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  1. You didn't ask for google assistant, but it's pretty clear you needed it dude. So go do your own leg work and look through some patient results. Anyone who spends 5 seconds looking through results would have found some diffuse thinners. If you don't know how to use the search function, go ask someone. Just don't come off as an unappreciative dick. Also, stop being a sarcastic/passive aggressive. Makes you come off as a douche.
  2. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/forum/15-hair-restoration-results-posted-by-patients/
  3. Hair systems can cause traction alopecia and pull out existing hairs
  4. Dr. Pak is Dr. Rassman's protege right? Dr. Rassman has trained some great doctors like Dr Mohebi and worked with other great ones like Dr. Bernstein. Plus he's super ethical. At the end of the day, you just have to look at the doctors results on patients with similar hair loss patterns as you. Look at the doctors style and whether you think their goals align with yours. For example, I had a local doc recommend my like 1200 grafts just because he's a conservative guy and then Hasson and Wong went and recommended me 3000 grafts the following week. Make sure you don't only look at the doctors cherrypicked results and find ones from real patients.
  5. Good thing to remember that while people talk about the diameter of the punch being X amount, the area that's actually punched out will actually be a lot larger. So while 0.75mm is 75% of 1mm, the area of 0.75mm diameter punch is something more like 55% of 1mm punch.
  6. Man, your donor is see-through. I would go in with muted expectations. You may not be a good candidate as usually people who are overharvested have that kind of appearance in their donor.
  7. True. It's been really hard to figure out what the unbiased truth is. This whole situation does boil down to a he said/she said scenario. I've read all the threads and personally just feel like it's super hard to discern the whole story without actually reading all the emails and knowing exactly how the conversations went down. It's really hard to make a judgment either way just because the patient seems upset and Dr K really hasn't said all that much. Like I just got the feeling the whole time that I was only hearing part of the story, and then from Dr. K, he didn't really say anything. I don't really feel it's fair for anyone to make a judgment based on what we've read so far. Though my personal opinion is that I really feel like he should have taken Dr. K up on the offer and put things to rest. It's legitimately the best way for both parties to proceed if he hasn't burnt his bridges with Dr. K already... But at the same time, his hair looks great. Some people would kill to get "botched" like that. And have a free session thrown in afterward... I'm still kinda clueless how 70 grafts/cm is such killer density anyway as if it's in the hairline it's probably mostly singles and lots of people have native density that exceeds 70. At worst, he could just use thinning scissors like they use at hair salons to thin out his hair. What an all around weird case lol. I've never heard of too dense before.
  8. According to their reps, they're about equal. According to the forum, probably Dr. Hasson for hairline and Dr. Wong for crown.
  9. Would I? Yes. I'm thinning at the temples and maybe my hairline is a touch higher than it was at 20 (I'm 30 now). I can do the same thing as you where I let my hair cover my temple recession but I wouldn't really enjoy it. I want to expose my hairline, try styles that flatter my face, and have hair that makes me as attractive as possible. So it's something that matters to me. Do you care about going from passable to good? Or is your only priority not appearing bald? It really depends what you're looking for. Frontal recession is difficult to fix with medication as it's rarer for it to regrow in the front. So your choice here is very likely just gonna be to drop the cash and fix the hairline
  10. Money is nothing at the end of the day. Not compared to something lifechanging like a hair transplant. You can earn that back, advance in your career, and spend less on dumb crap. Probably not how I would have put it but yeah, that's kinda what it boils down to at the end of the day. There's no guarantee. You really just need to pull the trigger and put your hair in the hands of the best and understand your alternatives if things go wrong. Most good doctors will fix it for you if things go wrong and some might offer a refund if they're generous. No amount of worrying or anything else will change the performance of the doctor. It's out of your control so all you can really do is get whatever you can under your control. After that, there's nothing to do or worry about. You can research all the stuff you want but it really does just boil down to if you can pull the trigger or not. For what it's worth H&W are among the best in the world
  11. Yeah I'd love to see that too but at the end of the day, a lot of people after they get a transplant, stop visiting transplant forums
  12. I like to see a consistent poster as well or at least someone who's been here over a period of months if not years. It just takes a lot of effort to create a persons entire post history and fake an entire person over a period of several months/years only to get one "review" out of it.
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