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What hair transplant approach would you go with here? (Photo)

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This is NOT me as I have a bit more hair up top, but my pattern is pretty similar with the temples drastically receded and the humps (towards the back of this guys head I guess) still somewhat intact, making me a future norwood 6. I am curious if someone in this case decided to go forward with a hair transplant in a very conservative manner, would recreating the temples be a must? I have also drawn out a few examples to try and make more sense of what I'm trying to say. Picture 1 I'm sure would be more visually pleasing but it would also require a nice amount more grafts. 300 on each side or so in my opinion, to give a decent fill in to that entire temple area. I am hoping to be very conservative as I have a limited donor. Picture 2 is the much more conservative approach obviously. Thanks.




Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 12.34.04 PM.png



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Can you share pictures of yourself? Hard to give you an accurate assessment with someone else’s photos.

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A couple of points with regards to the photo you've chosen to post.  Hairline very conservative - which is a good thing.  The farther back you start, will allow the doctor to go farther back into the pattern.  Bringing hairlines down on the forehead takes many grafts.  Depending on how advanced you are - you may not have enough grafts to accomplish much.

Second point...this gentleman had a procedure.  From the angle of the photo it seems the doctor placed grafts throughout the pattern, which almost looks like diffused thinning.  If you look at the way people loose hair, you'll notice that advanced patterns do not lose hair this way.  They typically will keep a denser forelock, a bit in the mid-scalp and nothing in the crown.  This gentleman would have been better served by having a denser front and less grafts in the mid scalp.  It is important to remember that it is the front people see when they interact with you.  It is also the area you see when you look at yourself in the mirror.  

The third point, the work looks like a transplant.  The hair is growing straight up.  Hair typically grows forward at an angle.  So pls stay away from whoever did that particular work.  

It would be nice if you posted your own photos.  It would be interesting to see if you have any native hair and if you are doing some type of medical regimen to help with retention and enhancement of the native hair.  

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