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What percent of HT recipients use fibers, hair wax, hairspray, etc to make their results look better?

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I would imagine a healthy percentage, myself included. Its not possible to replicate your original natural hair density on top by moving hairs from the sides and back of your head. By the time you can visibly notice your hair is starting to thin about half of its already gone. What we're all trying to do is approximate the illusion of the original density.

And its not just to enhance the current result, if you're going to run to the hair transplant doctor every time a little spot thins out too much, those smaller procedures are going to be alot more expensive in the long run, and riskier in terms of potentially permanently losing surrounding nearby hairs from surgery traumas.

Concealers like hair fibers have gotten a bad rap over the years from of all the gimmicky infomercials and late night commercials. But the quality ones like Toppik and Dermmatch can help you achieve remarkable enhancements, whether you are still working your way up to the first transplant or the next one.

The smartest guys leverage these concealers to maximize their current look and minimize and better plan their hair transplants over the years. 

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Took me about 3 procedures before I felt that I could ditch the dermmatch.  Though arguably I could still use it.

Dr. G: 1,000 grafts (FUT) 2008

Dr. Paul Shapiro: 2,348 grafts (FUT) 2009 ~ 1,999 grafts (FUT) 2011 ~ 300 grafts (Scar Reduction) 2013

Dr. Konior: 771 grafts (FUT) 2015 ~ 558 grafts (FUT) 2017 ~ 1,124 grafts (FUE) 2020

My Hair Transplant Journey with Shapiro Medical Group

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