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  1. That's good news because your result at 5 month was a bit worrying. Most people would say it's too early but I don't agree. Generally at 6 months you have a pretty good idea about what your final result will look like.
  2. HI, I got a FUE hair transplant 14 days ago (3500FUE : 2000 for hairline and 1500 for vertex, will probably write a journal soon) in Belgium Anyway I'm a bit worried about something : crusts start falling very quickly as soon as day+6. At day+8 no more crusts. But my main concern is about shedding. I've heard grafts start shedding around the 3rd week. For me it starts earlier : at day+12 for the hairline, I lost 30/40% of my gratfs in the hairline. For the vertex region, no loss so far. Is it normal that grafts shed so quickly ? I've heard it should take at least 3 weeks. Thanks