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FUECAPILAR - Dr Turan - 12 month update


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After many years of research, I finally decided to undergo a hair transplant, Fuecapilar’s clear communication & understanding from the outset put them way above their competitors. 

I payed for the flights & Fuecapilar sorted EVERYTHING else, it was effortless on my side. They sort transfers from / to the airport, hotel, transfer to hospital, available 24/7 for support. 

When I arrived at the hospital, the interpreter explains what will happen on the day, asks what I would like in terms of expectations then he explains it to Dr Turan. He then draws the hairline etc until both party’s are happy to proceed. I trusted Dr Turans experience so let him draw what he thought would be natural & I am pleased to say, it was a huge success.

I was a Norwood 3 /4 with baby fine hair - I received 3600 grafts - mostly planted in the front hairline and some towards the mid / rear along with PRP treatment the following day & aftercare products to take home. 

If anyone is interested I am taking Finasteride 3mg p/w & minoxidil foam. 

I highly recommend Fuecapilar to anyone, I wish you all well with your hair loss journey. 






















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Looks great 👍🏼 

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@S1LK can I ask how much you paid?


I've been impressed with FueCapilar (Dr. Turan and Dr. Gur) results. They are one of the only budget clinics I would recommend. Their value proposition is strong!

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Looks great. I think Dr Turan & Dr Gur could be the potential nr 1 budget clinic, but I want to see more results first, preferably some 12 month journeys.

I know the normal answer is that you should not pick someone based on cost. This is true of course but the price will always be a factor for almost everyone except the ones who have millions of dollars.

These places who have alot of Dr involvement and can do almost as good of a job as the top doctors but for 1-1.5 euro per graft will always be very attractive and it is a MUCH better choice than paying a hair mill 0,75-1 euro per graft.

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8 hours ago, Gatsby said:

Wow. This is an excellent result! How much involvement did the surgeon have in the procedure? Hairline looks good! Thanks for sharing!

Dr. Turan performs the entire implantation with the implanter pen.

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