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  1. I'm nearly 4 months post op my second ht and have a small area which hasn't come through otherwise the rest is doing well.
  2. Hi Spex glad to see your still contributing here. I've been on Dut for over eight years with no noticeable side effects, however my dermatologist told me to have at least one day off a week in order to avoid gyno.
  3. Just an update I'm back in Brussels doing a second procedure. The first went well, but I wanted to improve the hairline so did another approx 500 grafts. Hopefully I'll be done with hts for the next few years. Also it took a good six months for the redness to go away given my fair skin.
  4. I'm at about six months post op with Dr Bisanga & just wondering at what point will the grafts all have grown or come up? At six moths should I be expecting 50% growth or 75% etc I'm not really sure? Cheers,
  5. I'm also from Australia and have just had surgery with Dr Bisanga (Jan). I hope I get a great result like yours.
  6. I’m just over two weeks from my procedure and my hair is starting to look really thin in some areas of my recipient area, while in others particularly my temple areas the transplanted hair looks strong. Just wondering is it normal for my transplanted hair to have shed this early? And why it has not shed evenly? :confused:
  7. Been wearing a hat all week at work and even had someone ask why today, hopefully the redness will disappear soon so I can ditch the cap.
  8. Julius

    Julius Dr Bisanga FUE

    Going through some shedding and my hair is looking rather thin in some areas
  9. Given my fair skin and short hair I'm pretty certain it will be noticeable when I return to work in six or seven days time. I'm thinking of wearing a baseball cap and saying I have Seborrhoeic dermatitis of the scalp.
  10. I have eight days before I'm required back at work, unfortunately I can't wear a bandanna to work. I'm 1 day post op swollen and red, how long before it will be not noticeable? Also any ideas for excuses for me to wear a cap during formal meetings indoors?
  11. Julius

    Julius Dr Bisanga FUE

    1760 grafts with Dr Bisanga 1 day post op atm, will post pics shortly.
  12. I had just under 2000 grafts which took about eight hours all up. To unwind after my procedure at the hotel I watched a funny TV show which made me laugh and when I went to the mirror I had some bleeding in a part of the receipt area (the laughing made me bleed). I’m worried that a graft may have popped out? Otherwise everything went smoothly I’m a bit swollen now but will update with pics shortly