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  1. I'm in the US and in my opinion Eugenix prices are cheap, especially for the quality of the top packages. To get the same quality here, I would pay 2-4 times more. India has many cheap hair transplant clinics that most Indians can afford. Why should the very, very best option be cheap?
  2. Haha! This is Stephen A Smith...
  3. Don't get caught up on the "implantations" thing. It's rare that a doctor does the actual implantation. Doctors make the incisions (the critical part), almost always a technician implants the graft. Personally, I'm unaware of any doctor that does this part of the procedure. Eugenix offering 400-500 implantations is a bit of a gimmick, if you ask me. The exception to this is DHI, when the doctor uses an implanter to make the incision and implantation at the same time.
  4. @S1LK can I ask how much you paid? I've been impressed with FueCapilar (Dr. Turan and Dr. Gur) results. They are one of the only budget clinics I would recommend. Their value proposition is strong!
  5. Absolutely. I'm 50 years old and on meds, so there's high confidence that those hairs are mostly good. I also agree that longer hair in the temples will look best. My work was minor so it should be a non issue.
  6. Yes, this is why Bisanga pulled hairs from around my ear and lower neck for my temples, which are finer in caliber. He was very selective about these grafts. I think Mwamba has shown evidence of using hair from the nape of the neck, too.
  7. It certainly looks better with longer hair. It's hard to make opinions over a few photos but the density could still use improvement. Frankly, I think 2600 grafts is too few for the area covered. I would expect 4000 is needed for that area. Are you planning for a second transplant? I think Dr. Wong would be a great option for you. Maybe 1,000 grafts... or 2,000 if you go into your crown.
  8. Yes, I had some native hair there, but not much. They lowered my hairline about an inch or so. It was a lot, which is why the graft count was so high. It's not lined up perfectly, but you can see some of my native hair in the before pics. I did my temples when I got my crown worked on in Brussels with Dr. Bisanga. See link in my signature. Only 2 months so no results yet, but Bisanga is as gifted as they come so I have high confidence.
  9. The issue with getting a transplant this young is that future hairloss is (more than likely) a certainty. So you'll lose hair behind the transplanted hairs, which will leave you with a bad appearance. Ultimately, you'll likely need to get another transplant in 5-10 years. If you maintain a strong donor area, you'll be able to do it with moderate success. That is, as long as you're not headed towards a NW7, which opens up a whole set of new problems. Yikes! All that said, the damage is done and you're on the transplant lifelong journey. If I was you, I wouldn't leave it as is, I would get it repaired by a top surgeon like H&W. Schedule it for 6 months away (12 months post-op). Travel options should be better for you by then. I agree that Canada is much easier to travel to/through than India. be sure to discuss the long term, multiple transplants plan.
  10. Thanks for the kind words, sir! I haven't cut the top/front of my hair in about 3 months. I'm going to grow it out, which I've never done. I don't know if it's better than before, but I love it just because it's new to me. It is a little "poofy" so I might need to weigh it down somehow... or thin it out, yikes!! Haha! So far no sides on 0.5mg 3X/week of finasteride. I'll leave it that way for now. So much as I don't have sides, I have no problem taking it forever. I'm really hoping the oral minoxidil will start bearing fruit soon. Especially in areas that I never applied it topically, like the donor areas (sides and back).
  11. A couple quick pics at the MONTH 2 mark. Not much to show as it's all fallen out and nothing is growing yet. I can feel little stubbies but that's about it. I can't wait until month 4 or 5! For now I'll use fibers on the crown when I'm not wearing a hat. 😛
  12. Uh huh, sure! haha! I'm thinking about SMP, too. I just wish it was a longer term solution. What's the expected time before it needs to be refreshed?
  13. @Sightnitseen Read this thread about a donor area repair transplant by Mwamba. It's a great case study.
  14. I would consider getting a consultation from Dr. Mwamba from Belgium. He does procedures in Atlanta once a month, I believe. I don't like his website, but it's an excellent doctor. https://www.mywhtc.net/home
  15. Month 11 Update Got a haircut today. I use hair paste (no fibers) to style. I don't see much difference from month 9, to be honest. I *might* have shedded some, now that I am on oral minoxidil, not sure. Except the selfie, these pics are taken about a foot away from the window... 🤮 Density always looks better without direct light! Where I started...
  16. I'm sorry you feel this way, friend. Really. What I see is an excellent transplant, especially for under 8 months. Donor area is exactly what it should look like. Although that picture looks to be from a different time, since you are not shaved in the front photos. Could it be more dense? Sure, we ALL say that. Should it cover more area for 3100 grafts? I am not sure of that. There's nothing wrong with chasing perfection, but having realistic expectations is also needed. I hope you find the results you are looking for with a second transplant.
  17. In my opinion, De Freitas has the best hairlines in the game. At any price. And his price is a bargain compared to the average "top docs in the US" price.
  18. You certainly sound much happier! And that's what it's all about right? But yeah, I kinda see the "retro" vide with long hair. You're stuck in the David Spade look right now, but I'm sure it'll grow out and get that look you're going for. Maybe look at some leave-in conditioner to help with the texture? I use this stuff and love it. Smells kinda earthy too. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01B3AY85S Happy growing!
  19. Only 6.5 months?! And to think it's going to get better! 😎
  20. Yes, I think that maybe some HLC doctors might have special strengths. For example, I believe one of my doctors was changed because another patient was requiring beard grafts. So he went to work on him. I agree that it would be better to know the exact doctor who will be working on your head. But really, the only thing that matters is results!
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