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  1. smg or bhr i am considering i just want to know who will do the best job and who is best with fue, i trust the feller extraction tool smg uses and im unsure on what bhr uses. Future_HT_Doc im over 2 years post op so ive waited plenty long enough to have a repair. ive just started a new complaint with a law firm as i was put off suing Armani in the past die to incorrect information gave by one of his secret posters trying to put me off suing him but ive now learned i can sue him from the UK so that's going smoothly so far. SMG suggested that i remove some grafts in the hairline then have dermabrasion once the skin is healed to try and normalize the scalp then go back for new grafts in hairline to start a fresh of sort. whats your views on this? forget planting new tissue like i first said it does seem that would not work and best to just let them close up naturally. i don't like the idea of a strip of hairline being removed so that's not an option for me but thanks Aaron anyways for your input, its just i don't want to end start hacking parts of my head off its the reason i chose fue in first place. but also from BLAKE you suggest you think i may have scars from removing the bumps as you think there too big is that what you were saying? many thanks to everyone replying
  2. well im surprised no posts i put the exact same post up on hairlossexperiences and got loads of reply's so far with help whats happening on here.
  3. HAIR transplant patient had ‘W*****’ written on his head for 19 YEARS without knowing it | The Sun |News
  4. ok so you guys have all seen the horrible bumps i got from Armani and i have a theory in mind that wont completely make the head perfect but may improve it somewhat. PIC TO REMIND YOU http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_nEnylotE0BQ/TTUCCvfL6dI/AAAAAAAAAC0/qM-EPN-tT2w/s1600/12%2BNovember%2B2009%2B11%2BMonths%2BPost%2BOpp.jpg i know that if a transplant is done correctly no apparent scarring can be seen. so what about fue out each bump 1 by 1 and replace with tissue from somewhat else that was already fued out. at the correct depth this time so no bump? same goes for removing the bump that still have hairs and placing them into another balding area then putting a new graft from where it was removed correctly so you now have a hair in the area but now with no bump. i think the reason why i am still loosing transplanted grafts is because of how shallow the grafts that sit on the bumps are as there gradually bulling away from the scalp. let me know what you guys think on this because if the bumps area could be made flat then maybe i might get better results from other things like fraxel or chemical peel too. inputs are much appreciated hope Jenna from smg can input on this too. thanks
  5. not sure why hes not responding but maybe he feels a bit of a dick for sneakily asking about it via PM or he just hasnt seen the question yet. i dont blame him anyways if he was being deceptive atleast now hes not with armani. but one thing i ask myself is that if he actualy did get good results would he have come clean anyways or carried on morrally wrongfully lieing for the armani clan. its a pointless question to ask but i dont blame anyone but dr armani himself and his rubbish techs but i suppose Einstein could make things right by helpting the vitctims out who also got butcherd by starting a class action lawsuit. i think that would say alot about him.
  6. Einstein one more thing comes to mind that's bugging me and i need to know the truth on. remember when you Private Messaged me a long time back now when i was posting about lawsuit action against Armani when it all blew up and got alot of interest on this forum. and you said you had a brother or something that was a lawyer that might be able to help me and you kept asking me at random times how im getting on with the legal action, and if i was any closer at doing it. was you told by Armani to get info on what i was planning to do and to try and put me off the lawsuit. i just want to know what lengths they go to.
  7. well done Einstein that was great counter you made there, they tried all this on me about a year ago and i answered them back just like you have on every single point and made them look stupid. they never replied again to me after that. i cant believe how similar your story is to mine apart from me not being a paid poster to start with. now i have seen your pics i remember seeing you on armanis forum website under aj2003 aswell you asked Armani for the same hairline as brad pit and you posted a picture of brad pitts hairline next to yours to show similarity and i commented to say you look to have similar white bumps scars too me and to say that he has gone far too low on your hairline if he wanted it too look like Brad Pitt, as he has a much larger forehead area and higher hairline and my post was deleted and i was banned. if you remember i was the reason why armani had to make sure all its new members were genuin by confirming the registrations in person rather than all being automatic. im glad i forced them to work. I cannot believe that pats205 has even tried to defend your hairline with pics. those pictures never justify 5000 grafts being put into a hairline. the results do not match the number of grafts in a million years. the one thing i picked up on was that if they didn't want to show the pictures before hand to show you had already had one transplant and then they showed the before pics they actually were trying to pass off 5000grafts as 2500. but correct me if ive misunderstood/ i have taken this from the section below. Quote: Originally Posted by Pats205 You had your first procedure with Dr. Armani in November 2003 for about 2500 grafts with the FUSS technique. You had a second procedure with the FUE technique in March of 2009 for 2,500 grafts. Reply to Pats205 by Einstein And I was told by YOU (not Armani, I dont even thin he knows) to NOT mention my FIRST hair transplant on the forums. I was supposed to start posting for a few months acting like a regular unbiased poster pushing Armani forward and "praising" his results and then suddenly announce "I have decided to go with Armani"... and then post my results. Dare to deny? Becareful, there is proof. Also i would be very happy to hop on the class action lawsuit with you as ive been waiting for the opportunity for a long time. TO PATS whats your excuse for me then, are all my lost transplanted grafts down to the fact i use minox or finasteride. i cant believe you try to blame your clinics shoddy work on sh*t like that its just crazy, and more crazy to think that people will believe a word that comes out of your mouth when your company has been undone to show its true colors. your clinic is infected with lairs and fraudsters that have no concern for the devastation you have caused us all. how can you go home at night knowing what you do. covering up vital information that would lead a potential victim to sway away from choosing your clinic. people now know the truth more than they every have and its all your own doing. if your going to give someone a free transplant to post and protect the company then atleast get it right. the fact is Armani cant get it right anymore he is useless at FUE and i think it was a good job that he kept his supposedly unique fue tool secret or other docs might be making the same mistake. all i know is one day this will all catch up with you and the crooks in your clinic and youl be asking yourself why. WEBSITE SHOWING ALL THIS NOW NEEDS TO BE MADE AND PUT UP. ANYONE WILLING TO HELP PM ME. ALSO ANYONE WITH ANY BAD RESULTS YOU WANT TO SHOW ME SO I CAN ARCHIVE THEM UNTIL THE SITE IS UP ALSO PM ME WITH LINKS TO PICS. (high res if possible please) I did warn you pats that i would never go away and would always be around to spoil your fun.
  8. Its shocking to think that he once seemed good at what he did with strip. the website got me like a trap and fell for all the glammer marketing bull like most victims have. i unluckily only found the bad results on this site after i had already had it done. as i had been a novice to the whole transplant world and came across the hairsite forum first and trusted it along with its BS cheerleaders (shane,pats etc). i just wish i had found this site first, i must of done something bad in my life to get this bad karma. the bumps i suspect are down to the fact that the hole that's created to place the extracted graft into are too shallow, so if its to shallow some tissue sticks out and creates a bump, or if the hole was too deep there would be pitting that also looks very bad. they have to like most docs do get the recipient site holes the exact same depth as the length of the graft extracted. my guess is that they are not doing that part right and that when they did the strip surgery in the past they did everything by hand and measured everything perfectly, but with the new fue extraction tool they are getting too much tissue as the tech using the tool might be pressing to much and getting that slight extra bit of tissue so when they come to place them into the holes they have made some fit better than others as the bumps on my head range in how big they are. my other theory on the bumps is that its scar tissue that has formed from the crazy amount of holes they have tried to make in such a compact area leading to the skin not being able to recover properly from too much trauma. its probably a bit of both as the bumps do match the silvery appearance as scar tissue.
  9. i know you asked for my opinion on your pics but its impossible to judge at this stage you should start seeing some results in a few months and then we can get some better ideas of whats happening. the bumps do improve a bit like stingray suggest but they always stay there and its worst in summer as when the light beems onto your head there for everyone to see. the biggest problem with the bumps is that its so hard to do any kind of cosmetic fix on them, i thought chemical peel might help but all that will do is thin out the non bumpy skin so the round shape tissue will still be there just lower down. im going to ask whatever doc i choose (bisanga i want to use at this moment in time) to punch whole a few bumps out of my head and let the head heal and close up and see what kind of appearance is left on the area as it should be flat again but its just if im left with scar tissue instead, as that wont be practical for all the bumps. i would love to see what fraxel would do on my head but i cant afford that kind of thing as i don't think its widely available in the UK. to be honest since Armani got his hands on my head its been awful and now the only real thing im holding out for is cloning and scar repair involving stem cells. as i don't think im ever going to be totally satisfied until my head is scar (bumps) free. im very fussy and from results i would love to go to SMG for fue repair as ive heard very good things but ive not got alot of cash its taken me 3 years nearly to raise 5k for a repair and that's with sacrificing a hell of a lot i just hope for my sanity everything goes well in the repair route im going to go down. this is my head at 3MONTHS AND 3 WEEKS PERIOD if your struggling to find on here http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_nEnylotE0B...h/IMG_1234.jpg ALOT OF IMPROVEMENT AT 4 MONTH 3 WEEK PERIOD (the flash in the pic makes the dot scars less noticable and also with the light being behind the head rather than in front it casts a shadow making it look thicker than it is although i must say at this period my hair was promising and looked like it would be ok as far as growth but then as the months passed the grafts shed and never returned) http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_nEnylotE0B...h/IMG_1240.jpg do you see the stupid lopsided hairline they gave me with all the silly little hairs growing weird. i dont understand why he couldn't do matching sides it would of turned out better with less scarring. HERE IS ALOT MORE PICS SO YOU CAN SEE MY ISSUES Armani FUE 2009 Hair Transplant THEN THE IMPORTANT 12 MONTH STAGE http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_nEnylotE0B...Post%2BOpp.jpg And more loads more pics Armani Fue 2009 There you go Ark hope to god yours turn out better i wouldn't wish what ive been through on my worst enemy (infact i would, Dr Armani)
  10. this is my head at 3MONTHS AND 3 WEEKS PERIOD if your struggling to find on here http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_nEnylotE0BQ/ScxN85ksIXI/AAAAAAAAABE/hRdZFGGeVnQ/s1600-h/IMG_1234.jpg ALOT OF IMPROVEMENT AT 4 MONTH 3 WEEK PERIOD (the flash in the pic makes the dot scars less noticable and also with the light being behind the head rather than in front it casts a shadow making it look thicker than it is although i must say at this period my hair was promising and looked like it would be ok as far as growth but then as the months passed the grafts shed and never returned) http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_nEnylotE0BQ/SeiAQj2fnuI/AAAAAAAAABM/hGRm2MnmROk/s1600-h/IMG_1240.jpg do you see the stupid lopsided hairline they gave me with all the silly little hairs growing weird. i dont understand why he couldn't do matching sides it would of turned out better with less scarring. HERE IS ALOT MORE PICS SO YOU CAN SEE MY ISSUES http://armani-fue-2009.blogspot.com/ THEN THE IMPORTANT 12 MONTH STAGE http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_nEnylotE0BQ/TTUCCvfL6dI/AAAAAAAAAC0/qM-EPN-tT2w/s1600/12%2BNovember%2B2009%2B11%2BMonths%2BPost%2BOpp.jpg And more loads more pics http://armanifue-2009.blogspot.com/ There you go Ark hope to god yours turn out better i wouldn't wish what ive been through on my worst enemy (infact i would, Dr Armani)
  11. first to replay to Einstein i remember talking to you along time back and you were on similar boat to me with Armani i also told Alvi Armani i would create a website to show the world what krooks they are so but haven't got round to it as im not all that skilled on web design but if you do start it let me know and ill will contribute all i can with server costs etc as i want to get all are pics up in 1 place that's easily found by Google. to reply to ark. if you do a seach on my name you will see all my posts and you will be able to track down my pics. you will see how bad they are and yes i had hairline done and im extreamly sorry to say that those bumps are not normal and will be there forever unless a treatment becomes available to get rid of such scaring (fingers crossed) so yes there still on my head 2 years later but the redness is normal and that lasted on me for about 10 months total as im quite light skinned and fiar complextion. the one thing that i never expected was for my hair to grow quite well upto 4 month stage and i had very thick hair at the right side and looked promising as far as growth went, but then as i got to the 12 month stage they started falling out and have continued to do so, my guess is that the grafts were placed too shallow hence the bumps and they eventually pulled free and shed, or most of the hairs were taken from unsafe area on my head. my left side never really took off atall tho and didn't get much growth maybe 20% tops im now left with about 35% on right side from what it was at the 3-4 months stage also they made one side of my hairline lower than the other and it looked lopsided and stupid that was a concern from instantly getting out of the chair and looking in the mirror i cant describe the anxiety im hoping to go to Belgium to have some repair work done with dr bisanga but im being very careful this time and looking at every nut an cranny of the web to see results link me to your pics so i dont have to find them anything else you want to know just ask im happy to help
  12. well i hope he did get something sorted becuase i for one can say that his results were far worse than mine and i suffer day in day out with coping with coping with poor results. but anyone reasding this who may also may be put off speaking out becuase of the lawsuit letter take my word for it that the letter is a load of sh*t becuase nothing will ever come of it and armani backed down asap
  13. i suggest anyone reading this unsure on Armani or not to search all posts by me. i had a HT with Armani i was far from happy. i actually started off neutral to this site about Armani and posted my results from day one, and as people started to see my results became more poor as time went on. i asked Armani to do something about it, in the best way possible, i was offered a free touch up but declined the offer as i did not want Armani to waste anymore of my precious donor hair, i then asked for a partial refund instead of the touch up as me not having the touch up would obviously save him alot of costs. but to my disappointment i was sent a threatening letter from the clinic trying to sue me for posting my results on this site and for asking for a partial refund saying i was trying to defame the clinic. anyways i posted the letter on here for everyone too see and Armani backed down asap and offered to talk to me, they eventually just ignored my complaint and i never heard from them again. they did not care that they scared my head to hell or that only 40% max grafts grew now probably 20 % left to this day. and they did not care about the fact they have caused me to lose all self confidence and cause i high level of anxiety but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that all that clinic cares about is money nothing else plain and simple, like i said search my posts and you will find some good reads and will back up everything i have said here including pics. oh and the for the person above asking if a certain site wont allow and bad coment on anything armani is very true its the Hairsite forum your thinking of and i have tried to protect many people from making the same mistake as me by posting my results on there but they always get removed and i even got threats from the site admin warning me to stop making new accounts and to stop posting my armani story. he is obviosly paid off by armani as many of us know from this site.
  14. its funny that i got an email this morning saying someone had replied to this thread. as this morning when i went to style my hair there pops out another nice thick hair with root and white looking hair at bottom. its hard to explain how much anxiety this causes. since i posted on here from the very begining of my procedure i was not going to praise or diss armani untill results were there to be shown on my own head. alot of people on here know what ive been through and i don't post as much on this site anymore because im trying to ignore the fact ive had a bad experience and that ive been ripped of by ?7000 i must say now after 2 years i have about 10% yeild at the left side of my head if that as it almost looks bald and i have to brush down the native hair behind the transplanted area to cover and the right side has about 25% yield left maybe 30% and whenever sunlight or daylight beams onto my head you can see right through my hairline and see all the scarring holes from every incision made. its terrible to say the leaste. not only am i left with poor results im left with scaring that will still remain even if i go to another surgeon for another procedure. all i know for sure is i need to do something withing the next year as by year 3 im not going to be able to hide the Armani massacre anymore and my head is going to be on show for everyone to stand and stare. lets hope i come into some cash soon as airman killed by bank balance off
  15. i just had a quick read through your comments and noticed you were looking at HDC. stop there and take them off your list they are simply not worth the risk they are very hit and miss and more so miss from what i have seen.
  16. I dont like some of the comments here blaming the guy about complaining here saying all medical procedures are a risk. When my HT from Dr. Armani turned out poor i posted my results and Armani was slated to high heaven on here. (big exception in circumstance) Regardless of the Dr's Reputation on here being well respected or not i think that if the cosmetic result has not turned out as assured it would that a Refund of some sort should happen. HT Dr's are on a brilliant wage and can afford to refund the people that didn't get what was promised to them. Dr Feller is a good doctor and he is well respected but he would gain alot more respect if he gave BADLUCK a refund. its the only way i see fair. afterall why should the client have to loose out completely he has already lost the precious grafts used in the sugary that didn't turn out as planned. why should he be left feeling sick that he is out of pocket too. I would like to add this is just an opinion of mine in general as i always think that the client/patient should be compensated or refunded in some way if the result is far from optimal. i have been stung to say the least by the Armani firm myself and they tried there very best to cover the topic up while failing and just making it worse for themselves. I also want to add that from what i have seen on this forum through the years Dr. Feller is a great Dr. and has produced many great results. people sometimes forget that somethings are out of the Drs hands and cannot be helped, and that if it is a 1 off we should always give the Dr the benefit of the doubt, if however they are constantly getting bad press then you know they are not worth bothering with. (Armani) But as i say because the risk is so low that results may be bad with no growth. i think the Dr should be able to refund the patient as they can afford it and sometimes the money that was raised to fund the procedure was all the patient had and raised it out of desperation to be reunited with there hair. and when it doesn't turn out as planned they are left with nothing but depression and anxiety (yes i am talking about myself_ i just wish the Dr's would take into account how devastating this can be for the patient and try think how they are feeling.
  17. pitting is dints and cobble-stoning is raised bumps. sparky is correct
  18. yes its something the Armani people dont take into consideration they made pinhole scars all over my scalp and now that i had poor results with them you can see scars all over my hairline where every single graft was placed. very depressed as not enough cash for repair and Armani people say they wont help with any reimbursements conman they are all of them
  19. i think its the risk to healing process not the grafts once there secured as they are deep under the skin but most people know that sun is not good for skin when it is trying to heal
  20. i was thinking of a home kit for the micro needling but will the home kit be ok as the needles are not quite as long as what they use if you go for a treatment. also how would i go about doing PRP from home im guessing i wouldn't would i
  21. Hi i have seen alot of hype on the micro needling technique as way to boost collagen in aid of things like scars wrinkles stecth marks etc. i was wondering if anyone knows much about it and if you think it may be an option on my cobblestoning scars on my head from where butcher Armani messed up on me. not the donor area the recipient area (hairline i have those white bumps as a lot of you on here know. is this an option do you think? cheers
  22. the search forum button is not working right it keeps searching members and bringing up lists of members rather than finding the post
  23. happend to me almost exactly the same as you got ok growth at the right side of head and started looking nice but then 5 months ish started shedding like you describe. i had some hairs fall that had the bulb attached too but not many like that. i did have alot that were very thick and curly almost like wire and they never did return and my results are now worse 18 months later than they were at 4-5 months crazy realy how the transplant didnt hold up very well for me. i am at a constant battle now with my hair. but i did go to Armani before reading on how bad he is. so no wonder.
  24. mine havent held up well im about 20 months post opp and some of the transplant dr Armani did started to grow ok but was short lived and now need another HT and he also *** my head up in the recipiant site causing ridiculas scaring.