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  1. i really don't think tattooing the scar is going to make much of a difference, i mean if someone were to notice the strip scar its going to look more odd as a color than as scar tissue color. i personally would wait this one out as tattooing isn't really going to make much difference, i would say tattooing the scalp to the same color as hair in thin areas may be beneficial because it would give a false sense of density rather than seeing through the thin hair to the white scalp (if your white) i actually remember reading the autopsy report on Micheal Jackson and they found that he had had is temples tattooed to hide receding, although he had worn a wig for his later years anyhow Sparky whats this acell thing your talking about and what does it do, you were quite brief on the post, thanks buddy
  2. sparky have you got any updates on your hairline for us some nice high res pics please cheers bud
  3. my guess is with all this stem cell stuff going on within time scars may become a thing of the past its another subject i know but things should progress alot in the next decade i think skin colour would look better in a scar rather than tattooing it and someone above mentioned about giving it time to settle and turn white from red. what colour would you want to be doing it if you were considering it. a similar color to your hair im guessing
  4. if you tattoo lightly the ink will actauly drop out over a 10 year period. if you go too deep then you leave raised skin as it leaves scar tissue in its trace. also there is a laser (a very painfull one at that) that does remove tattoos. we have missed the guys point here he was not asking about the tattoo procedure in the links he was considering tattooing over his strip scar.
  5. i have worked for a tattooist and i can tell you now that the black will not go to blue overtime providing quality ink is used. and even if cheep ink were used and it turned blue overtime there nothing stopping you from going over it again. one point i will make is if you go grey in your old age then it will become apparent and you will have to constantly color your hair. i think however depending on your age if we say your not going to go grey for along time such as 15 years or so there should be a cure for scaring and hopefully hair multiplication will be available it seems hopeful with the use of stem cell technology that either of those 2 treatments will commence
  6. Typical if this is the case you just cant win can you. either take the drug and age quicker or dont take the drug and loose your hair lol. the day hairmultiplacation comes out is the day i live without problems
  7. after being away for 3 months i stopped getting dry skin as bad. i did still get it a little arround the mouth area but not on my fourhead. since i have been back i got stright back to my finasteride (Fincar my brand) and also useing moisterizer etc maybe its the washwash products i use but it just seems strange as i couldnt work out my my facewash products would do that as there all very sensetive ones with no alchahol. i know testosterone is linked to sebum production becuase of being an old acne sufferer in the past but this one has is confusing me a little anyone know? cheers
  8. The Armani clan will refuse you any sort of refund becuase they off free touch up however i recived poor work with lots of scaring in my recipiant site and i didnt want to let them work on me again so i didnt want to take the touch up and they made excuse after excuse basicly blaming me for poor results and refused any sort of refund. im having to sue them.
  9. stingray was dr bisanga able to remove some of those lumps you had by making the graft site in its place? in other words holepunching over them and placing the new graft in its place? cheers
  10. Cobblestoning or Teniting whatever you want to call it is down to the surgion. i have the same problem but mines more complicated than yours becuase the made my hairline rediculasly low at one side but kept the other side high (very stupid i know for someone who suposedly specializes in hairlines. ill will add a pic shortly when i can be botherd to find my camera mmhce who did you say did your procedure?
  11. sort of yes im still going through lengthy procedings to try and get some money back from aramni to pay for a repair but other than that just waiting to see yours and stingrays results so i have some sort of fair before and after to see and asses if i like the results cheers
  12. hello guys a quick question ive been away for 10weeks and couldnt take my proscar for that period and i noticed i lost alot of hair. it was not through choice i had to leave at very short notice on an emergancy and forgot the tabs. i was wondering what the liklyhood of me regaining the hair i lost in the 10 weeks from coming off the Fin. i have now started taking it and have started monix once again also will i regain any of this hair. thanks
  13. Finaly something for me to follow i am extreamly intrested in this one as im in the exact same possition as stingray, poor armani results that need fixing hopefully this will be great
  14. HI GUYS IM BACK!!! sorry for anyone following any of my posts i suddenly had to shoot off on personal issues and have been away from a computer for 3 months almost. i have continued to loose more TRANSPLANTED grafts and am going to something done this year at somepoint any quetions just ask cheers
  15. hard to tell mate but the slight receeding you do have would need to be packed dense to match the thickness i think
  16. nice topic ill join in on this one. Whey protein does not cause hairloss. infact whey protein is made up of amino acids that actually improve collagen and increase wound healing. whey also has been linked with anti inflammatory effects but this is yet to be proven. back when i first noticed my hairloss i decided to get fitter and exercise more. i also took up weight lifting. i used to be on and off whey protein allot and and always noticed improved thickness when on it. lifting weights i do feel contributed to my accelerated hairloss but back then i was not on finasteride and was not even looking into the transplant world. my hair was always at its best when i took a brake from lifting weights but still carried on taking whey protein. I would suggest choosing whey isolate over other forms of whey and i would also choose one that does not contain any of the following ingredients: Acesulfame,Aspartame,Saccharin,Sucralose those above are known as artificial sweeteners and have no nutritional benefits. they are actually linked to dieses such as certain cancer but just do your own research if your interested. you can also get certain whey powders that aren't just whey protein, they also contain androgenic boosters which leads to higher levels of testosterone so will lead to higher levels of DHT personally the protein i choose which tastes good and has no artificial sweeteners or testosterone boosters is LA MUSCLE WHEY. they do sell other items aswell that would contribute to hairloss so make sure you only use there WHEY and not other products.
  17. None in this day and age. Lending to people with bad credit & people who are not likely to pay the money back is partly why we are in a recession. not saying you would not pay it back but thats the reason.
  18. I have to agree with him being a bad candidate. personly i think his best option is to shave however like i originaly posted go see H&W and see what they say as they will get the best out of what he has and explain what is possible and what is not. they might even turn arround to him and say they wouldnt advise it. so hey just go see that doc you have nothing to loose and you will get honest advice from that doc. some docs will not be honest and will convince you that everything you expect is possible. be very carefull thats all
  19. i dont know the place but i would personly say dont limit yourself to one place, there may not even be a good doc there atall. look through the list of recomended docs on this site and make your mind up from that. cheers
  20. i personaly would not recomend having work done in thailand
  21. some uk celebs have used this doctor. duncan banantine (spelling) from ''the dragons den on bbc'' Has had work done with them also the guy who played Barry in eastenders on bbc has had work done. they have good results from what i have seen. FARJOS are FUSS only. so dont look to them for FUE.
  22. I have a similar story but i will cut it short i never told anyone about my HT, i said i was off to work away for 14 days and then got on a plane to Toronto from the u.k. i made an excuse to say my battery died in the phone and i forgot my charger so logged into MSN to talk to them instead. half way through the week i said i had to go hospital becuase i had split some harsh chemicles on my head at work. then when i came home people said damm your head looks sore etc. and they belived me about the chemicles. as of today everyone who i dont want to know does not know although becuase i have had poor results from the armani clinic im going to go closer to home this next time round (brussles) but tell people that im going to have some work done on my head to try and improve the dammage caused by my acsident wink wink. although the damage was caused by a poor first time transplant. i feel less botherd about admiting it this next time becuase im making my point asif i want to correct the damage to my head and look normal again, and i feel people would understand that better than if i had a virgin scalp.
  23. From your pics you look to have nice thick black hair. i think a small procedure MAYBE 800 fue by a top doc (Feller, Shapiro, Bisanga etc.) dont be fooled by the Armani clinic they are very bad even though the website looks good. as the others have said Finasteride(proscar etc.) ASAP
  24. you look to have fine donor hair from the pic but that may just be the light shininh through. at 25 with your current loss i would highly recomend Finasteride stright away as you will need to be on it before the transplant anyways. Inhousepharmacy have some good offerd on generic finasteride i think also its safe to say your heading for NW6 without a doubt so i would say your best bet is to consult Hasson & Wong as they will get the most out of your donor. STRIP is your only option IMO as Fue yeild could prevent you from getting desired results and you havent got the donor to risk it. But like i said get on Finasteride QUICK Cheers