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  1. pretty much yeah. I've read the UK is pretty expensive for what you get and the quality isn't necessarily up there with places like continental Europe with guys like Freitas and Couto doing insanely good work.
  2. With higher norwoods, every graft counts. Prolly best to try and keep as much as possible rather than letting it fall off.
  3. I've heard a lot of docs say 25 is probably the minimum age when you would get a hair transplant because 25 is when your final pattern starts to become discernable. So 26 is okay but still probably quite a bit on the young side. I haven't got a transplant yet but here's what I've seen from other posters. At 26, you're still young so you're in a position where your looks matter a bit more. So getting to have (more) hair in your 20s is obviously the big pro. At 26, you might not be able to drop 10k+ for a hair transplant. You might then find yourself in a position where you're ch
  4. That or when celebs claim that they regrew their diffuse NW3 hairline by doing lots of pushups and situps and drinking plenty of juice
  5. i had a bit of temple recession and that was it. it held up through most of my 20's and only got exacerbated by the stress from WFH when I finally noticed my hair didn't style properly anymore I thought it was just my genetic hairline lmao. I thought some guys just had bad hairlines genetically and that was me.
  6. I think looking at the "best" results may not be the best way to look at it. Cause to get the best results, sometimes you're going to take some (unnecessary) risks. Sure, Doctor X can dense pack 80 grafts/cm2 but maybe 1 out of 100 gets close to the 80 grafts/cm2 surviving and he's the guy the clinic posts about on their website. I think you want to go for guys who are consistent. And maybe a guy who specializes in your particular area of need. i.e. Dr Rahal for the hairlines. This thread is probably just a roundabout way of saying "who's the best Doctor in the world" so there was a
  7. Dr. Rassman posted a couple links on his blog recently. No idea what they really mean because I don't really read medical literature https://baldingblog.com/potential-long-term-effects-of-finasteride-and-dutasteride-discussed/
  8. jeez, drew brees looks amazing. looks like they lowered his hairline too?
  9. Well you can't really say for sure even knowing the family history or the first noticeable recession I'd imagine. But let's assume it's just a fairly linear and slow recession (as evidenced by NW2 at age 30). And let's say it's fairly consistent so a bald spot won 't randomly appear 10 years down the line. Also, fwiw, the doctor said that 40 grafts/cm2 would give the appearance of thinning. Given these parameters, do you think it's reasonable for lower NWs to ask this kind of thing? Based on your response, it seems like a case-by-case basis which gives me the feeling that it is fairl
  10. I'm a NW2 at age 30. I've got temple recession which is messing with my ability to execute certain hairstyles how I want and maybe I've got a bit of a five head as well. Classic M-shaped hairline. I went to a local doctor and he drew a NW1 hairline on me and quoted me 1200 grafts. He literally just drew a horizontal line on my forehead so no norwood 3 or lifting up at the corners like the hairline some guys get. Like you could have created that hairline by tracing the edges of a hershey bar. He did say it wouldn't be super high density (i.e. 40 grafts/cm) to give an idea of what kind of
  11. awesome. keep us posted on your progress with topical dutasteride. if you could start a topic about it, i'd be super interested to follow it. Also, I've heard people talk about Dr. Mwamba selling topical dutasteride as well. Not sure if it's a spray though
  12. Yeah. Sadly they won't give a script unless I fly over and get one from them in person.
  13. I got a prescription for topical fin but I don't think it's for the liposomal variety. I'm also not entirely sure what pharmacy I would even go to to get the liposomal variant. So I was wondering if anyone with experience getting liposomal fin can point me to the right clinic/pharmacy to acquire it
  14. A lot of docs don't believe in it and personally, I'm not trynna drop several hundred on speculative treatment. I'd rather spend that money elsewhere
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