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  1. The one and done attitude is probably the biggest problem with the entire industry, and a big part of what makes it predatory for many patients. Full stop. Choosing not to even try medication is always going to be a dumb choice, in my opinion. Without it, your donor area is less reliable and you're chasing a moving target unless you're already full NW 6-7. You see this often in younger guys with aggressive loss who "won't care" what they look like when they're "old." What a ridiculous idea. Advice for this is don't. You're just going to make your situation worse or end up disa
  2. Definitely a noticable difference in the definition of the hairline. The shape and position is clear and distinct, whereas before the diffuse thinning had eroded the frame. Top down looks to have noticeably fuller coverage as well.
  3. @Carl Counts I had stumbled across your video elsewhere on the internet and was horrified by the way you've been treated. A reality of cosmetic surgery is that every doctor, regardless of how skilled and respected they may be, has messed a few patients up over the course of their careers. This is on another level from what I usually see. The way the doctor proceeded despite your discussion about the scars is one thing, but the way you seem to have been treated in the post-op is appalling. What ultimately separates a great doctor from the others isn't just the results they produce, but how
  4. Fine hair or not, the patient has a pretty clear natural wave to his hair. Wavy and curly hair is always going to create better coverage than straight hair when allowed enough length to do its thing.
  5. Looks like this was a tricky case, and a huge impact on the entire scalp for the graft count.
  6. This guy obviously had good hair characteristics, but this is still a gorgeous result.
  7. This is a beautifully subtle improvement. The transition from the newly grafted area to the native hair is seamless and the post-op donor still looks great.
  8. This kind of custom approach is critical any good transplant result, but especially with FUE. If a surgeon is not willing and able to adjust to the patient's physiology as much as possible they are setting the patient up for failure. This case looks like a very judicious use of a modest number of grafts. A little really went a long way.
  9. The work I've seen looks good, and what I think is particularly noteworthy is the fact that she has performed and offers FUT. This is largely unheard of in Turkish clinics and the pricing for it looks very reasonable. I'd love to know if the clinic has some FUT scar photos from their archives just to see what that looks like, but I definitely think Dr. Bicer is one of the only surgeons in Turkey worth looking at.
  10. I tend to be a bit cynical, but I'd also say it's a mixed bag. A lot of people with hair loss are distraught enough sharing their situation as it is, and just imagine how they feel if they have a bad result that may make them look even worse. Obviously, there are also the guys who have a great result and just stop thinking about hair loss very much at all, so of course they won't spend much time, if any, posting on forums. I do think that I myself would not be super inclined to share a bad hair transplant result with the community at large unless I had already been successfully repai
  11. You look like you're a bit above baseline at this point, which is a pretty good place to be for four months. No major shock loss or issues with redness, and growth rate looks reasonable so far.
  12. There are so many possible variables that I'm not sure, especially since the work was done by a different clinic. It could simply be a difference in the incision and implantation process. It might also be the fact that adjacent tissue in the scalp previously had some work done, and the vascularity being compromised by the old scarring has impacted the healing of the new incisions. I'm not a doctor so it's hard for me to speculate. Mobile is being a bit finicky so apologies if this was covered, but did you ask the clinic about consulting a dermatologist for a scalp examination? I saw somet
  13. I definitely understand your concern with how irritated the scalp looks. One thing to note is that the PRP could potentially impact the growth cycles of your hairs (donor and recipient), so definitely bear that in mind if things seem to be moving slowly for you. You seem like you have the right mindset so far. Did you have this kind of scalp irritation on the first go around? Is there anything in your lifestyle that may have changed to possibly cause greater levels of inflammation?
  14. Even the harsh light photo looks pretty good for only 5.5 months. There was another Bisanga patient who had a similar situation around 6 months in but closer to 12 it held up pretty well even under unfavorable light. I suspect you'll end up with something similar based on your photos this far.
  15. My bad for missing that. Honestly, with the characteristics in your pattern I wouldn't try a transplant without Finasteride, but I certainly understand wanting to have hair. The biggest issue I see here is that you've got an aggressive pattern and a family history of worse. It also sounds like you're set on FUE only, which limits your options further. If the doctor sees evidence of the lateral humps miniaturizing, I'm not sure I'd go through with it because you're honestly not setting yourself up for (what I would consider) a good outcome. Only you can decide if this is worth it or not.
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