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  1. I am 23 and started noticing balding 2 years ago. The hair on my crown was thinning. i started finasteride almost 2-3 months ago and can see that the bald spot looks much worse in the mirror than it did before I started the drug. I have also noticed that since starting fina, the number of hair which comes off in shower is much higher, almost double. I heard finasteride causes shedding initially but this is depressing. Should I continue treatment? On the plus side, no side effects seen so far and in fact I feel my sex drive has increased. Anyone been in similar shoes?
  2. I am 23 and last year my mother noticed the hair near my crown thinning. I have been pretty paranoid since. I get a lot of conflicting opinions from people close to me, ranging from ‘everything is perfectly’ fine to ‘you will be bald within 2-3 years’. Thought I would get an opinion from more experienced people on here who have gone through similar journeys. I am currently taking daily: 10,000 mcg biotin pills, 500 mg Saw Palmetto pills, 350 mg beta-sitosterole and shampoo daily with either bitoin shampoo/alpecin (both which claim to block DHT, the latter using caffeine). And every 3-4 days I
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