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  1. First I am sorry you are dealing with this at such a young age. I started losing my hair very young and very fast and know how painful this is. Second, you can certainly try meds-even a modest gain would probably make you feel a lot better. Third, depending on your donor you might be able to have a HT done to restore the top and front of your scalp. Again, even a modest improvement might do wonders for your state of mind. More pics would help. Hang in there bro. You are not alone.
  2. Keep us posted. I worry a bit about your donor as that was a big surgery for you but looks like you are on track to a good outcome.
  3. You are getting good advice here. 20 is far too young. The odds of you regretting surgery if you do it now are very high.
  4. Bro I hate to say this but if you are really looking at NW 7 so young in life a HT may give you a lot of heartache and grief. Please be exceptionally careful.
  5. FUT v FUE... the ultimate question. Honestly, you could do both. FUE is definitely more in fashion and FUT is often derided on these boards, but IMHO most FUT scars are very hard to detect and your donor looks good for either.
  6. If you like Diep's results and you feel safe and comfortable with him and his plan, I would do it.
  7. I do think that boards like this tend to focus on outliers i.e. "My HT came out great!" or "My HT is a disaster!" Most patients have average donors and have average results, which look totally fine. If I was this guy, I would be happy with this result. If this guy is happy, that is the most important thing.
  8. It sounds like you’re a little bit in a panic. That’s not the time to make a decision. You already had one transplant that you were dissatisfied with. Maybe really think before you commit again.
  9. Others might disagree, but I say the answer is "never." PRP does not work. Save your money for your FUT.
  10. Others may disagree, but I do not think you really need a HT. I understand you may want one, but your hair looks good to me and you risk making troubles for yourself with a HT. If you do one, as I suspect you will, be very conservative with what you have done.