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  1. ARMANI said he would bring a suit against me?ARMANI RUIN ME AND WOULD bring a suit against me.I can not undersand the fair in the world.do you undersand?
  2. http://hair-restoration-info.c...66060861/m/181103493 I want to tell you my real and detailed Experience with Armani.I promise that every word is real.I hope you tell everyone beside you,because you will know a real Armani.you must know it!!I am very busy with my work for these days.so I am sorry ,but i will put much time on representing my experience in several days.I will be back soon.
  3. 2 times minoxidil daily, I am healthy,no disease.no wig...doing the procedure only on the zone1 and zone 2,total 3117 grafts.NO ZONE 3!!
  4. so many poor results...i can not understand,the resaon?anyone know?the clinic know?who know?
  5. i know exaclty what you mean but unfortunatly he is no longer a top doc IMO i belive he once was and that his strip work was very good but i fell for the same marketing scams you did and were not the only ones i know withing the next few months theres going to be alot more of us unhappy on this forum i have been counting the list of guys on this forum not happy and 7 have come out the woodwork in the last 12 months that includes you me, stingray, scorpion, armanipaitient, Einstein, and fianly coscanoer who has this blog fuehairline.blogspot.com coscanoer who has this blog http://fuehairline.blogspot.com,the photos in his blog only show the photos 8 months,until now already 18 months,why not to update the photos,i want to know the situation now,do you know??
  6. it is hard for me to accept the fact that the top ht doctor will make so poor result.i wanna know why? too blood scar?
  7. yes,pat205 has gotten back to me.but the stuff of the clinic say nothing about it,just let me wait.armani does not reply to me until now.