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Vinci - Malaga FUE transplant - Dr Rossler


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Is anyone able to provide any reviews for Dr Susanne Rossler at the Vinci Hair clinic in Malaga - Spain. Have put a deposit down on a FUE transplant following a video consultation but there doesn’t seem to be masses of reviews etc online.

Has anyone been treated by the clinic and able to provide any feedback for Dr Rossler? 



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No idea - but one piece of advice I personally live by, is to never commit to surgery with a clinic unless I have seen a decent volume of unbiased patient posted results. 

This industry is far too hit and miss to take a clinic at face value - you have to remember that your grafts are a finite resource, so you don't get many chances in this game.  

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I would strongly suggest you cancel right away, Vinci are a chain company, the McDonald's of hair transplantation.

As @Curious25 states, you need to be basing your decisions off patient posted journeys to see real outcomes and pick clinics with strong reputation for skill and good results.

Spain has great doctors; Dr. Couto, Dr. Lorenzo, Dr. Rafael De Freitas and Dr. Ximena Vila, as do your neighbours in Portugal in Dr. Bruno Pinto and Dr. Bruno Ferreira.

Trust me, this is a mistake. Look into the above doctors on the Spanish forums and PM me if you need pointing in the right direction. 

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10 hours ago, MachoVato said:

BHR has a location in Malaga. Worth looking into.

Second this Dr. Alcaide is very good 

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37 minutes ago, JC71 said:

Could he be encouraged to share some results here ? Be good to have another Dr who could be considered for recommendation 👍🏽

They post on the spanish forum. Really good work!



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