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  1. This is correct. The machinery, concentration of platelets and growth factors, and even the distribution of the PRP into the scalp can all impact how effective it is as a treatment. Dr. Cinik is correct in saying that PRP can often lead to earlier growth as well as strengthening of native hairs after a transplant, but I don't know enough about his protocol to say whether it works. I would say a good starting point is probably to ask him what system he uses, whether a grafting matrix like Acell is used, and if he has any patient results he can show you exhibiting early growth from his PRP.
  2. Good luck. Although I can only speak to the non-surgical experience, Dr. Arocha and his team have always treated me well. You're in good hands.
  3. I'll try not to parrot the helpful posts from others in this thread. Put simply Do not: have a transplant right now. Do: start Finasteride ASAP and stick with it. There's a very good chance you will have a bit of regrowth because you look like you're pretty early into thinning. If Finasteride alone isn't enough there are some other options like @LaserCap mentioned. You really don't look like you've lost enough hair to justify what is definitely a major surgery. You aren't still developing in any way that will be impacted by Finasteride. Your brain is still reaching the end
  4. Nice. Office light is the most brutally honest lighting I've encountered in everyday life and your result is definitely holding up under pressure. Congratulations.
  5. There was an interview with the doctors from Eugenix where they discussed a tendency to see true results looking a little less dense from around 18 months onward because that's around the time the hair cycles have started to desynchronize and you're looking at your "true" results. As you said, it seems to have sorted itself out and is looking good. The spot you've highlighted is actually one that I consider to be key aesthetically. I personally would sooner have thinner temporal corners if it meant stronger density in the anterior point of the hairline and just behind. Not only is it eas
  6. I feel like in your situation, if you're truly unhappy with the way the top of your head looks right now, I'd probably attempt the repair because with your current situation you're already keeping your donor area pretty short as it is, and at this point you're probably not going to notice the remaining grafts missing from the donor cosmetically, but they may be able to help your recipient. If you're unhappy wearing your hair as it is right now, a repair is your only option other than trying a hairpiece. I assume you've already ruled that out.
  7. I believe he had it on his site back when I was doing my initial research. It's likely still there because it's a noteworthy result. Right now my hair is looking stronger than ever and I'm actually still seeing revived baby hairs here and there which may or may not grow to more cosmetic significance. I've been meaning to email the doc and ask about driving down for another treatment since I doubt he's coming to Dallas any time soon, but I may also use this time just to test how long I can truly maintain the results.
  8. I know Dr. Arocha recommends every 12 months just as a rule of thumb, but I recall a particularly striking case from Dr. Cooley where a patient was still maintaining his results two years after a single treatment. I'm actually a little past the 12 month mark right now myself and I haven't noticed a reduction in hair quality, so it's not like you hit 12 months and instantly regress. Worth noting I'm also on a Finasteride and Minoxidil at this point, so I'm sure those add longevity.
  9. He hasn't had a visit since Covid issues started as you might imagine, but prior to all that he was coming up to Dallas once or twice a month. There is absolutely a chance PRP can help your existing hair. I had pretty significant results and I've had about two treatments in about two years. For me it thickened existing hair, giving it more body and color, and it even gave me some growth in areas where I had no visible hair. I'm actually still seeing small Improvements but it's a slow process. Yes, Finasteride will help maintain any hair on your head and may very well prolong the cosm
  10. I'm in Dallas myself. I had actually been thinking about going in for another treatment but I've been dragging my heels because of the whole Covid situation. The treatment is very quick. It takes about ten minutes to "spin" in the machine they use and then it will get injected into your head. While you wait they'll inject your scalp with a little anesthesia. It was quick enough that I was able to pop over to his satellite office in Dallas 5 minutes away from my workplace during unch and go back to work like nothing happened. If you're going for a surgery I believe Doctor Arocha can give y
  11. Okay, so I will preface my post with the fact that my PRP was a standalone and not an adjunct to surgery. Having said that, I did a fair bit of research on it prior to my first treatment and obviously have seen its impact on my native hairs. Early growth is indeed something that clinics usually talk about when offering PRP with their surgery. I could definitely see this being a possibility because PRP at its core is a growth promoter. It can kickstart resting hairs into a growth phase and expedite healing of sounds, so you can see how this could be beneficial to your surgical results. The
  12. My experience with Dr. Arocha is he's very ethical and typically conservative with his work. If he says he's able to work with what you've got he probably can, but he's warning you about the donor area for a reason. Odds are you won't be able to wear the sides and back much longer than you have them now, and if you have any spots that have suboptimal growth for some reason he won't have anything to work with in terms of giving you a touch up. You need to think about whether you'd be okay with that. Your hair is pretty short in the photos so I'm not sure what it looks like grown out.
  13. That's a pretty significant shed but it looks like the area has largely recovered. I wonder if this was just synchronized shedding due to the transplanted hairs mostly being on the same cycle.
  14. This is the right decision. Your hairline placement looks good and going lower would likely have required the temple points to be adjusted and that would have required more grafts. Since you have a larger pattern it's best to be cautious, and your hairline is still very youthful.
  15. I would definitely be interested in such a thread. Great patient result. The face framing is night and day.
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