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  1. To be clear, if I'd insisted on FUT on the day of my surgery that's what we'd have done given that was the plan before I arrived. Dr. Hasson gave me his recommendation for and I made the final decision.
  2. With Hasson and Wong if you live in a city in Canada other than Vancouver you don't meet with the Doctor, you meet with a rep. On the day of the surgery you have your consult with the doctor and you discuss the plan. For me that was the first day that the doctor had seen my head himself. > Whether it's for the best or not, you would expect the best decision to be made when signing up for the operation in the first place... What matters most to me is if its for the best or not.
  3. I had the same experience with Dr. Hasson. The clinic rep in Toronto that I spoke to suggested FUT would be the best long term plan. A lot of members here concurred. Dr. Hasson looked at my donor area and said FUE would be best because he could pick out the multi haired grafts, avoid the scar and that the transection rate is so low that there's not much donor area savings vs. FUT nowadays. By selecting the grafts with FUE, the 3,400 grafts would give the same appearance as a 4,000 graft FUT.
  4. What's the big deal with sending photos? Wouldn't you want them to quote based off photos if you can't get to the clinic?
  5. What a great looking result so far. Congrats and happy further growing.
  6. You have a good head of hair pre-op, you're on the meds and you've given them two years to do what they can do. You've picked a great surgeon and a smart plan. You clearly are a man who has done his homework, I look forward to seeing your results, best wishes on the upcoming surgery.
  7. 16 week update is below. 1st pic is from my 2 month date (approx 8.5 weeks). Rest of pics are from 16 weeks... 8.5 weeks post op 16 week update after my first barber haircut since my surgery. Pinkness on the recipient area has faded a lot and keeps improving every day. The grafted hairs are coming in nicely along the hairline but a few weak areas behind the hairline. The new hairs that were white and whispy are getting thicker and darker. The last couple weeks have been really fun 16 week update :
  8. Well after 17 months of not taking finasteride you lost more hair. If you trust the surgeon enough to let him do a procedure on your head, but not enough to take a well tolerated drug on his advice, then you will be disappointed in how your hair looks over time.
  9. Your second procedure was 10 years ago, and you've only been on finasteride for 11 months as of this thread in June. I'd say your native hairs and your transplant hairs both were affected by DHT for 9 years and a month and this is why you've had more thinning. Maybe the fin you're on now has caused a shed and it will grow back to how it was before you started on fin.
  10. I remember seeing a photo when I was 20 and I could see the sun shining through onto my scalp but not on the scalp of my two friends in the photo. I wish I'd learned about fin and microneedling at the time, I may have been able to maintain my hairline. Here I am over 20 years later watching my scalp for a hair transplant to grow in and I'm taking oral DUT once a day... it's never too late to do something about your hair I reckon but it's also never too early to start watching for hair loss and knowing what the early preventative measures are that you can take. Seeing a dermatologist early is a great idea, and read up about fin/min/nizoral etc.
  11. wow amazing 5 month result... that's incredible. Nice that you have such thick hairs, this is going to look even better in 5 more months. Congrats
  12. Over the past year or so I've started to have an increasing number of new dark single hairs growing in on both sides of my temple and in smaller numbers on my forehead area too. Not sure if its dermarolling, min, switching from fin to dutasteride or latisse the eyelash darkener that I applied in my temple area... though I put that into my hairline and not so low on my temple. Has anyonr had these solo hairs start to grow out this low below the hairline? I don't mind it obviously but i have to cut or shave them because they're too low For some reason the forums are flipping my image attachments upside down even if I try to upload an edited flipped image ?
  13. Amazing final results bro. Top notch hair, truly looks like you've had a perfect hair line your whole life. This is possibly Dr. Rahal's best result for your norwood level. Congrats!
  14. Dr. Hasson's team asks patients to stop applying minoxidil before HT because it's a vasodilator and could cause bleeding issues.
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