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  1. I know nothing about Diep's scars/skill performing FUT leaving the patient with the thinnest scar possible, maybe he isn't the greatest, I don't know, but either way, scarring is often tied to physiology and how your body heals. If 50 people theoretically had the exact same FUT surgery under the exact same conditions by the same Dr, some would have a pencil thin scar, some wouldn't. Some would heal with no issues, some would experience stretching, and so on. So, if you do have FUT, you need to be aware that it might end up not being a great scar whoever you go to. That said, some surgeons are definitely more skilled than others in this department. I don't think it's fair to say he's running a HT money making factory, especially when he offered FUT which is cheaper as he believes it to be a better fit for you personally. I've no idea about his techs or anything. You should start your own thread with pics etc so people can advise you, maybe FUE is a good idea. Hard to say without seeing your situation.
  2. I'm aware a poll was run, not sure it was 50%, it might have been, but even if it was it wouldn't do much to change my mind. I don't really understand why it's become commonplace for people to argue against highly controlled scientific data with solid methodology that has been more or less replicated with the same outcomes each time (from various different studies completely independent of each other and including thousands of patients) when it comes to finasteride. At the end of the day, it's nothing to do with the fin for me, it's the point of clinical studies with real robust data vs anecdotal evidence. It makes no sense to me that in actual studies that involve thousands of people, the rate is in the low single digit figures pretty much every time, but suddenly on forums this jumps by a whopping 1000+%. The whole point of these studies is to be completely unbiased and provide data, whereas forums are quite emotionally charged and have a lot of confirmation bias etc. Either way, I don't really care to try and explain why this is the case personally, my point is that I wouldn't argue against years of study data on any drug that exists, whether it be an antibiotic, a contraceptive, a drug to treat cancer or whatever else you can think of, it has nothing to do with finasteride. Anecdotes are anecdotes, and it's fine when something has limited data, you could easily be skeptical, but when they contradict tons of scientific evidence/consensus, I don't really take any notice of it. Also, I'm not even referring to Merck studies - their patent ran out in 2005 or 2006 or something and there are plenty of independent studies that have been done in the past few decades since the original clinic trials that aren't tied to the company, so I don't understand where the incentive to fudge numbers would come from. And then on the flip side of the anecdotal coin, pretty much every Dr. I've ever heard speak on the subject and asked myself personally (all highly respected ones, think Bisanga et al) have said that their experiences of the 1000's patients they've prescribed fin to encountering sides is indeed similarly in line with the data we have on the subject. So, two options that I see really: either forum members are generally wrong/misrepresentative of the general population, or, lots of esteemed Dr's lie about their experiences and most of the clinical data conducted under scientific scrutiny has basically been intentionally manipulated. But either way, I respect everyones opinions on the subject and I do indeed think sides exist, but even let's say it is around 3 percent, that really isn't that low in the grand scheme of things - that's 30,000 out of every million who take it. It's really not that crazy that a decent amount of people come to forums and complain of sides considering this then in my opinion. Add on top of this the people with nocebo that undoubtedly is responsible for a fair chunk of online claims over recent years, and you can probably times the amount of complaints online ten-fold. And at the end of the day, I myself would like a reliable local, non systemic solution even though I'm fine on fin, but for now its the best we have and going by it's data it's very safe.
  3. As always, it is of course best to speak to a Dr. (preferably someone knowledgable who has lots of experience with the drug, so any of the names we have given should be authority figures on the subject, but personally I feel Dr. Lorenzo's knowledge of fin is very deep so he would be good to chat to if possible). Having said that, there is tons of clinical data on the subject online and there is a clear medical consensus that side effects are NOT irreversible. You will indeed find anecdotes online of people claiming the opposite and speaking of 'post finasteride syndrome', but it is not a medically recognised condition in any way, and you can believe at this point it's been investigated and scrutinised heavily. There's numerous long term placebo controlled studies out there for you to look at which all show that side effects were mild, occurred in a low percentage of users (usually below 3%), always went away upon stopping the drug and even coincided at a similar rate to placebo a lot of the time. here is a brief overview this from some points on Lorenzo's website (which uses clinical data to demonstrate claims). Just scroll down to the 'medical treatment' section (You may have to translate from Spanish to Portuguese or English) https://injertocapilar.com/faqs/ As stated on Lorenzo's site, a study of 1553 men over five years found the following in relation to sexual dysfunction,(one of the most commonly complained of side effects): A Decrease in libido (1.8% in the finasteride group compared to 1.3% in those treated with placebo during the first year, in the fifth year the figures were 0.3 vs. 0 respectively).
  4. One is a topical dutasteride compound much like topical fin, but the other is intended as a mesotherapy treatment like BHR offer, except this one is meant to be used with a derma pen at home as mustang states above as opposed to an injection with a needle.
  5. Yeah, fair point and true. I think it's a good option to have anyways and have been loosely following the thread on HLT where it seems people are enjoying it's use which is good of course
  6. Hi, As much as it pains me to say it right after you've had surgery as I know it will most likely fill you with anxiety and despair, I feel it's best to give the truth. The graft count is too low for the area covered and I can see that the density that they've been placed at seems low - there are large gaps in between the incisions/newly implanted follicles. You really could have used roughly double the amount you had for the area covered for decent density, somewhere between 4-5000 would have been a good bet considering they went right back to the crown. That said, the work doesn't look particularly bad or anything, which is the most important thing, I don't think any damage has been done per se (although I can't really see the extractions/donor are very well from your pics), so it should be a simple case of adding density once your result from this procedure has come in (around a year from now). Maybe it will provide ok coverage for you, but to be bluntly honest, I don't think it's going to satisfy you and I think a touch up will be needed.
  7. To your last sentence: nope. Just let it go with this clinic and choose one of the following: Dr. Couto, Dr. Rafael De Freitas, Dr. Ximena Vila, Dr. Bruno Pinto, Dr. Bruno Ferreira or Dr. Lorenzo. I say these names as they are all in Spain or Portugal and are world class, you could of course look further afield to say, Belgium for example, but there's no need to. These doctors are all amazing and close to you which seems to be a drawing factor for you also from what I can tell. Celebrity endorsements are meaningless and lots of sub-par clinics (especially here in the UK) use them to entice prospective patients in. Whilst Raul's job looks pretty good, he seems to always wear his hair down, so I couldn't even tell you if it was really a good job or not as his hairline could be completely unnatural, who knows. It grew well for sure, but that's all I can say. Well, if he's so good, then why does he operate with this business model? Obviously the answer is money, but as he said himself, it wouldn't matter even if he was as good or better as the docs you brought up as he wouldn't be doing the surgery himself anyway and will be delegating to a team of technicians whose credentials you know nothing about, so that seems like a very strange comeback to me. Besides, who has heard of this guy and where is his reputation to back his claims? Effectiveness is 20 to 30 percent by what metric? I don't even understand what this means - does he mean it has a 20-30% success rate? If so, very untrue, the longest standing data we have is a study of 523 men In which 99% were at or above baseline (hair loss didn't worsen) after 10 years. Beyond this timeframe we have no official data, but the participants weren't declining even at this time at any appreciable rate really, so it most certainly will continue to work very effectively after this point most likely for a good while. Other studies corroborate this and it's generally accepted 90% plus of men at least maintain on the drug long term. Also, not *has* a side effect profile of this, but *can have* these side effects in 3-5% ish of users (placebo usually reports the same sides in a very similar range in most studies too....not saying they don't exist though, they do, just take from that what you will). Sounds like he just wants to get you into the chair to me. At the end of the day, there's a decent chance everything will be fine, but there's a much higher chance that it will go badly than if you chose a real doctor led clinic with a stellar reputation. We've all given you advice here, but the fact you're still entertaining the idea by even speaking on the phone with the clinic shows it's not really sticking properly. If you wanna go ahead and place your trust in this guy and his clinic, then that's of course your right and we would all hope that things do indeed go well and work out for you, just don't know why you would considering the great options you have in your country and your neighbouring country.
  8. I don't know if gloves would be necessary, maybe, I would just wash my hands right after, more so to ensure that when I leave my house I don't touch stuff out in the world and inadvertently expose random people to Dutasteride than for systemic absorption reasons. In general though to your point, Dutasteride is essentially a far more potent form of Finasteride. It does the exact same thing except it blocks both isoforms of the 5 alpha reductase enzyme (type 1 and 2 instead of just type 2). In fact, Dutasteride is up to 5 times more effective at blocking type 2 5AR than Finasteride, and up to 100 times more effective at blocking type 1 (mainly because fin doesn't really block type 1 at all, only 2). Minoxidil is in a completely different category of drugs - it's a potassium channel opener - and isn't even comparable to be able to assess risk between it and Fin/Dut. But, it is speculated, and it must be emphasised that at this point it is only speculation no matter what anyone says, that Dutasteride topically applied (as you are using it) has less risk of sides than Finasteride due to its heavy molecular weight that makes it difficult to go systemic and mostly acting locally in the hair follicles AR. That's why you've been told/believe it's less 'risky', not because Dutasteride is generally a less risky drug than finasteride, they both carry a similar side effect profile and prevalence according to studies and research although on paper Dutasteride would be more 'risky' (not that I believe either are genuine risks at the end of the day as you can just stop if you experience sides and either adjust or move on and be fine). For what it's worth, from the anecdotal reports of users I've seen online and their bloodwork etc, it does seem that it goes minimally systemic compared to oral, I can't be sure this is true of course, the bigger issue for me is: does it actually work to prevent hair loss? I don't know. No real data exists to say one way or the other.
  9. If you really can't use fin, oral minoxidil with dutasteride mesotherapy seems to be very effective with little to no side effect profile.
  10. It is supposed to be injected officially really, but you can essentially DIY it via the use of derma-rolling which is what this one from Mwamba is intended for. Not sure how much/if this would negatively affect the results or not, but I assume it would probably be more effective to inject it.
  11. As someone who has travelled around a fair few countries, you'll be absolutely fine. If you're that concerned, then I imagine you could just go straight from the airport to Eugenix, stay there at the accommodation the whole time and then leave back to the airport when ready. But really, you should see the country a little, see some sights, eat some food etc whilst you're there in my opinion. The crazy traffic would realistically be the most dangerous part of your trip by far!
  12. No need to apologise - was just trying to point out the upside of things to make you feel maybe a tiny bit better about your current situation, not make you feel bad for complaining. Hair loss sucks at any age and you've every right to complain if you want to, especially here. Also, I noticed your hair looks a little bit sparse in terms of density in the donor area, your calibre looks great as you seem to have coarse hair, don't get me wrong, but when you're holding the comb parting your hair it seems like there is some miniaturisation potentially going on there. I think it would be best to get checked in person before committing to any surgery if you can do so.
  13. Sucks indeed, but on the bright side, you made it into your 40's with a pretty good head of hair which is more than most of us here can say by a decade or two! In all seriousness though, it's the TRT (mainly). You were very likely losing hair extremely slowly before jumping on, as can be seen by your ever so slightly thinning/receding hairline at 37 before you started taking it, so yes you do have the genetic pre-disposition, but the TRT probably just pushed you way over the edge of the required androgenic level/threshold that your body personally needs to really kick off gene expression in the susceptible AR's of your hair follicles. As such, I think you really need to get back on Fin as I can't see you stabilising without it.
  14. It's really quite hard to say to be honest, and you're never going to get a concrete answer. I would say this, consider a scalp biopsy to rule out LLP or any different forms of scarring alopecia. If all is clear, and it does turn out in time that there are indeed a decent amount of others in the same situation past the 12 month mark with similar issues, I think you'll be able to infer the likelihood of what caused your poor growth. If the trend continues beyond the people you already know of right now with new patients from the same doctor over the coming years lets say, then you can be pretty sure of what caused this for you at that point. Not that it will matter then anyway, best to just get the biopsy, forget about things if all is well with the results and proceed to move on to a Dr. with solid outcomes and reputation. Belgium/Spain/Portugal would be good bets, but I wouldn't go back for a free touch-up, you probably only have a few thousand grafts left at most. To be honest, you might be better off seeing someone who can mix some body (beard) hair in there even. depends on the supply and demand of your personal situation.
  15. Whilst very true, H&W also seem to have a habit of using more grafts than other surgeons typically would for the same area, fine hair or not. Not saying it's a bad thing, they're one of the best, I think they just like to ultra-densely pack more than pretty much everyone else around.
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