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  1. To have your hair cut that short and not notice much of anything in the donor region that’s amazing
  2. Wow that's some serious dense packing in the frontal region if it's 3500. Looks like good work. Will follow your journey.
  3. Still really would have liked to see how much it filled in after a year. The density in the implants from the look of the post op photos wasn't that crazy so I wasn't too surprised by the lack to density at 6 months, but I agree with others that it appeared to have been weak growth overall. I wonder what went wrong exactly.
  4. I would be way too paranoid that I'd turn over to my side in the middle of the night 😬 But I guess the right neck pillow would help prevent that
  5. Nice! Impressive how he was able to go in between all the native hair so well, it seems. I love how the very front has the super thin hairs. Any idea where those came from? I'm assuming above the ears from your retrograde area?
  6. He is the only one who touches your head. Techs assist him (ie setting up the implanters) One “negative” about this is he can only do up to a certain amount of grafts in one day so a lot of the time it’s a 2 day surgery. So you’d want to hope you’re prepared to sleep well after that first day of surgery Bc you have another day to go.
  7. Great review. Thanks for it. Very densely packed 3500 there. I expect your result to be awesome. Would you say you still had a decent forelock/frontal third of hair remaining? Bc based on how dense the implants look it looks like he may have gone in between quite a lot of your native hair which is impressive.
  8. Looks near perfect for under 4 months imo at 6 months you’ll probably be golden
  9. I wanted to see if anyone had any acknowledge or first hand experience with this... About 6 months or so ago towards the beginning of the year for the first time I used some Just For Men comb in hair dye for the sides and back of my head. Mostly the sides. I was starting to go gray pretty bad there and the result of this stuff was awesome. Immediately it was all brown again and I felt like a million bucks. I proceeded to use the dye going forward about once a month. In recent months however, the last few I'd say, in what can only be described as either a result of using this dye or a very strange coincidence, I've noticed that the sides of my hair have started to appear slightly thinner than usual. I already suffer from some retrograde alopecia so it's not the strongest in the first place, but the retrograde now just seems, well, a little bit worse. It wasn't until just this week that I put two and two together and thought there could be a legitimate connection. After some research I found the obvious - hair dye, in any form really, is not good for your hair, at all, and absolutely can create/cause hair loss. Whether or not this really is a result of the Just For Men I obviously can't say for certain, but I'm thinking it definitely had some sort of negative affect on my already poor hair quality. Question is- If it WAS from the dye, now that I'm going to stop using it, will the hair eventually go back to normal with time?? Thank you?
  10. Nothing is absolute with the NW scale. When you say the crown doesn't drop until NW7, that doesn't mean that NW6 it can't thinned badly with the slight forelock still intact. Lord knows I've seen that many times. But no i dont think the crown completely drops on any norwood aside from 7 (i.e. Joe Biden). If you really look at Biden's hair overall, it is pretty weird. The guy has the full fledged norwood 7 horseshoe but a decent hairline. Why you ask? He had a transplant of course as we all know. If he didn't have the transplant guy would be full on NW7. Not to mention he never would be president either. As far as the age when you are "safe" from NW7 happening there really is no concrete answer for that either. You are 37 and still have the back of your crown intact, ok, but even though hairloss slows down around 40 (so I've read), you better believe that when you're 57 that things will likely be much different especially if your hair loss is already advanced.
  11. If the ingredients in hair fibers were truly a serious health hazard there would have been articles all over the internet about it when they first came out many years ago now. I don't see any.
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