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  1. Just Received an email stating Dr Armani had died from cancer 9th march 2018
  2. Just received an email from the Alvi Armani clinic. Dear Patient; It's with the heaviest of hearts and an emotion that we have to announce the passing of Dr. Antonio Alvi Armani M.D., the founder of Alvi Armani hair transplants, after a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer. The email was much longer i have put the full email on the last Armani post on site. Some of you guys know how i felt about this doctor having had bad work which has gave me depression over many years. But having said that i still wouldnt wish anyone cancer. Balboa.
  3. Just received this email from Alvi Armani DR. ANTONIO ALVI ARMANI, M.D. Founder of Alvi Armani Hair Transplants OBITUARY Returned to his Creator Friday 9th of March 2018 Dear Patient; It's with the heaviest of hearts and an emotion that we have to announce the passing of Dr. Antonio Alvi Armani M.D., the founder of Alvi Armani hair transplants, after a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer. Our dear friend, mentor, leader, artist, and world-renowned surgeon. We cannot express what he has meant to all of us, to everyone on the Alvi Armani team, and to patients from around the world. Dr. Antonio Alvi Armani M.D. is the reason why those of us who work at Alvi Armani hair restoration are in a privileged position, impacting the lives of patients from across the globe with the highest skillset, and at the top of the hair restoration field. Dr. Armani is the reason why we continuously work to perfect ourselves as professionals and people, so that we can make a difference. Commencing in 1999, Dr. Armani took the field of medical hair restoration by storm with undetectable natural results that were never seen before in the industry. He gave hope to thousands of patients across the planet, and revolutionized hair transplantation introducing and perfecting dense packing, artistic facial framing based on facial features and ethnicities, density capacities of +100 follicular units per square centimeter, temple angle closure and restoration, zero angulation grafting, and crown restoration - just to name some. In the year 2008 after extended research in the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure, Dr. Armani made the riskiest move of any hair restoration surgeon in the industry – he decided to stop using the strip extraction method and commenced offering only the FUE extraction method making his primary point of reference patient benefit. More significantly he was able to extract 3000 F.U. per session compared to a maximum of 500 FU per session that the competition could muster. It was a game-changer. Critics came from across the planet. Today FUE is the gold standard in hair restoration surgery across the world. In order to produce quality results for his patients, Dr. Armani made significant financial and time investments into research. His research acclaims include projects on FUE hair transplantation extraction, natural hair grafting in recipient areas, natural hair angulation, hair allotransplantation, hair multiplication, genetic hair loss treatments, and organic cellular therapies – all of these producing several patent applications. He further applied his medical skills to influence a change in the hair care cosmetics business to produce Origenere, a natural, non-damaging, non-sls hair care cosmetic line formulated with natural actives to reinvigorate hair growth. Dr. Armani is also author of the book “How to Beat Hair Loss”. Dr. Armani expanded the Alvi Armani brand across the world, Beverly Hills, Toronto, Dubai, Buenos Aires, and New Delhi, as well as many consultation centers worldwide. He personally selected and mentored all of Alvi Armani’s hair transplant surgeons across the world, spreading his know how to benefit patients in the four quarters of the planet. He was never one dimensional and his other expertise included philanthropy, photography, poetry, film, and playwrights, particularly classical Italian Cinema. Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi M.D., Medical Director of Alvi Armani International, recalls a meeting he had with Dr. Armani and one of the biggest most renowned producers in Hollywood. True to Dr. Armani's nature, he took over the meeting and proceeded to instruct the producer as to what key components one should look for in a movie, and what artistic elements to highlight. We have lost an amazing medical doctor, scientist and artist. As we reflect going forward, the whole team at Alvi Armani has taken the responsibility to uphold and increase the legacy that Dr. Antonio Alvi Armani has left behind. Every patient we engage, every graft we handle, every product we make, we appreciate and we are humbled by the unique position we have been placed in by God – to assist people like us in living a full, rewarding, and beautiful life. Today, as you read this email, we are working on a unique hair growth patented topical formula that will revolutionize the hair loss industry and relieve hair loss sufferers across the world. Yes, once again, this is one of Dr. Armani’s legacies. We thank every patient for your continuous support. Best Regards. Bilal Armani President & CEO Alvi Armani International We encourage our patients to pray for Dr. Antonio Alvi Armani, and also donate to your local cancer research center. These are some of the most renowned cancer research centers in the world:
  4. dont belive this to be anything more than just a scam
  5. I dont think its the sebum thats causing the hairloss as if that was the case i would have stopped loosing my hair after being on roaccutane
  6. well this is very exciting i must say this does give me hope
  7. well i must admit sex is not as good as it used to be for me since finasteride but its still ok and what other choice do we have but to take the stuff anyways
  8. your very lucky stingray i find it incredible how so much of your donor has been taken away and you still look untouched. Armani took 2500 from me and i look thinner in donor at grade 2 than you. i suppose everyone is different. out of interest stingray where do you live in the country if possible i would like to see your ht from bisanga in person before i commit to him. PM me your details if you dont have any issues. cheers
  9. here is the first picture anyways http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3620702/Wayne-Rooney-reveals-hair-transplant.html
  10. i believe the farjo clinic can perform very good strip surgery but obviously they do not perform FUE, i still find it very strange why the UK is still years behind America, Canada and even Europe in the medical fields we even have one of the lowest cancer survival rates in the world. The country has such a large population surly one of the top docs from Europe is attracted by this country......oh hang on i almost forgot 50% TAX here in the sunny UK so that's why there not here!
  11. this is exactly what i said in my post above
  12. my biggest concern is that the new football season starts august 1st and his hair transplant is only going to be in the very early stages still in 3 months time. will it be ok for him to head the ball etc with the grafts just starting to pop through if they do grow that is? also wayne has a very fair complextion and when i had mine done i was red for longer that 3 months so will be intrested to see. off topic for the record i am a man utd fan and i was at old traford the day rooney scored the overhead v man city was one of the best goals ive witnessed at old traford
  13. seems a very strange choice of surgeon to me too but then again what about Gordon Ramsey choosing Armani too i don't think the celebs really know who is the best. take Nicolas Cage for example his hair looks ridiculously harsh, not natural at all.
  14. looks very natural i do think it will turn out fantastic as it looks great now
  15. Stay away from Armani trust me too i also got butchered and left with nothing but a hole in my wallet.
  16. This here proves what some of us are saying about other sites that are paid off by Armani it also shows mj2003 who is known by Einstein on here who has admitted what the Armani clinic paid him to do. have a good luck this one is for the newer people on here who haven't had chance to see what were all taking about when we refer to hairsite as the Armani cheerleading facility (Link removed by moderator)
  17. cant find this bulletnut you refer too? the search doesn't seem to work for that name
  18. Gothairinfront the UK itself isn't really and option as there isn't enough good clinics infact there is 1 clinic Dr Farjo. but he does not do FUE and he mainly works on older guys and not really known for hairline design in younger men. Europe is the closest option for the UK and yes Sean your right i used to add extra amounts of turmeric to currys when i cooked more. basil is also very good. but i think needs to be fresh rather than dried.
  19. i have to agree with The count Of Baldecristo's becuase i am one of the unlucky ''freaks'' that went to armani and dont like to be called stupid I did alot of research first like most do but unfortunately i did not find this forum, i found Hairsite and trusted it because of other patients that were very pleased and impressed with what the dr did, then when i finally found this site after my hairtransplant those patients turned out to be shills. on haitsite you had PATS,CHAD,SHANE etc etc. who were all liers but because hairsite was paid off by Armani they got away with such lies because anything negative about Armani got deleted from the forum so only positive reviews would stand. Bobby Sharma the UK rep for Armani also told me that Hair Multiplication was round the corner and said Dr Armani is working very close to something that will give unlimited donor. but obviously this was verbal and they were clever to not put in writing such things. so yes i admit i was a bit stupid at the time but when i actually did do the research first and didn't find anything negative about Dr Armani what more could i do. I was very unfortunate to not find this site. i think i did stumble across the homepage at one point but did not see the forum button as it was very small and didn't stand out so i was unlucky there and when you have so many people on a forum saying he is the best you believe it! i have learnt a valuable lesson from it though and im very precocious in everything i do in life now. but i have to wake up every morning to look in the mirror and be reminded of being robbed out of 15000 dollars because not only did i get very poor growth i got a wonky hairline that is full off silver bumpy scars and a taxed donor supply.