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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. forgotpassword

    Dr Cooley - July 2017

    @jcs87 I don't have the pics immediately after the procedure before I get out of the chair; first pic is pre p, 2nd is day 365, 3rd is preop left side, 4th is preop from day 238, Weirdly enough I haven't really taken recent pics of either right or left profile; need to get around to that and try to take pictures of my scar. I've let my hair grow out like a bird's nest so need to get it cleaned up next week😇 The last 5 pics are the night of the procedure , taken right after I used the spray
  2. @UKLad81huge progress has been made. I'm very excited for you; the next few months should continue to make changes. I hope you walking with a swagger in your step? ref when to take pictures: dry is more realistic unless you walk around with wet hair? when taking pictures style your hair the way you normally do. I'm sure Dr Cooley implanted the hair at certain angles for a hairstyle you had/were desiring. Maybe going in the opposite direction won't be a true reflection of the work done? But man: huge changes from day 1. Really looking forward to seeing the hairs thicken up. You had a huge area that was worked on; and good things take time.
  3. forgotpassword

    Dr Cooley - July 2017

    @jcs87not sure why it's not showing on your end; can you please let me know if you're still having this problem?
  4. congrats @Yaz89 how does the donor area look when you grow it out? Did you tell your wife that you had some work done?
  5. forgotpassword

    My FUE transplant!!

    @Worried in Il if using any meds/suppliments run it by the clinic first so they can be aware and guide you. The doctor you've chosen has posted some really good results. You stressing yourself out won't do the healing/results any good. Maybe stay off this website for a few weeks and try your best to stay positive.
  6. forgotpassword

    My FUE transplant!!

    safe to assume this picture was taken under harsh lighting? harsh lighting always makes hair look thin If your hair looked like this under regular lighting then it makes sense to take the plunge; 700 grafts doesn't seem much but your doctor has posted some great results in the past. Maybe the quality of your 700 is so good that it'll do the job #Spartan700
  7. forgotpassword

    My FUE transplant!!

    with your hair dry in the first picture it looks great; i wouldn't have thought you needed any work done; nothing you can do now but let time run it's course
  8. You picked an excellent doctor. A natural look makes it less obvious any work was done. Once it grows in you'll be feeling a lot better.
  9. 2.5 months is way too early and unrealistic; give it time..right now your expectations are your worst enemy.. distract yourself for a few months (easier said than done)
  10. @HairsHopingis only about 7 days out from his procedure. Give him the time to heal. Putting negative comments out there doesn't help him nor will it inspire him or others to post. What's done is done so be supportive of the patient. Everyone who has had a procedure typically has a roller coaster of emotions.. did I go to the right doctor..did I get enough grafts.. did I sleep the right way.. am I taking enough precautions.. the list is endless. Most patients won't find support from knowledgeable ppl in their real lives so they come here for support. So as members on this board, give him the support he needs now and the support he will need over the months to come.
  11. you're only 7 months in; give it another few months. do you have any before pictures with hair at the same length to do a side by side comparison?
  12. can you post some pics from other angles to get a better idea of the growth?