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  1. There are plenty of doctors who COULD do what you're asking, because it's not all that difficult, but it's a question of who WILL. It's NOT more aesthetically complex than being conservative. Any competent surgeon would be capable of doing this work, but that isn't the point. You're not on medication and unwilling to try, you want a juvenile hairline at a relatively young age, and you have a bleeding issue. There's a list of recommended surgeons on the site. Look at their results and pick a few whose work you like. Get consults with ALL of them, and at least one in person consultation wit
  2. Sure, but how many grafts do you have in the tank compared to how many grafts you would need to cover your scalp? Reputable doctors likely won't want to touch this kind of hairline goal at your age it you're not stable on medication. If you're going to pursue surgery at all you should start by getting an in-person consultation from a surgeon who can examine your scalp for areas of miniaturization and provide an estimate on your total donor grafts available. All that said, that hairline would still be a massive gamble. Family history is a guess at best.
  3. I believe by day 13 they should be totally secure but feel free to check with the clinic.
  4. It's up to you whether you want to ask the clinic to touch up the work, but based on photos I wouldn't bother if it were me. Unless those sparse areas are much more obvious in different lighting or you desperately want to comb your hair that particular way, why mess with it? If it looks good you win.
  5. Looks about right so far. It's obviously harder to tell with unshaven transplants but you look like you're doing a fine job of cleaning in these photos. Have you mentioned how old you are? Didn't see that in the original post.
  6. No matter how much you liked a first consultation with a surgeon (any surgeon) it's always best to get multiple opinions. In theory everybody should be recommending a similar graft count and strategy for your goals. If one doctor says something wildly different than the others I would generally consider that a red flag. There are loads of cheap clinics in Turkey and just as many horror stories to go with them. There are good budget clinics, but be careful.
  7. Nobody is going to have shock loss from PRP. They're not making incisions in your head like they do with surgery, just injections. Any hair that sheds after a PRP treatment will either come back (likely thicker) or was already walking "dead" anyway.
  8. This is a very thoughtful and detailed response. I think we don't often touch on scalp issues in this forum because honestly most of us are simply dealing with androgenetic alopecia, and this is good information. With that said, I agree 100% that the first thing to look at is simply the fact that the graft count was likely insufficient to meet patient goals and expectations so there were bound to be issues from the start.
  9. Yeah, don't neglect the washing. One if the doctors here had a video about a patient who neglected washing for the first couple of weeks and then when he finally did wash he tore out a huge number of grafts because the scabbing had gotten out of controk.
  10. Yeah, this looks plenty familiar. My frontal thinning is very similar. Thanks for including the additional photos. Without these kinds of images earlier stage diffuse thinning can be tougher to see.
  11. From what I understand he has a relatively low daily graft count per day. If I remember your thread correctly @Rolandasyou had around 3,500 but spread over two days. If a small punch size is being used and total punches per day is kept low, possibly this leads to a faster healing time because the total scalp trauma at one time is kept to a minimum.
  12. Yeah, a six year update is usually unheard of, but this result still holds up even though medication wasn't taken.
  13. There are plenty of cases on here where grafts were placed into thinning areas successfully, but it is a risk because shock loss does happen and there are a few stories on here about that as well. One factor is your unique physiology and unfortunately that's something that's hard for you or the doctor to gauge. No way to know how your body will respond, although being on Finasteride helps reduce this risk. The other is skill of the surgeon. If a surgeon transects an existing follicle trying to transplant a new one, that transected follicle won't grow any more hair. If you're ref
  14. I'll be interested to see how this goes. You've got a decent amount of native hair so as long as there are no issues with shock loss I think you have potential for a very nice result. I appreciate your breakdown of how the plan was mapped on the scalp. Donor looks good. Any notable pain or discomfort so far? Edit: I personally wouldn't drop the Minoxidil at this point. It's probably keeping your native hair thicker and healthier in appearance, and even those weaker hairs partially rejuvenated by Minoxidil can contribute to the fullness and density in your result if the doctor
  15. I continue to be impressed with the documentation when this clinic posts results. You don't generally see progression of growth depicted outside of patient results and it's very refreshing.
  16. I don't know what it is about Dr. Arocha's clinic but the post ops I've seen from his clinic never have the black dots (unless the patient has black hair in which case you're seeing the hair). It may be that the recipient is cleaned more frequently throughout the surgery because it's unshaven and you don't want blood caking the native hairs and getting in the way? @Steeeve might have an idea about the cleaning. You've also got lighter colored hair, so the implanted hairs themselves shouldn't be super visible if they aren't covered in dried blood or something. I think it looks good so far.
  17. @Steeeve is probably the best documented journey with this doctor, at least that I have seen. Hair is still looking good with that extra length, especially au natural in the sun.
  18. I will be as honest as possible based on my experiences and what I'm seeing from your photos @MagnificentAl. As a disclaimer, let me say that your pattern of loss/recession is one of the more aesthetic options (if there is such a thing), at least in my opinion. While your temporal recession is deep, your frontal tuft is still intact and your hairline is at a reasonable height with only minor diffuse thinning. Moreover, your donor area already looks really good and I doubt any women would give it a second glance.I think as you hit the ugly duckling phase where your recipient starts to get
  19. Just PRP for the moment, though I've had two sessions now. Since I had diffuse thinning and no true "dead zones" it helped rejuvenate enough of my hair that I was able to put a transplant on the back burner. It's still something I'm considering to strengthen the frontal-temporal areas and I did want to see Dr. Arocha again to discuss options, but then Covid hit and I think for the moment all in-person consults are for imminent surgeries only. I'd also have to drive to Houston from Dallas because the doctor's periodic visits to my neck of the woods also look to be on hold due to pandemic, so I'
  20. Definitely a noticeable increase in hair bulk and strength of the hairline. Was the second procedure focused on fine-tuning the hairline specifically, or adding density throughout the frontal zone?
  21. Minoxidil is basically a growth stimulant. It will help to lengthen and thicken shrinking hairs so their cosmetic value improves to be closer to what it once was, but if you aren't taking a DHT inhibitor like Finasteride you're basically just bailing water on a sinking ship.
  22. Minoxidil is basically a growth stimulant. It will help to lengthen and thicken shrinking hairs so their cosmetic value improves to be closer to what it once was, but if you aren't taking a DHT inhibitor like Finasteride you're basically just bailing water on a sinking ship. Edit: You look like you've got a lot of hair still and are very early in the process. If you can take Finasteride without any issues you should absolutely start taking it immediately and add in Minoxidil after that if you want. You are catching it pretty early and are in a good position to save your hair.
  23. This is completely true, but I think it's still a fair point to note because it's still of statistical significance. That is, a Spanish patient is more likely to have these characteristics on average, so if Spaniards represent a majority of your patients you're going to be working with those characteristics far more frequently than some doctors. The reason this is particularly relevant when considering online marketing like YouTube, IG, or even clinic results on this forum, is those results are already cherry-picked and represent the clinic's most impressive work. When many of your patien
  24. This is an interesting case. I'm shocked at how good your donor looks after a double FUT.
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