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  1. hello i have undergone a HT and i am at 2 months post op. i have a question on my hairline as at the moment i feel its uneven and unsymmetrical, having said that the doctor assures me it is deliberate so it does not look fake however i also have my own views on it, if the time did come when its fully grown out, and i thought it looked silly because of it because uneven what would my options be as i would not want to fill in the other side to match the low side as i feel its to low to start with, all views on this welcome thanks
  2. and more on Armani http://www.hairlosspics.com/forums/f21/
  3. intresting site with plenty of results, i found via google http://www.hairlosspics.com/showgallery.php/cat/549
  4. in there defense i think they did swap techs half way but i don't know for sure as i was sedated
  5. thanks for the reply i think i recall it taking about 6 hours for the 2500 i had to be removed
  6. What actauly is the problem with FUE then compared to STRIP what goes wrong with FUE and what should i be worried about? another thing that concerns me is that if a FUE goes wrong and you turn to STRIP to save you, wont the amount of scalp they remove from you have to me more than normal because the FUE has already taken half the hairs from that site? thanks
  7. also i would like to add it says in the patient care form that 1-1000 don't get the results hoped for and a complementary touch up is offered
  8. ''''''First of all, it's normal to be freaked out at 2 months post op.'''' i agree totally lanthanos its what i said in my first post that i was looking for some reassurance, but what you have just said is very well put i will never no until its time basically so no point in worrying until then, i would love some guys to post some pics of Armani work good and bad as theirs not alot on here right now to make judgments on cheers
  9. well hopefully yes but i will say i do have naturally thin hair, i did have a car crash years ago ware i rolled a car and landed upside down and scraped my head on the roof as it was sliding witch did rip a chuck of hair out while leaving a nice scab and that healed and the hair returned, also i small % of the grafts placed in this transplant didnt shed and have stayed with me about 30-40 hairs not many, im not sure if that gives you any ideas and also i am a slow healer when it comes to skin issues so im not sure if that will be related either, i have emailed Dr, Armani in regards to my concerns about the things im reading about his results so hopefully i will get a reply and see what he says. i have got quite alot of shock loss from the surgery and have been told that it will all return over time, hope that's true also, cheers
  10. PLEASE GROW PLEASE'' i would like you to email me these pictures of the bad work if possible as i understand you may not be allowed to post them on here anymore, but are you willing to share them privately if i give you a private msg with my email address, thanks
  11. hairterminator'' hello is there anychance you could post your results or link to them as im intrested in your results, also how many grafts/procedures have u had? cheers
  12. it would be good to see some people on here who were saying good things tho, and showing good results, surly there must be some people out there, i have seen the website pics, but i have also seen allot of results on other sites and it annoys me because half of the people had strip first witch doesn't show a true outcome of what FUE can do on its own.
  13. hi thanks everyone for the last few comments just to clear up some confusion if there is any PLEASE GROW PLEASE i haven't declined any touch ups as i am not yet in a position to even know if i will need touch up as i have only had the procedure 2 months ago, my concerns were at hairterminator saying he was not happy so had a touch up, as i was thinking whats the point in going back to the same doctor for touch ups if they didn't do a great job to start with, but hairterminator has just posted and says that's not the case, i just pray to god that it doesn't come down to any off this and that everything will go smoothly, as like i said im not an ARMANI BASHER atall just yet as i havent gave enough time to see results, so im just totally open minded to what people are saying, but i do feel a bit annoyed that i didn't find this kind of information about FUE before i agreed to it as i was totally unaware of any sort of risk factors with survival rate, i was basically told what i wanted to here and that's how i agreed to the procedure, i did email Miguel about what i had stumbled upon about what people are saying about fue and his words were: We don't follow too much wherever is in internet. Our % of risk is 5% to 10%, but there are many thing that can affect the growth, like: don't use minoxidil every day, suntan, use product that we are not allow, poor diet, as you see is a very a long list of thing tat can affect a good grow. Following all our instruction may warrant you a nice out coming. Don't put too much attention to all that they said on internet. Thank you the procedure itself was great, it did last a little long and i was sat down for 2 hours after the grafts were taken because Dr Armarni was busy with someone else, but all the staff were very good with me and i liked Miguel a great deal he is a really nice guy he was the guy sorting out washing etc on the day, day after and at 1 week post op, i just hope the results match all this
  14. the thing about touch ups also is if they didnt get it right the first time, why would it be much better the second time, and i feel that its wasting precious grafts going back for touch ups as theirs still no guarantee that if it didn't prove well the first time why will it the second, and for me to go all the way back to Toronto for a touch up would stress me out its an 8 hour flight and not taking into consideration money aswell, i really do hope it turns out thick and natural as im expecting, or i will be gutted. hairterminator,, what was you not happy about what made you have to go back for the touch up thanks
  15. thanks guys its good to have some response to my photos and concerns, MR.GQ what do you suggest i do when i post again start a new topic and call it something like 3 months post Armani or something, i have only been on the site 2 days not sure what im doing to be honest, thanks P.S. do any of you guys no in the dandruff/dryness from the minoxidil can reduce hailing or affect growth, as i get alot of dryness cheers
  16. Thanks mike i hope i am a HIT or it would ruin me. i don't think i could cope with it not turning out right as the money i raised to have the transplant was the only money i had and i have left myself owing a lot because of it, and i my hair wasn't all that bad before the transplant i had the transplant because i wanted my hair PERFECT again with the small receding parts sorted out, P.S. the 1st pic i posted with the dotted lines of ware i wanted my new hairline was what i drew on myself this was at home way before the HT so they didnt quite end up the same as i wanted i will upload a a pic now of the 2 month mark
  17. Here is the one week after the 2500 Fue, p.s. please no comments on the fact of how my hairline is and regarding donor hair being left i wanted my temples filled in and that's what i got but my main concern after reading all the negative things about Armani on this forum is if they will grow and match the thickness of how my hair was before, and if i will get what i was promised and what i paid for, also i feel that the angles after the hair transplant were a bit lower than i wanted and a bit uneven but Miguel always reassures me that the uneven hairline is done deliberately so it does not look fake once it has grown,
  18. I have just stumbled across a few threads about all this Armani bashing, and im hopeing its not all like this. i had a hair transplant at the start of DEC 2008 with Dr Armani (he made the incisions the techs did the rest, i made my choice to have the hair transplant after seeing great results on his site and a lot of testimonials of his work, i am hopeing i do not become one of these victims who have had poor results as when i had the transplant i was unaware of the differences in yield quality survival rate between strip and FUE i just thought it was a newer way of doing it as times have advanced, i am 2 months almost to the day post opp. so i will upload as many pictures throughout the remaining growth period, i have spent the last 2 days reading all of the bashing and everything else regarding Armani, lawsuits and about poor results, let me just tell you that i am NEUTRAL to everything im not bashing Armani just YET and am not saying i am unhappy with anything just YET im just an ordinary guy from the u.k. who traveled to Toronto to have his hair sorted out and now i have stumbled across things im not liking the sound of i will upload pics shortly of before and 2 months on anyone who wants to contact me that's fine as im always online and also to put in here quick, i actually specifically asked DR ANTONIO Armani in the consultation that we had an hour before the surgery if he had had anyone who's grafts did not grow as this was a concern for me, he told me he has never had anyone with less than 80% growth and that the survival grate was mostly 95% he said even if i did absolutely nothing after the surgery (no proscar no taking care and no minoxidil i would still have no less that 50% growth, any cements, questions, concerns, all welcome i have come on here for reassurance that my HT will be successful but from what im hearing it will be touch and go. thanks