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  1. About 2K-2.5K left in beard and another 2K-2.5K left for FUE. I had two FUT procedures, though I don't have an issue with the scarring/showing (see attached; taken maybe 2 months ago). It's my opinion that getting the scar filled is just part of the cost of having two FUTs. It's also long term planning. I'm going to lose more hair as I age; it's inevitable. I'd like the option to crop hair short if/when that happens. Also, not going to lie, but I miss having the sides shaved down shorter. You can do a lot more in terms of style.
  2. Legit hated covering up my crown. Don't have to worry about girls pulling on my hair anymore now lol (a real concern that is no more) Aside, HTN has crowned you Crown Champ, MHGA haha. You're the gold standard 🙌
  3. To anyone still following, thought I'd share a six month update. I was happy with how it looked in month 5, though the increase in thickness in month 6 has me thrilled. I can get out of the shower, towel dry my hair and have it looks like this in about a minute (how pic was taken). Picture taken in different bathroom (I moved). I believe the light here is harsher. About 1500 grafts placed in back. Obviously ecstatic with results. Hated covering up the crown ... I also placed 400 beard in my FUT scar on March 31. Will have full write up that procedure, as well as this one, once everyt
  4. By nature, a HT result is entirely subjective, but you know a good one when you see it. I've had three procedures now. Hair loss has been an issue for me for about 12 years now, give or take. About 1.5 years prior to getting my second procedure, I found myself spending a ridiculous amount of time getting ready. Between concealers and getting hair to look just right, it wasn't unusual for me to spend 30-40 minutes on my hair. It suckkkkkkeeeeedddd. Shortening this daily ritual was a major catalyst in my decision to get a second HT. To that end, my personal definition is "a superb HT
  5. I share this kindly, but you're going about this the wrong way. I'm assuming you're hoping to get results. In the grand scheme of things, the money you save and the delay in having your procedure mean nothing.
  6. Two large procedures and for both I applied Minox 14 days after 2x a day. Also, get on fin.
  7. Just my friendly two bits, but are you lifting weights, working out? What is your diet like and how seriously do you take it? And have you tried taking fin at night? The above impacts everything, from your libido to your overall emotional well being. Everyone has time to also do the above. fwiw.
  8. You have the second part right and not the first. Consult with these doctors, see which one is the best fit for you. Then look at price. If you spend a few grand more for a result you're happy with you'll never think about the money. But if you spend a few grand less on a subpar result then you'll def think about the money. Personally, I like Freitas and Demirsoy given your options. Good luck.
  9. Take fin at night so the so-called sides are out of your head. 1mg, not 5mg. Nobody takes 5mg. Do not go to Bosley. You say you want a procedure in the summer, but going to Bosley will give you a lifetime of regret. Just wait. Dr. K or Dr. N should really be your only choices, especially given that you're in Chicago. Good luck.
  10. I take adderall. Usually about 10mg daily. I've been an early grower, so just my friendly two bits, but you may be overthinking it.
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