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  1. Just curious how many were implanted in that frontal area and how many in the crown?
  2. Yes, slight thinning. Nothing a drop of toppik wouldn't be able to fix for a good few years before you had to take real action imo. Starting something like Finasteride just isn't necessary yet imo, but that's just my opinion.
  3. Also FYI I think @Rolandas’s transplant stayed red for almost 6 months before clearing up. Maybe he can provide some info.
  4. I had a consult with Dr. Dorin earlier this year. Really nice down to earth guy.
  5. Very sorry to hear this. When you say your hairline isn’t symmetrical what do you mean exactly? That might not be a bad thing. With regards to the redness in the recipient area , were you in the sun much after the surgery? You are not supposed to be. I hope things get better for you and I’m sure they will.
  6. Second result now that I've seen from him with rather large scarring. I want to beleive the whole "it depends on the patient" thing, but at the same time it seems extremely rare to see noticeable FUE scars, at least on these forums.
  7. I once tried to setup a consultation with this great doctor. This was earlier this year. The woman I spoke to said the fee was $400 for a consult. I had to respond asking if that was a typo. She then confirmed it was not. I'm not going to go into further thoughts about how I feel about that other than it's probably the most insane price I've ever been quoted for anything, in my life.
  8. He must have had his front temples reconstructed at some point bc although he wears a piece, you can see in this pic here (from around 10 years ago) that he had hair missing in that area.
  9. It's just known, and well documented. Those two stand alone IMO. There are still a few good others (Bicer, Demirsoy, maybe Turan) but overall if you want the best bet I would choose HLC or Pekiner.
  10. A very narrow area indeed. I know your hair is grown out a bit so it's more pronounced, but it's as if the alopecia is literally attacking your donor in some of those pics. That being said I do think your "pattern" is pretty much set at this stage. Looks like a future NW5/6 as you alluded to. As far as a transplant goes it could work, but the donor makes me nervous. At the end of the day even though you still have a decent amount of (albeit thin) hair at almost 37 you still have a lot of life left to live. By 57 and without meds things certainly aren't going to get BETTER for your back and sides and what could eventually be a transplanted hairline. I'm sorry Fin didn't work out for you. Same here. If only scientists cared enough about hair loss research/drugs maybe we would have had something better in the last 25 years.
  11. He said he got 5,000 grafts in his other thread. This was a complete botch/overharvest job. First of all no more than 2500-3000 grafts should ever really be done in one day. I'm also willing to bet this guys donor beforehand wasn't very strong. Sure maybe the patient wasn't as knowlegable about what to look out for and what questions to ask, but at the end of the day the doctor to an oath to be a doctor. Which means he should have known better. To the OP, did the trasplant turn out alright at least? For the donor I would look into SMP or use dermatch.
  12. This really should be something that is considered more. Looks amazing, and without the worry and maintenance of the hairline, it saves so much time and worry imo. @DrTBarghouthi Is the system applied with tape or glue?
  13. No way you can safely take more than 5000 from him IMO, and yes the humps are crucial. Any ethical surgeon who looks at his advanced hair loss should always leave some room for the possibility that the humps drop later in life.
  14. 4000-4500 just for the hairline!??? No way. They must have meant frontal third and some midscalp. Your donor capacity is prob no more than 5000 as it is.
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