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  1. Rhonda got me eating broccolli sprouts long before sulfurophane got hot as a hair growth remedy
  2. Look at how you are feeling about the results of your first surgery. You titled your post "I'm scared". Imagine if you had paid twice as much and got twice as much hair in the final result. It is way more expensive to lose good donor hairs, no amount of future earnings will bring those back.
  3. That's not true and is bad advice. Based on OPs before pic, he may benefit a lot from fin, min and derma rolling. Also the transplanted hair can be affected by DHT and the medications should be considered for post op patients. Also OP is 7.5 months into his post op results and there is more hair still growing in, still four or more months before we see his final results. You haven't seen his donor area either. We all know that a 1,700 euro surgery of 3,800 grafts is crazy cheap and unlikely to lead to a top result but don't let that interfere with giving OP the best advice possible. He should be discouraged from returning to an unknown hair mill as John posted. His remaining donor hair should be managed by a trusted clinic, but he also needs to consider getting on fin, min and other treatments. All is not lost here.
  4. Also interested to get feedback on the Rahal SMP artist
  5. Damn the difference a month makes! Those hairs are gonna start to grow like wildfire now!
  6. This is going to be awesome... looking forward to seeing it come in over the next few weeks. Was this a two day procedure to get to over 5,000 grafts?
  7. Well said bro. Glad you had such a strong result and that you're happy!
  8. Patients like myself come here to hear realistic opinions from people who have gone through the same journey we are going through. I do actually want such back and forth, I'm not here for "encouragement", I'm here for feedback, facts and informed opinions from other members. I know that I need to work through my insecurities around my hair and my efforts to keep my hair, and so does everyone else. We shouldn't be telling people to censor what they say to protect people from possibly feeling bad. So long as the feedback is honest and backed up then it's fair game as far as I'm concerned. OP didn't seem to take any offence at any of the feedback he got here and while I appreciate that you would want to protect your client's feelings about his transplant results, he is a big boy and handles himself very well.
  9. lol... hey OP this forum isn't here for you to build up your youtube channel. Why won't you share the name of the surgeon / clinic? Your hair looks awesome by the way, congrats on your result.
  10. I also noticed this in the day 299 pics (two of them) ... but I think the density there is fine, it seems to be caused by how OP styles his hair, his frontal third is brushed up and back, and his mid section is brushed left to right (i think) and light seems to be bouncing back differently in the area closest to where the different direction of brushing intersects. In all the other photos including when wet, the density seems consistent throughout. Day 236 for example would clearly show a difference in density but it doesn't exist there either. @BartSimpsoncongrats on a terrific result man, you must be so pleased with the difference this has made in your appearance!
  11. I'd hope it the other way round. If you were this good of a responder to the meds, and your transplanted hair still on its way, it would make you a very hairy man by the end of this.
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