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  1. $10 graft for FUT is pretty insane come to think of it
  2. So I might just be saying this as someone with a steady job in tech but... 10k... Even 20k is almost a drop in the bucket over the course of your life. Yeah it seems a lot in the here and now but lots of people can save 10-20k in a year if not less. So at most you're losing a year of earnings. I see people buy luxury cars and that's 10k/20k lost to depreciation that you'll never get back. There's lot of dumber shit you can spend your money on... I check out reddit for hairtransplants some times and the number of people who are making legitimately terrible decisions is baffling. I saw one dude pay more for his business class flight to Turkey than he did for his transplant.
  3. I think on the mid to high end for a given country is probably preferable assuming that the money is paying for the doctors skill and not some marketing bs. I rather not gamble with my hair
  4. A 4 maybe? Scar looks kinda wide but that might be cause I'm not that familiar with FUT scars. Though some FUT scars are super thin which that one doesn't seem like to me. Density is low and I'm not sure about the angles but I don't think you look botched or anything that would scar you for life? I think it's just something you need to get repaired. Edit: I agree with melvins comment on continued thinning
  5. Also, I would take the doctors advice. In your situation, I would just get a hair piece or something. That's the best way to hide your head shape without actually getting a transplant which seems very questionable at best. Hair pieces have gotten a lot better from what I understand but I'm not exactly using one
  6. I always like seeing your photos man. It's really great to see you get a good result with SMP after all this time
  7. Idk, I know a lot of people who feel getting braces in adulthood is weird. So they opt for something like invisalign instead
  8. Well, H&W have Asian results and have a long history of doing FUT
  9. Well I used wax/clay/hairspray even before I knew I was receding so... Probably not gonna change any time soon with or without a transplant
  10. I think most doctors can work with Asian hair since their qualities aren't necessarily so different from Caucasian hair. Asian hair tends to be a bit thicker and straighter but even Caucasians are known to have thick and straight hair. I have read that they can be a bit harder to keep the grafts alive or that they are situated a bit deeper than Caucasian hair but I imagine it's not too major of a difference unlike Afro hair which seems to pose some very unique challenges. So in my opinion, most doctors will be able to take care of you well. Hasson & Wong have a few cases with Asian hair you can find on their site as well as on this site. But really, most doctors should be able to take care of you - straight hair is a lot easier to extract than nappy hair. I think Spain seems like a good place to try too since implanter pens are well suited for straighter hair from what I've read. That and some of the Spanish doctors are absolutely killing it
  11. If you became any more open-minded I think your brain might fall out lol.
  12. I think H&W don't claim to be able to but that they can make an educated guess and they leave themselves enough leeway so that should the balding progress further than they expect, they still have enough donor hair to fix it. I think from Dr. Wongs IG Q&A he basically said that they've only had a couple patients in his entire career get to a NW7 or w/e pattern against their predictions. Plus it's rare that someone who's NW2 at age 40 for example suddenly progresses to a NW7 especially once you add in the doctor looking for future loss. So while it's good to prepare for the worst case, sometimes, preparing for the worst case hurts your ability to fix the average case. Anyway, the frontal third is where you want most of your donor hair anyway. It's not like the midscalp really needs that much density. H&W is pretty aggressive for sure but I'm personally willing to risk the potential I run out of donor hairs on the off chance I suddenly become the third patient who unexpectedly progresses to a NW7. I'd much prefer to improve my average case than to prepare for the worst case while not necessarily making significant sacrifices in the worst case scenario.
  13. That's never bothered me that much with them. A lot of people appreciate the higher density and they seem pretty confident that they can predict future loss fairly accurately while still leaving enough donor should balding progress further. Plus, a lot of people would rather just get one hair transplant instead of having to get 2 or 3 to do the same thing. Plus, those kinds of operations are on guys with limited future loss, lower NWs and for the most part just guys who aren't strapped for donor and benefit from less operations/higher density
  14. Yeah I would think the doctors would determine this earlier but at the same time... Some guys are coming from halfway around the world and they can't just make two trips around the world for HT surgery. Especially if one of those is just to confirm what the rep says and the approximate "game plan" for the operation. So in a way, I'd imagine the clinics hands are tied behind their back on this issue. Especially with COVID making in person meetups more difficult On the flip side, I've already formulated opinions on FUE vs FUT though so I think I'd be able to make a decision "on the spot" if I had to. Or if they do the inspection the day beforehand, I think 24 hours would be enough to decide for me. I think I'd probably refuse FUT and stick with FUE. As long as it's not FUT or nothing, I would be okay since the one thing that would upset me would be to book a hotel/flights and then come back empty handed
  15. Wow age 28??? I thought it was gonna be closer to age 68 not 28. Personally, that's why I feel comfortable going to Europe or North America where consumer protections are more rigorous
  16. Can the final pattern be deduced with good accuracy in the early 30's? I'm just wondering since I'm around that age and would love to have an "educated guess" on my final pattern. Sadly, my temple points aren't as good as his.
  17. Are you sure your doctor transplant 75-80 grafts/cm2 in one procedure?
  18. Well I used transferwise to pay in euro. Or maybe you can use a 0 fx fee credit card. I'm sure you can discuss with your clinic to pay ahead of schedule. I'd imagine it's not a hard conversation to have. You: "I want to pay you earlier". Clinic: "Okay". Anyway, the exchange rate can go up, it can go down and it can stay the same. If you knew what was going to happen, you'd be rich. So honestly holding onto your USD is just as likely to be good to you as it is to be bad to you. Forex is somewhat of a zero sum game. Someone has to lose and someone has to win. So it's really a coin flip if you win or lose. That said, if you want to avoid the currency risk altogether and lock in your exchange rate, I think interactive brokers is quite friendly with exchanging to euro? I'm not sure since I'm not American and don't have access to all the great brokerages they have over there. But you might benefit from forex trading. Here in Canada, we often use something like Norbert's gambit for a cheap currency exchange (primarily for the CAD <-> USD pair. Have you done a Google search on how to get USD -> Euro for cheap?
  19. Well of course you don't need minoxidil dude. You're taking dutasteride. That's like saying you didn't need a GED to get a good job when you got a degree from Harvard.
  20. How many grafts do you need? 5k euro could be 1k grafts with Couto or 5000 grafts at some crappy hair mill
  21. From Dr. Wong's IG live Q&A, he mentioned that they can generally fairly reliably predict a patients future loss and that maybe only a couple patients progressed to a NW7 contrary to their predictions. I don't remember his exact phrasing though but it seemed like for the most part, it doesn't get super unpredictable
  22. Have you tried oral minox or topical fin/dut? I always thought the thinning was age related thinning. Though I guess you'll also have some some miniaturization in the donor as a possibility, most doctors won't operate if it's significant
  23. If you're from Portugal, Spain and Portugal both have fantastic doctors. What's the point of going to the UK where they charge you an arm and a leg for quality that doesn't compare to what you might get from Spain/Portugal.
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