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  1. thank you i will definatly be doing this but i will also want a few other onboard with me so we can document a few cases at once.
  2. indeed im telling the truth or there would be no pictures to show. secondly i am not keeping underwaraps any information that will all of a sudden come out if i dont get a refund. all my cards are on the table and everyone on here knows whats happened to me. so there is infact nothing to blackmail with so this cannot be called blackmail. i knew it was a lost cause even asking for a refund, i think armani would rather use money as toilet paper than give it back to his victims becuase if the word got out one guy got a refund then all of a sudden all the guys who got bad work by him would want refunds. im not expecting anything from Armani and i never realy did. it was worth a try to ask for a refund. i will carry on with my route on sueing him, i am at the stage where i need to see dermatologists etc to get offical documentation that it is infact the transplant that caused the scars. and also statments from other HT doctors to say that what armani did wasnt normal. i know it sounds silly but you have to cover all angles before going forward finaly.
  3. thanks for the replys i think i will have to email BHR direct rather than there UK rep and see what they say. im only looking for a small session to begin with maybe 250 graft to test the water so to speak. i refuse to go anything higher than this becuase i feel with 250 i can monitor growth. if succsessfull then i will go back for more when and if needed. my main concern over anything is scarring, i have a long road ahead of me as far as finding a solution. firstly i will ger the low side fued out. then will see how it heals and look into skin resurfacing. but i cant see those scars being a simple task to treat and the transplant itself should be the easy part.
  4. im still gathering info on as many docs as possible and would like to know who you guys think is better for Fue. i havent seen much from Feriduni and there isnt a great amount of BHR results either i found about 7 for BHR alltogther. theres one thing thats bugging me: i spoke to BHRs U.K rep a couple of days ago and asked various questions. the answer that stood out the most was the fact that he says bisanga gets 97% yeild from FUE and it kind of reminded me of Armani. he did imply that if done correctly that there would be no diffrence in yeild than strip. this worried me a little and has sort of put me off for the moment. i asked if they use antioxidents or just standard saline solution on the extracted grafts and the answer was saline. i may be being picky but im trying to find a clinic that tacles all angels as far as graft survival rate. On the possitive note they dont use a motorised tool for extracting the grafts. tell me what you guys think
  5. those statments in the original post are soooo wrong i cant understand where he got that info
  6. Dont let how long he takes put you off. if he is going slower that means he is taking his time and you know your not being rushed. i think H&W could probably pull off 4k in 1 session but theres not many clinics that can with great results.
  7. lets get one thing straight about some of this post. show my first email that shows me asking nicely for the refund and see who is being unfair here. at one stage you started to evaluate my request for a refund and asked for some pictures. I then sent pictures and you kept saying they were not acceptable, i sent picture after picture and you made excuse after excuse, this is what led to my email saying that i will give you 48 hours to respond. i was very angry at being ignored and felt this was the only way to get through to your clinic. after i sent that email you DID respond so at least it worked and got you to take me seriously again. i will admit yes that the emails of mine you posted are correct but you have only selected the ones that make me look bad. i don't feel it matters to people on here what i said to your clinic anyway's, i was angry that you messed up my head and feel my emails were a result of this. however you have chosen to leave out allot of key points from other emails and posts. where i state i will remove the posts if a partial refund was offered that's true. i would have removed the posts that say about how bad your clinic is as far as after care and i would have removed some of the negative posts regarding your clinic as i feel you would have redeemed yourselves by giving me a partial refund. and i would have praised the clinic on this forum for doing so however this is not the case. <span class="ev_code_RED">i would have never removed any of my before and after pictures i would have just removed any post that regarded this current issue</span> since i have been on this forum i have seen a number of your patients who never got the results they should have from your clinic and there are now only a handfull of us that still post on here at the moment. the reason for this is because you try to scare us all away with letters from lawyers or threats from your disclaimer we all signed that states if we say bad things about your clinic we will get sued for 1 MILLION DOLLARS. the select few on here including me that are clever enough to know your threats would never stand ground in any court room carry on posting on here. the people who havedisappeared obviously believed your scare tactics. if your clinic spent all the money and time it does manipulating the forums and covering up your bad results / getting them removed from hairsire, HLH etc. you would probably get better results in your patients. but sorry pats i forgot its not about the results its about money, how silly of me to forget that. ALL THESE POSTS YOU MAKE ABOUT WHAT I SAID TO YOUR CLINIC VIA EMAIL DON'T CHANGE THE OUTCOME OF WHAT YOUR CLINIC DID TO MY HEAD! I RECEIVED A POOR HAIR TRANSPLANT BY YOUR CLINIC. MY PICTURES SPEAK LOUDER THAN ANY WRITTEN POST! THE FACT YOU HAVE MY PICTURES REMOVED FROM THE FORUMS YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER SHOWS YOU ARE GUILTY. I blame myself mostly for not finding this site before going to your clinic. however you do make it hard for people to find bad results. this site is a godsend. as now if you search for ''bad armani fue'' in google you can find all the posts on this site regarding the bad armani results very easyily with very little searching arround. great. STINGRAY POSTED HIS BEFORE & AFTER PICS ON HAIRSITE AND THEY WERE ALSO REMOVED BECUASE THEY SHOWED HOW POOR ARMANI TRANSPLANTS CAN BE. EXPLAIN WHY HIS RESULTS WERE REMOVED PATS SEEM AS YOU SPENT ALL THAT TIME EXPLAINING WHY MINE WERE REMOVED.
  8. hi windjc yes thats correct i read that post myself im not sure how i could possibly extort money from them! i basicly asked for a partial refund becuase i felt my results were not close to how they should be. i asked for the partail refund nicely and politly but they kept making excuses and the runarround, i then started to make posts on here on why i was not satisfied with them etc etc etc. they did not like the fact that i posted my result and soon sent me a letter from there lawsuit firm bascly threatening me to remove my posts and pictures. you can find this document Here i cant see how this can be seen as trying to extort money. i did however say to them via email that if they did not give me some sort of a refund to put towards a repair then i would go out of my way to post my results in as many places as possible to show people what MIGHT happen if they go to armani. its quite franky ridiculas and pathetic of the clinic and they are obviously using this excuse to hairsite to keep those pics off there. look up the guy Stingray on here he got poor results from armani to say the least and when he posted his results on hairsite they were also removed and he was instantly banned. I do agree with you very much on Armanis quality control they do get about 25% good 50% average and 25% bad thats a very good way to look at it as i have always said on this forum that he is inconsistant and that inconsistancy is not good because your taking a big gamble if you go to a clinic like Armani.
  9. its a DHI transplant 100% or it wouldnt be on there site
  10. Thanks once again janna for the call. good to see SMG taking there time to talk to those who have had issues with there previous Dr. and thanks for weighing up my options. pitty im allong way from new york. SMG definatly one of the good guys and the same goes to the Farjos they also took time to talk to me by phone and help me with my concerns.
  11. Thats Gernalists for you always getting there info wrong. never trusts articles in the news etc. they are normaly missinformed if he did consult there he probly didnt like what he was hearing and ran a mile rightly so good find tho. cheers
  12. ARMANI DID NOT DO HIS HAIR!!! DHI DID IT SEE THE LINK BELOW Virender Sehwag Hair Transplant with DHI Please tell me where on earth you got your info of Armani doing his HT when i found that link with no effort whatsoever
  13. yes have to agree with the above. you need to shave it makes life alot easyer for the doc and you will likly get a more refined result dont let hiding what you have had done put you off. just have an excuse ready to tell those close to you. a few examples you had a bad case of foliculitus you burned your head you desided to bleech your hair and it went wrong. theres plenty of things you can say and no one will assume you have had a Hair Transplant some people dont even know they exist. unless you are totaly bald and they you sudenly have hair then you should be fine with the excuse route
  14. despends how you have your hair. If you have your hair constintly short and like it that way then STRIP isnt for you unless you have very thick donor hair to hide it. If you have long hair or grade 6 or more on the back then you should be ok as far as people seeing it. If your not in a rush for a HT and are just gathering Info then keep waiting as long as yout can as the Docs are geting better at FUE all the time and i here SMG (Dr Shapiro) is doing very good FUE at the moment but its still quite a new step for them. If you untimatly deside on FUE. there will be a few things you need to ask the doctors. you need to find out what kind of extraction tool they will be using. if they say its A Manual tool with arround 1mm punch then it should be fine. If they say its a Motorised Tool that does not require as much manual work then RUN A MILE no joke. FUE is very good if its done right and will be a good option for you depending on key factors of your hair. if your loss isnt that bad then FUE might be a good idea best thing you can do is consult with as mnay of the top docs as possible and see what they say. if there answers are very similar then trust them, if they vary quite allot then post your concerns
  15. your lucky with your balding patern as you still have a hairline, so you will be able to keep your natural look and just have it thickend up. so you shouldnt have to worry about design. personaly if your going strip then go H&W if you thinking FUE then Bisanga or Feller as H&W dont do FUE. if i were in your shoes with the amount of loss you have i would go H&W without a doubt, his work is second to none. to this date i am yet to see a bad transplant from H&W. Dont let cash or travel make your mind up. its very hard but always worth it in the long run. You are lucky to have dr. bisanga on your doorstep. his work is also very good from what i have seen so far and i feel he is doing very good FUE work, i am considering him myself for my repair. ULTIMATLY if its STRIP you want and you can afford it then H&W all the way
  16. well i just signed up to hairsite aswell to post my results and guess what they were also removed, its like armani is the mafia and everyone covers for him its ridiculas that this is the only site that doesnt cover for him
  17. no sorry i didnt put that clearly enough thanks for bringing that up. His problems were not with Finasteride itself just fincar he said he had horrible dry mouth and felt bad on it. he went back to Proscar but he now only takes Saw Palmetto becuase he has beard hair on his haid and Beard Hair needs DHT he says so he was trying to get a balance
  18. I was just speaking to the U.K rep from BHR (Dr. Bisangas Clinic) And spoke to him about a number of topics one being Finasteride. He said he has a bad experiance with Fincar quite a number of years ago and came off them he now only takes SAW PALMETTO. I am a little concerned about this becuase i take Fincar as my source of Finasteride. i take 2.5mg once every 2 days as advised by Mick from Farjo. Has anyone here heard anything bad about Fincar from the indian drug company CIPLA I trusted these tablets becuase they were manurfactured by CIPLA and i have used there ACCUTANE in the past that has served me well so couldnt see any reason not to trust there version of Finasteride.
  19. Hi jenna i sent you a PM with what i sugested i cant give you a call becuase i live in the uk and would cost me an arm and leg but does my idea what i sent you on this thread and by PM sounds realistic then as you say Dr. Ron is advising another paitent almost the same as i described. thanks
  20. PGP can you post your small fue session results please or refer me to the post if already done so, thanks