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  1. I agree with the other posters. If you adjust the fade point a bit I think this will work fine. There's only a very small area at the bottom that looks off.
  2. You're only about two months in. I've seen cases where redness lasted much longer before dissipating. Don't stress this too much right now, especially because you had the folliculitis. As far as your hairline design goes I think that is mainly in your head. It looks fine as far as the pictures you've posted here. I'm not dismissing your concerns, but you're very early in the process and most of this is common so you shouldn't worry yourself over it just yet.
  3. Generally speaking I believe that area is classified as part of the frontal temporal area or temporal recession. This is still part of the "frontal" area of the scalp and different from the lateral humps.
  4. Those are some really strong part lines. Great work.
  5. Thanks for coming back and updating us. I agree that the level of aftercare described and shown here on the forum is top notch. I think if you're still seeing some additional improvement since the last photos, you're likely going to be in a position to reach your goals even if it does require another operation. I know it would be ideal to have that home run result on the first go, but since both you and the doctor are committed to getting you to a result you can both be satisfied with you are going to be just fine. It may simply take a bit longer than initially expected. I applaud you for taking a step back to evaluate your situation as calmly as possible. I'm sure it's a bit distressing but that big picture mindset is really important for this sort of thing since it's a lifelong struggle. I'm looking forward to your next update and hoping that you'll keep us in the loop all the way to your expected result.
  6. This guy had to have grafts removed from the recipient in the first round in addition to having new ones placed. That severely limits what the surgeon can do with new graft placement in the same surgery.
  7. I am actually unclear whether any of the photos thus far represent the peak strength of your transplant results. The way I've read it all photos here reflect your hair after the additional thinning you described in the original post. Is that correct? It's hard to comment on the original result without being sure of what I'm looking at, but I agree with others that it doesn't look terrible, but I also see why you're frustrated with it. You said you're 11 months on Finasteride, but in the original post you referenced a previous thickening with meds. Was that Minoxidil or did you have a previous stint with Finasteride?
  8. Looks appropriate for the area covered, in my opinion. I think there should be enough density to blend nicely into the native hair behind.
  9. I agree with other posters that a transplant is probably not for you. I think a hair system is a possibility if you decide to go that route, but I'd definitely start on some medication to preserve what you've got left if you want to have that option. It's a marginal investment to get one or two to experiment with and try it out. You may like it, you may not, but you can always go back to the shaved head look. I'm sorry I don't have better news for you, but I can't imagine any ethical doctor being willing to operate with your particular circumstances.
  10. On the subject of eyebrow hair, I'm not sure if I have MORE but I do think the individual hairs are growing a bit longer on average and just a little bit thicker as a result. This is also true of any non scalp body hair in my case. No visible hair where there wasn't before though. Also 5mg daily, for those wondering. Just an anecdote.
  11. If you're interested you may want to look further into how microneedling is used on the face to treat acne scarring. I'm sure the same principles would apply to donor scars, though you of course have the extra complication of hair all over that area. I've seen some indication that a good PRP protocol might also have benefits as far as improving marbling of scar tissue, and that may be an option as well. It was used for treatment of injuries long before anything to do with hair rejuvenation. The thing I've been wondering is specifically how much went into the crown vs the midscalp. Before the second surgery you were thinking you would likely need less in the crown than the midscalp thanks to medication. Did you find this to be true, or did the doctor comment on it?
  12. I think you could get a fairly good improvement for 1,000 grafts or less as far as the crown goes, but it's always kind of tough to ballpark the crown in diffuse situations. Still, the area doesn't look that large and it's also not slick bald either. The biggest thing to consider is whether you want to risk the shock loss given that your donor isn't the best to begin with. Might be worth asking a doctor directly how many grafts they'd recommend and then asking how it might impact the result if you had permanent shock loss of the natives in that area.
  13. If you suffer shock loss of terminal hairs those will likely come back as long as there has been no transection. Hairs that were thinning/miniaturizing may not come back if they are subject to shock loss. Temporary shock loss isn't ideal, but not the end of the world.
  14. I'm glad to see you had such a successful result, and blending through the frontal area ensures you'll likely be in a good spot even if there's a bit of future progression. Donor looks untouched at this length as well. How was travelling with the extra red tape due to Covid-19?
  15. Okay, I would definitely say the miniaturized hair in the front has grown out more in the after pictures. Look how short it used to be vs how long it is growing now.
  16. Are any of those frontal shots "before" images? Without them it's hard to gauge, but the crown has definitely improved quote a bit.
  17. The questions were not directed at me, but I've been on 5mg a day now for just shy of six months. I discontinued topical a couple of months back. Definitely seeing a bit of improvement beyond what I had with topical, and of course no noticeable shed from discontinuing topical. The changes are a bit more subtle because of course I've been on topical for a while already and had some response, but the weakest hairs on my head have gotten darker and longer, and the overall scalp hair generally feels stronger. Some minor increase in body hair growth speed. I can't grow a full beard but my stubble is definitely thicker and denser. Much of it is a bit darker as well. It also grows more quickly so I have to shave a bit more diligently than before. I actually consider this a bit of a plus. No other sides.
  18. Sounds like an interesting case. I'll be interested to see how you develop. The good news is as long as your natives tolerate the trauma this number of grafts should give you a very nice result.
  19. The effective ingredient is the same, but the fillers and incidentals are not, and this can impact the body's absorption of the active ingredient depending on your physiology. I think for many people it might not be a significant difference, but I know a couple of doctors swear anecdotally that patients who started seeing further progression on generic were able to recover and stabilize again on the brand name. I have no dog in this fight because I use generic myself. Brand is just prohibitively expensive.
  20. How's the crown looking at this point? Looks like you had some grafts placed there as well.
  21. Honestly, this donor area looks fine. I'm not 100% sure what your expectations were in this regard but with hair that short scarring is going to be visible no matter how good extractions are.
  22. Looks like he's seeing some nice early growth based on the added bulk of hair. Shock loss also seems to be minimal. I'll watch for the video on Instagram.
  23. 35k USD isn't too bad considering OP got front to back coverage via FUE. I'm not sure he would want to see if he could ever get any more in the future, but he likely won't "need" another surgery in his lifetime. Someone with a less severe stage of loss might pay half as much, but could just be looking at paying the other half progressively down the line depending on whether they lose more hair. Financially, the safest thing you could do if you're getting a transplant is to assume you're going to have to pay for every donor graft to be moved eventually. Anything else is wishful thinking that may or may not work out for you. Anyway, I don't know if anyone other than Melvin has ever been to the hair transplant subreddit, but the guys there are always bragging about spending a few thousand dollars in Turkey and showing off results that make me cringe internally. There are definitely some more affordable clinics if you're willing to travel, but even the more cost efficient ones won't be genuinely cheap because the work isn't cheap. If you can't afford at least one of the quality cost-efficient clinics you shouldn't even be looking at hair transplants because you're going to have a bad time.
  24. This is a huge improvement, and honestly a great result for a single pass on such a big area. Very happy for you.
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