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  1. Youtuber David DiMuzio did a similar video with his hair transplant doctor Steve cook, and he mentioned that a person is only a fue candidate if they don't have hair loss gene running in their family and just looking to fill in some thinning/bald area, if you have thick dark, straight hair, and if you are just have minor hair loss. What are your thoughts?
  2. Thank you. I was going the FUE route but think I may go the FUT route since it has higher yield and I want to preserve my donor area since I most likely will need a 2 HT. You have similar hair texture as mine and you got great density in the hairline so that gives me hope. Great slick back look👍. I. Trying the same look.
  3. I had a consultation with Physician Jacques abrahamian. He recommended that 2800-3000 grafts to fill in the two corners and to add density behind the hairline. *See area i circled*He does the extractions, designs the hairline, marks the donor area with a marker of how he will extract to prevent over harvesting. And he makes the recepient area. He's not a doctor so that worries me but he has a good track record and haven't heard anything negative about him. Attached are my photos so I have a few questions for you guys: 1. What's your take on la fue hair clinic? If you think I should go el
  4. Thanks. Did you get any shock loss in the middle portion of your hairline where you had transplant hair implanted in between the existing hairs? If so, did they all grow back? I'm looking to add some density behind my existing hair line and was worried about shock loss.
  5. I'm thinking about purchasing a laser cap to strengthen my donor area. Has anyone tried one before and does it work? I had a consultation with a hair consultant and she said Capillus was the best. What is the best brand? Any information about this topic will be gladly appreciated. Thanks
  6. But for FUE, you are extracting outside the "safe zone" donor area so your transplant hair is less likely to last compared to FUT. Am I wrong?
  7. Oh he's not a board certified surgeon? That's important to me.
  8. Actually La clinic only chargers $6 per graft. and Dr. Diep charges $8.25 per graft.
  9. So I'm planning on getting a hair transplant by this summer or fall and I am thinking of going with dr diep. But there is place close by me called La Hair clinic. They have a huge Instagram following but how reputable are they? Has anyone gotten great or bad results from them? Please any info from them or Dr. DIEP will be great! Thanks
  10. I'm also considering HLC here in la. Has anyone had a FUE procedure with them and are the doctors board certified?
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