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  1. I've seen a few doctors mention that their estimate for full maturation is more like 18 months. I've also seen a few talk about the fact that as individual hair cycles normalize your result might look a little less dense around the 18 month mark because the transplanted hair has now settled into natural and irregular cycles. All this to say at 18 months you're probably seeing your "true" final result when considering these factors. Edit: thanks to the OP for sharing the guard his hair was cut at. That's a great scar to be able to wear it at a 3. Depending on goals and available grafts you might be able to do some FUE into the scar to conceal it further if you were so inclined.
  2. That donor looks spectacular at two weeks. This is what people dream of when they're considering FUE procedures.
  3. As someone who is also messing around with non-surgical treatment (with decent success) my biggest piece of advice would be to add one thing in at a time and wait 6 months to see if you're seeing any additional benefit. Rinse and repeat. This way you will know what is working and what is not because most of these treatments work gangbusters for some people and do nothing for others. Have you tried Minoxidil at all?I Idon't see it mentioned in the original post but that would be a fairly simple thing to add in and experiment with. If you're a responder you could see a decent amount of additional growth. Might not hurt to add in Ketoconazale shampoo as well in case Minoxidil irritates your scalp (it's also a mild anti androgen). Past that you are getting into more experimental territory and if I were you I would want to have investigated those two options before looking at anything else.
  4. If price is a concern I'd definitely look outside of California. Everything is more expensive there and cosmetic surgery in particular will be at a premium. I'd seriously consider flexing on your willingness to travel if your on a tighter budget. As Melvin said, you're also going to be looking at a cheaper price by opting for FUT over FUE, so that's worth considering as well. This choice might even impact which clinics you look at. Some surgeons do nice FUE and FUT, some seem to do better work with one or the other, and some clinics exclusively offer FUE.
  5. Damn. I hope my hair looks half that good at your age.
  6. To be honest your donor is looking fine right now. I think there is still room for it to improve within the next four months or so. In the meantime it doesn't look overly patchy or thin so I think you're in a good spot. Just try to chill for now. How is the recipient?
  7. I do think the marketing of it all is probably a key point. There is a lot of it out there and I think it would be easy for an uninformed patient to fall prey to these promises. How many people do you see these days saying they've "done their research" when what they really mean is they've done a few Google searches for "best hair transplant clinics" and clicked on the first few results.
  8. I'll second this. That's quite a bit of ground to cover with 2,000 grafts but the first pass looks great. Glad to see the clinic sharing a few more FUE results as well. I look forward to seeing the results of the patient's second procedure down the road.
  9. Definitely some potential here if the treatment is effective for you. Good photos too. I'm looking forward to seeing how you respond.
  10. Your best bet would be to explain your goal to Dr. Panine and have him tell you how many he would recommend based on remaining donor, prediction of future loss, and your hair characteristics.
  11. Great result for this patient. Everything blends so well that it just looks like his hair thickened up one day. Even the donor looks solid at such a short length. I'm honestly jealous.
  12. Great result and the donor still looks good. Any post op pictures for this one?
  13. I think U.S. residents in particular have come to expect price gouging in the medical sector. Hopping the plane to Turkey is, in their mind, the equivalent of going to Canada to get their prescription drugs. Beyond that, a number of these poor guys may be in a situation where cost is a hard limiting factor, and they have to either find a budget-friendly clinic or accept baldness. The median income where I live is 40k with a reasonable cost of living, but even in that moderate scenario a 20k+ procedure that will likely require future procedures is a pretty daunting financial investment. Many guys probably have cost as a hard limit and it's either find someone to do it on a budget or not do it at all.
  14. Those sound like good graft counts for the respective regions. For scar concealment you'd probably only need a few hundred FUE grafts assuming any future scarring looks as good as the current one.
  15. I'd love to see this as I had been wanting to talk to him about exosomes as well. I had called his office and spoken with him just before the pandemic and he did mention exosomes offhandedly, but we didn't have a chance to discuss them. Looking forward to watching the H&W video later today when I have a block of time.