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  1. the way they are doing body parts is allot diffrent i think. also so the article with replaceing ones esophogus and they actualy used a diffrent esophogus cleaned it off to the bone so there was the basic shell left then grew the new guys cells arround it. so not quite the same princeiple however i do agree that it makes things look promising and i am one that is counting on all this
  2. HT09 im sure if you do your research properly unlike me and a few others you will be fine. the best of the best IMO are Hasson & Wong / Dr. Feller / The Shapiro Clinic. Dont let cost come into making up your mind. and also make sure you consult with as many clinics as possible and see who you think you feel is the best option for you. Never rush into anything and stay away from any clinic that sudenly says '' we have a cancelation date and the cost will be reduced if you pay your deposit within ...... of time etc. ect. '' if you stick to those rules you should be ok but all in all nothing is gauranteed. However the good docs will look after you in the rare occasion that all doesnt turn out as expected. IMO stay away from the Armani clinic. i think my results tell you why. this is just my opinion as stated and you have to make your own mind up. Advice, advice and more advice never hurt anyone Best of luck in the path you choose.
  3. back to this guys shedding, i too had bad shedding at 10 months post opp just like you everytime i touched my hair or applied monix, washing, rubbing hand through hair etc etc hairs fell like crazy INCLUDING TRANSPLANTED HAIRS infact i lost allot of trasnplanted hairs. its very dissheartning when you see improvment in density after a transplant then its taken away with a shed. as of now i am 1 week short of 13 months post opp. as of yet my shedded hair in the transplanted area has not returned, maybe an odd few hairs have but im not sure i may have just got used to it, but my hair is not as good as it was at 8 months, i was told a shed can last 3-4 months so ill leave it till february to return and if not then im going to have to acsept that those grafts that shedded were transected grafts that were week or damaged beyond a full life and just lasted temporerlaly, im not sure if there is a link between my recent dry skin and the shedding/thinning. as if my oil glads arnt producing as much oil i know that can affect hair quality. your not alone my friend lets hope its just a shed, keep progress posted
  4. i doubt dr armani would say that himself as he doesnt let is patients know the true risks.
  5. nooooooooo you need to be on finasteride before the HT or if not as soon as you can post opp. you are leaving yourself open to shockloss here. get on finasteride ASAP. LIKE NOW!
  6. no i dont think i did have shockloss in the donor although it doesnt look the thickest in places even now i think they overharvested a little
  7. Thats just it he doesnt tell you the risks. so unless you find out yourslef from another source then you would never know there are risks. glad to see your doing ok so far. i was doing ok at 2-3 months mark as far as growth was concerned and all my shock loss grew back. im glad that you didnt get the horrible scaring like me. GOOD LUCK, Hope it all turns out as expected
  8. could you not of worn a hat of some sort and told your boss you had hurt your head and was told to keep it covered by the hospital. just a thought
  9. Saw Palmetto is suppose to reduce DHT but im not sure if its proven or not
  10. There is a Stephen who is the uk representative and there is Philip also, im not sure where he is based but he is english.
  11. its suprising how a bit of snow buggers things up in europe. when i went to toronto last december it was far worse than over here in the uk and all the flights busses cars taxis all operated as normal. i guess they are used to it tho
  12. just got email back. they did infact reply to me stright away but i did not get it for some reason. they have sent it again and i got it ok this time i think this reply is much clearer and allot better. i can post the email but i have removed the links to the pictures they sent me of repair cases as they asked me not to post those pics anywhere and i wont post them if they asked me not to. i dont think they will mind me posting the email so here it is Your email has been passed on to me from my French speaking advisor, we spoke a few months ago via email, nice to hear from you, obviously very sorry for the situation you are in, I can imagine it has been a long year for you. I know you spoke to Stephen earlier in the week and you asked him some questions about HT in general and obviously your situation. In respect of FUE and yield; FUE is technically a very demanding technique, Dr. Bisanga has been practicing FUE longer than the vast majority of doctors out there, we do not make a large presence on the forums, although we do try and post as much educational information as we can, hoping it will inform people as to the ups and downs of the FUE technique. FUE is much harder to perform than FUT and does potentially have more concerns in respect of transection and yield compared to FUT but that does not mean it cannot be performed well and to the highest standards to compare to FUT. For example when we advise a person of graft numbers we personally do not increase the quoted number for FUE to compensate for a lower yield, the quoted numbers will be the same. We cannot obviously speak for other doctors and what they consider to be a good transection or yield, we at all times try to assess and monitor our work to ensure high standards. Maybe Dr. Bisanga has more experience or generally a greater understanding, so understands more the scalp to follicle changes that occur so his technique is more efficient. He has over the years changed and improved his technique to lower transection rates, improve yield, reduce the punch diameter he uses and the visible scarring that is left, the majority of his work is FUE now so is performing almost daily, the other is obviously FUT work and generally much larger cases, 4000 plus grafts. We have many well documented FUE cases you can see, repair cases also, I will put a few links for you and you can also go to our photobucket to see more cases generally: Please do not post these cases anywhere as some of our patients are happy for us to share pictures but do not want them on the forums or internet in general, thanks for your understanding. LINKS REMOVED SORRY YOU WILL HAVE TO ASK BHR YOURSELF Repair cases can hold a great deal of complications, I saw a post from Janna of SMG on your situation and she spoke a lot of sense to you. The road of repair can be long and clear priorities are required to ensure you and the doctor understand what you want and what can be achieved. Also, unfortunately it may not always be possible to reach your goals and if that is the case you must first come to terms and understand this before starting the repair. An impaired scalp can act very differently to a virgin scalp, growth rates, yiled, hair quality can all change when placing into impaired tissue, so any figures that were quoted would not necessarily reflect your situation anyway. Before you do anything I would suggest you meet up with a few doctors in person, have them assess your donor area and recipient, relay your goals and expectations to them and see what they say; I am sure you may get differeing comments but it will allow you to form a rounded opinion yourself. We do not claim to be miracle workers, you will hear people say no one can bat 100% all the time, and this is true to a degree, but we hope our work speaks for itself in terms of consistent high yield, donor quality and natural results, we cannot speak for what other doctors are doing or what they feel is good, bad or possible. Hopefully we can meet in the coming months, you are welcome to Brussels anytime mutually convenient, you can meet Stephen actually in Brussels or the UK and see his FUE work by Dr. Bisanga; we do intent to be in London early part of next year so if you can not get to Brussels you can meet Dr. Bisanga then and he can take a quality look at your situation. I hope this helps, I look forward to any questions you may have and hearing from you soon if you feel we can help you I can assure you of openess and transparency and your best interests will always be our priority. Regards, Philip
  13. thanks ill check that out. i wont regognise any names from HLH becuase i dont bother with that forum as they dont let me talk about my results.
  14. i did email bhr direct asking for clarification and my concerns with what the u.k rep told me. as of yet still no reply. i sent the email 4 days ago
  15. have you got any pics of before it started to thin? and then some more of now
  16. cheers guys. its very risky for indian companys (CIPLA) to fake drugs as faking drugs over in india gets you the death penelty.
  17. hi ws7 thanks for the recomendation but im only sticking with the well known docs that have allot of examples on to view. cheers
  18. Exactly becuase i have not and would never intend to, i have no reason to do so. My pictures say allot more than any writen post/fake post by a shill if there were any Found a nice old post of mine before my bad results came through. I think anyone on here can clearly see i am not just here to bash armani, i am here to tell my story and experiances thats all. This in my eyes proves this. You can view the message here http://hair-restoration-info.c...ve?a=tpc&m=911102215"/ -->
  19. Hi no BANDIDO i delibritly tested the water on the armani topic over at HAIRSITE & HLH i created about 5 accounts one after the other to see how long my post lasted regarding Armani. Just to make clear the multiple account were created to post the exact same topic due to it being removed. i have not made multiple accounts to post something and then pretend to be a diffrent person agreeing with my original post like i know allot of clinics do. i made it blatently obvious to the people watching that i was the same guy. by calleding my account name almost the same. first account name was BALBOA 2ND Balboa2. 3rd was called ME-AGAIN 4th AND-AGAIN 5th YOU-CANT-STOP-ME. from those names i feel anyone watching would of understood what i was doing. especialy when they all had the same pics in each post 1st account lasted 5mins 2nd account less than 2 mins 3rd account i removed all names involved with my transplant and just posted 2500 fue 12 months post op with no mention of the doctor, and just showed the pics. that account lasted 3 mins. 4th account same as above 5th account i made just to tell farrel how much of a sellout he is that no one can post about armani. (i was kind of board and had nothing better to do) i could create accounts to any forum day after day, account after account as i am quite good at the internet stuff and can use masked proxy servers to disguse any IP address and also use fake emails that take me less than 10seconds to create just for the fact of verifying my account before posting. its not hard for me and never will be. i stopped posting becuase it was pointless and it could go on forever. like i said i wanted to test hairsite out. hairsite and HLH both useless forums as they dont post truthfull things about a certain doc. i have no problem admitting any of the above why would i???? i log into this forum with my standard ISP account with no mask on my IP. and i think it would be quite obvious on here if i were the same poster as other accounts. its not a hard thing to spot and most of us on here are used to spotting shills and post praisers. I totaly understand your concern and i would also ask the same question as you if i were on the other end of the line. i also totaly agree with the last part of your posts.
  20. we need to see better pics than this. all i can guess at what you want is a thicker apearence as you look to have the hairline intact but its very hard to tell with those pics. and seem to have an ok crown.