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  1. If an HT with Armani is "a dangerous path" then I wouldn't go to Armani. HTs should not be dangerous paths. I'm curious, did Dr. Armani tell you this would be a dangerous path? I meant that HT is generally a dangerous path.
  2. Hi Lanthanos, The procedure was done by Antonio Armani, Zone 3 is still covered, Extractions were made by someone else than Antonio, Scabs: Donor few days, Recipient 15-20 days, HT location: Toronto, Meds taken: NONE, Risks aknowledged with: I spent about a long time reading blogs, forums, visiting websites, etc. A question for you if I may: Do you think my donor will improve or is it going to stay as it is in the picture ( very very short haircut)? Cheers,
  3. hello Balboa, So far I am in the average... It's hard you know... the procedure, the shock loss, waiting, the social life, etc. But taking the path we both know is long and difficult (you more than me I guess)... When I saw your pictures, it's really not that bad... I had the same scaring for the 6 first weeks, but it's less and less visible, pratically not visible now. I am not defending Dr Armani, but at the same time, as I said we took a very dangerous path... Of course I agree that in a perfect world we should have been told every details about the procedure... But isn't that letting all the resonsability to the Dr? Who is at the end of the day selling a "service"?... A part of our job is to gather the informations we need to make the "best choice possible"... Anuyway, thank you Balboa for your advices and contribution... Again, it doesn't look bad at all... If you focus on it, you are giving it more importance I guess... Cheers,
  4. Hello All, A short update on my FUE transplant. Well at alnmost 2 months, it's quite hard to talk about results... But everything seems to go according the average experience I read about from other FUE HT's. I had some shock loss in the donor and recipient area. Now I am seing native fallen hairs growing back and a few transplanted hair popping recently. So far, I am not able to tell you if the HT transplant was a hit, but it seems that the things are going as I ve been told ( or read). My opinion about Doctor Armani is that he is a Doctor, he never claimed to be a magician. I agree that he is very ambitious in the density he can transplant. But after all, it s your choice to accept an high density, knowing that it's harder to accomplish and that everyone responds differently. I had 2000 grafts in zone 1 & 2, with existing thining hairs and 500 in the vertex. It's not a mega transplant but there were risks I knew about for the existing hairs. About my donor area, less density was obvious just after the extraction and during few weeks. So I do not know if it will be noticeable in the future... I don t know if I had shock loss or if it s a normal result for 2500 grafts. That's all folks, I ll keep you updated. Cheers.
  5. Hi Balboa, The hairline has been only restored and the temples slightly improved ( I am thining as you can see in my before pic)... 2000 zone 1 and 2... 500 zone 3... What do you think about the donor? Thanks,
  6. Hi runwithscissors, hope you ll find an answer soon... I was wondering if the donor area will still be like this in the future... In case I want to shave my head...
  7. Hi runwithscissors, I don't have an idea about that. I am gonna let my hair grow but I was wondering if the look is gonna improve.... evbecause it's only 10 days post op.... sorry for not giving you an answer...
  8. I have also a pic of my donor area 10 days post op... Can someone tell me what it looks like? Thanks,
  9. Hi Again, I am sending the before picture for you to have a better overview, cheers.
  10. Hi all I would like first to thank you all for your much appreciated contribution. Here is a pic of a 10 days post op, please feel free to give comments Thank you in advance.