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Dr Sharon Keene 2400 Grafts FUE (Physician's Hair Institute of Tucson)

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On May 9th 2020 I had a hair transplant procedure with Dr. Keene. We did 2400 total FUE grafts - 1200 in the frontal regions and the other 1200 in the crown. 

Dr. Keene is an excellent surgeon who really cares about you, your situation, the results, the industry, etc etc. If you're thinking about getting a hair transplant, you should put her on your interview list. 

And the staff -- they are awesome! I think everyone is wonderful in the group, but Nicole definitely stands out as someone who really makes you feel comfortable and makes the whole process a bit more enjoyable and fun :). Ok, so let's not leave out more great people like Lisa, Savannah, Ube, and Bernice (not sure i got everyone, sorry!) who are also exceptional. 

For anyone struggling with hair loss, I hope this helps! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Let's start with pre op pictures....



DSC_0238 copy.jpeg


DSC_0241 copy.jpeg


DSC_0239 copy.jpeg

Now for some photos 2 days after surgery....

DSC_0279 copy 2.JPG




DSC_0284 copy.jpeg



BELOW are the 1 year post op pictures from Dr. Keene's office







BELOW are a few 1 year post op pics I took myself to show the length as the above pictures were fresh from a haircut that may have been cut too short...




Here's a direct sunlight shot.    IMG_6688.thumb.jpg.66a20dd13080f9ed61f43c9b1b232f32.jpg



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New pictures
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13 hours ago, Mark Wolfer said:

From what I understand, proscar and finasteride are the same thing. Unless you changed the dosage there should be no difference with your hair. 

Did I miss something here?

The effective ingredient is the same, but the fillers and incidentals are not, and this can impact the body's absorption of the active ingredient depending on your physiology. I think for many people it might not be a significant difference, but I know a couple of doctors swear anecdotally that patients who started seeing further progression on generic were able to recover and stabilize again on the brand name.

I have no dog in this fight because I use generic myself. Brand is just prohibitively expensive.



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19 hours ago, caliguy21 said:

2.5mg every other day. Not sure about the bruising, it is a surgery. Not much pain during the procedure. Just a little nagging headache for a few days after. 

Did she mention why she recommended brand name finasteride? 

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On 5/25/2021 at 8:54 AM, forgotpassword said:

sorry I'm a lil confused; the first post states May 2020 was the procedure but 1 year pics weren't shared; safe to assume procedure was 2 weeks ago?

Updated with 1 year pics 

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8 hours ago, Gatsby said:

I notice that you had a prior FUT. How did this turn out? Your current results are very good!

Thank you!!!! Yep. Did a small FUT procedure with Dr Keene way back in 2007!

I was very happy with the results, hence why I went back to her. 

However, after about 10 or 11 years more of my native hair fell out. I was told the TEVA finasteride had some issues around that time. I recently switched to proscar and it’s been much better. 

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