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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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  1. No way after a day or two. The pain reduces noticeably everyday, after the sutures are removed.
  2. Well, as you can tell by my post count, I don't spend a lot of time on forums. I certainly didn't expect the type of answers received, and if you want to treat people like that, please don't post. I asked a simple question. Thank you for the second part of your reply. That is exactly what I was wanting.
  3. Exactly 3 months ago today I had my FUT, HT with Dr. Konior. My question is, when should I notice new growth? At this point I can't tell that I have anything new poking out. Is this unusual for the 3 month mark. Should I be able to feel them first, like little stubble, or see them first? The procedure went great but I am ready for results.
  4. I am at the opposite end of the spectrum as you. I am 22 days post op & I don't think I have lost one little hair yet. I can feel them all & it feels like they are growing. I would think any day know they would start shedding.
  5. mikeey, what's your take on a heart attack after eating breakfast? Google it, I heard it happened. If you are a reasonable person, this would not be a reasonable question, considering your example happened in 2007.
  6. Agreed. I felt like I had know them for years by the time I left yesterday. Most professional & comfortable group I have ever been around.
  7. Guys, I have no pictures. Dr. Konior and staff took all the pictures of me. I stayed three nights at the Comfort Suites and drove home this morning. Feeling fine. 2500 grafts I believe. Trust me StaggerLee123, it did happen.
  8. Just had my procedure yesterday. Can't say enough about how professional they are and what an easy experience it was. Waiting game is on now.
  9. If I had this guys hair I would not have entertained joining this sight. In his 50's and that is all of his hair loss? Wow, I would be ecstatic!