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  1. Transplanted hair is real hair, so it’s going to grow just as long as it would have when it was on the back of your head.
  2. Looks excellent but I’m surprised he didn’t get his whole head done. Now he’s just back to being a bald guy
  3. If it were me, I would just shave it or maybe consider SMP
  4. This. It’s 100% obvious from the pictures. You mostly lost mid scalp where they put almost no grafts.
  5. You have very little hair loss. If it was me I’d wait a year and between now and then do fin, min, nizoral, and micro needling and see if it improves.
  6. I use the liquid topical dut from StrutYours, but I got the one without minoxidil in it. Also make sure they you don’t get the gel, it’s impossible to get on your scalp is you have any hair at all.
  7. Your doctor didn’t explain to you that you will lose most if not all of the transplanted hair within a few weeks? this is normal and expected. The follicle will lie dormant for 3-6 months and then hair will start growing.
  8. In the pictures it looks like you took the hair below your crown and combed it up to cover the crown. Can you comb that down and show the crown more accurately? Maybe even part it in the crown?
  9. Which guy? The guy that knowingly married his cousin or the guy who said he wanted to date his daughter?
  10. We would need to see pictures of these fallen follicles with a bulb attached to them. Also have you spoken to your surgeon about it?
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