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  1. I think it's funny that he was like, "Oh no, I'll never wear a wig...when it goes, it goes" yet 30 seconds before that he was saying that he went to the hair doctor and takes Avodart.
  2. BadBeat

    Hair Cultivation:News from Japan

    Looks like we are 5 years away again!
  3. Holy crap! That's an amazing transformation with only 2400 grafts! He had a HUGE balding area!
  4. Agreed that it's not quite as good as you'd hope for but honestly that's a pretty good improvement. You have hair where you previously had none. Hopefully the touch ups add a bit of density. My 2nd FUE I had a lot of thickening up to 24 months after so hopefully you'll see the same.
  5. This seems more promising than other "cures" that were found. There have been lots of examples in medicine/science where cures were found by accident when they were working on something else. I wish they could fast track the human trials.
  6. One time!!!!! Please God!! This is interesting. It's all over the media...lots of reputable news agencies reporting this.
  7. I'll let the doctor answer too but I wouldn't think this really has anything to do with the HT process. It's just like he said, the water makes multiple hairs clump together which gives the illusion of more density. I always like the look of my hair after I get out of the shower but before drying it. One thing I do notice though is I see more scalp because, like he said, the hairs are clumping together.
  8. He never should have done the HT on you in the first place. Too young, nothing wrong with your original hairline, and he went really low which could lead to issues down the road if you do have hair loss.
  9. Looks great! After that result, he should be smiling in his after photos!
  10. Everything you said there would indicate FUT for you. The scar is usually the deal breaker for people and that's why they go FUE so if you don't care about that then FUT makes perfect sense for you. Good luck!
  11. BadBeat

    Barber Fills in beard and hairline....

    Interesting but that beard looks ridiculously fake
  12. Yep, and every day some people who get in a car end up dying in a car crash but that doesn't stop us all from driving. I've been on fin for 10 years and have had zero issues. Fathered 2 healthy children during that too. There is a risk, a small one, that there could be side effects. Happens with every single medication out there. I'm tired of the people who are having side effects trying to convince everybody not to take it or to get it outlawed.
  13. Wow, some tough posters here! This is a really nice improvement with a relatively small number of grafts. Well done.
  14. I don't think the hairline design looks bad. He just needs more density. Maybe it's still growing in?