit. Same ingredients, everything. You're basically paying for marketing w/ Rogaine. A lot of white label brands are made by the leading companies ... wouldn't be surprised if Rogaine made Costco Rogaine, just as Grey Goose makes Costco Vodka ...
  4. Because given your current hair loss, you are going to want to max out your donor supply.
  5. I'm not familiar with the docs, but if I were in your shoes, I would certainly go with FUT, with about 80%-85% going in front and using the rest to soften the lack of coverage w/ crown. You can then bolster your crown's appearance with some light use of concealer. I have an idea of what you want to achieve, so I'd also be prepared to book a second procedure as soon as your body/head is able to handle it to address the crown, as well as add some additional coverage to the front (my gut tells me you'll want that, too). Get on fin and start using rogaine (costco version is fine, just buy dir
  6. Looks like you're in a great spot man! Expecting to see some awesome results.
  7. I think the first wave of elective surgery lockdowns was a knee jerk reaction. I believe we've learned enough that these can proceed under future lockdown conditions. Unless you're traveling overseas, I wouldn't fret about it.
  8. I had already been thinking of getting a 2nd one, but everything else you described is spot on for me. Sometimes I would wake up out of bed after a night out and look in the mirror and be like, "Dude, your hair looks good. What's wrong with you?" Those concealers play mind games. Edit: I recall reading somewhere, i don't remember where, that lockdown has led to surge in HTs and products like Hims which ship fin etc.
  9. Nearly 2500. About 1500 went to crown. About 1K went to front half. Fin and Rogaine worked wonders for me, and the native hairs I did have made a big difference. I experienced an accelerated* loss of those native hairs + crown from the gains I captured from meds about 1.5 years ago. Dr. K addressed those. I knew going in 8+ years ago that I would eventually need a 2nd procedure. I don't want to hijack this thread so more soon.
  10. Bro. Once you go there you'll "get it." You're like the most perfect candidate for a HT and you're going to the best. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Just post an after picture here when you're done at the very least. Congrats. Edit: Just to put your mind at ease, this is what 12 days post op looks like w/ someone like Konior (3rd pic). Pic taken a few days ago. I had my sutures removed. I buzzed it down after. The pic was taken immediately after; if you zoom in you can see freshly cut hairs scattered throughout my face. I won't be posting until my results are final, but in the meantim
  11. I have what some would re: as polarizing opinions on sides and fin w/ this forum. My belief is it has more to do with a balding man's psyche. Also, what does diet, exercise look like (not you specifically, but those who mention sides). I've been on it for 8 years now. Def no sides. I'm a very healthy guy. I told a friend to take it at night versus the morning because he was worried about sides. It's out of your head that way. Plus, if you pitched a tent in the middle of the night .... well, it seems like there aren't any sides (lol). IDK the exact numbers, but there was a study and someth
  12. I'm a 2x Konior patient. Just had second procedure. I also sent a friend to him, where Dr Nadimi performed the surgery and his results looked amazing. There's a reason why there's a backlog for consultations ... Konior and Nadimi are that good. I've gotten to know Konior well over almost a decade. Based on what I know about the guy ... he wouldn't associate his name with anyone unless they were legit a prodigy. If you're looking for savings, you can certainly find other docs. If you're looking for best-in-class results, then you go to Konior. Waiting sucks. All Konior patients have w
  13. I do not know. There is a section on this sub and some active members on it. Perhaps start there. The reccomendation I hear most is FUE + SMP. But do your DD on upkeep.
  14. To be candid, if you did 5K I’d make an appt after surgery to get scar filled in. If you do 5K, you appear to have at best, IMO, several hundred grafts left. I can see now why* the doc made the FUT/FUE recommendation. As others have said, you should focus on front, with a *very* mature hairline (which is not a bad thing IMO) and the top of your head. I don’t believe you will have enough left to cover crown with the sort of results you desire given your donor area. I know a lot less about SMP, but have seen some amazing results, but you must go to the absolute best. Given your s
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