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    Maintain Existing Hair
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  1. I've had 2 FUE's with Dr. Ron Shapiro. I'm not big on posting pics so you won't be able to see, but I can assure you these 2 procedures for me were completely life changing. He is a master at creating natural hairlines. I've never once had anybody ask me if I've done anything.
  2. Agree with others....fin is going to be your best bet to halt/slow down further loss and possibly even thicken things up. In the meantime, if that thinning is bothering you, a tiny bit of Toppik or other concealers will make that area look perfect.
  3. You have a mop on your head! Hair is perfect....might want to work a little on those biceps though!
  4. Yeah....except that none of the stuff you mention in your post actually works to combat hair loss.
  5. This is a terrible idea on a lot of levels, with the main one being you are 24 and have very little to zero hair loss.
  6. Only one person in the entire world (other than my doctor and the techs) knows I had 2 HT's -- my wife. I haven't told my friends, family, co-workers, etc. I had two FUE's over a 3 year period. My hair is noticeably different if you look at pics 8 years ago and today but I think because I did it gradually and fairly conservatively, nobody has suspected anything. I think they would think I just style it differently now. And, believe me, my brother and a few of my very close guy friends would ABSOLUTELY mention it if they knew. It would be an opportunity to give me a lot of shit!
  7. So over the last year or so I've consumed WAY more caffeine each day than I ever used to. I've also noticed a very nice thickening of my hair over this time. I've heard caffeine can be a stimulate for hair growth. Could this be the cause? Nothing else has changed....I've been on fin/minox for like 10 years and I'm about 3 years out from my second HT.
  8. I experienced the same thing on my second FUE. I was actually really disappointed after year 1 but then extremely satisfied after Year 2. My first FUE I think I had quicker results but it could be that it just seemed better because I now had a hairline, which was a drastic improvement
  9. He absolutely can do FUE....if he focused more on the hairline and 1/3rd being he could have a decent result and frame his face. Gonna be tough to fill in the crown 100% but he might not care that much about that anyway.
  10. Ummm, no, you are incorrect. Same fallacy of wearing a hat makes you go bald. Totally false.
  11. Hi, I use a little bit of Toppik which really helps completely hide by thinning in the crown as well as add a bit of density in front. The one thing I really don't like about it is it gives the hair a really dull look which makes it look unhealthy. Is there anything you guys put on after applying Toppik to help with this? I typically apply Toppik last, after using a hair paste. Thanks!
  12. I think it's funny that he was like, "Oh no, I'll never wear a wig...when it goes, it goes" yet 30 seconds before that he was saying that he went to the hair doctor and takes Avodart.