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  1. I feel like we don't usually see cases from Dr. Hasson highlighting crown work over hairline work, so this is a pleasant surprise. Were all grafts done in one sitting? What is the patient's future FUE donor capacity given that Dr. Hasson estimated a high level of possible hair loss in the future?
  2. Looks to still be a net improvement even with additional loss of native hair. Very nice.
  3. From my understanding these are molecules that stimulate stem cell activity, but they are not stem cells themselves.
  4. Amazing non-surgical improvement. I'm sure she's thrilled. People tend to dismiss the non-surgical options and I think that's a mistake, especially for anyone with more diffuse thinning.
  5. I have something similar although it's less severe, and it's probably the thing about my hair that bothers me the most. I can style around it for the most part but it's not the best.
  6. That hairline looks fantastic in the wet, slicked back photos. The entire frontal zone, really, but I've specifically been watching that gap in the frontal hairline as kind of a reference point and that has filled in VERY nicely. Honestly, looking at you straight on in that first wet picture I wouldn't say you'd had any major hair loss to speak of. Glad you posted this update. I was just talking to the doc the other day and you came up, so I had been wondering how you were doing with your progress.
  7. I can't see any excessive redness or other indication of scalp trauma, which is the major thing I look out for at this stage. Looks good so far and I think you should start seeing things pick up in the next couple of months.
  8. Great hair characteristics on this guy. I like how the pre-op here looks to be showing a few of the different hairlines drawn and discussed before the surgery and I'm particularly fond of the final design for the corners. Very aesthetic.
  9. Great to see a patient result holding up four years later. Still looks great and I see you've been experimenting with different styling options. Dr. Vories did a great job on this one.
  10. I've had absolutely zero reduction in libido. It's as healthy as ever and shows no signs of stopping. 3+ years on the drug.
  11. Looks like there's some nice improvement in coverage throughout the scalp. Were grafts placed all over or was the work only in the frontal third or so? Perhaps medication also factored in. That's a lot of ground to cover with only 2500 grafts considering the pre-op state of the hair, but it's shocking how much of a difference that has made for his facial frame. This one must have been carefully planned out.
  12. I've seen plenty of results from his channel, and it's the entire basis of my comment.
  13. Couto's geographical location does mean that the bulk of the patients he sees are going to have those nice Spaniard hair characteristics, and those go a long way. It's generally more indicative of a doctor's ability to see what they're able to do for patients with less than ideal hair characteristics.
  14. With the lowering of the hairline and the fact that some of the grafts were placed behind the hairline as well, I can definitely see the improvement. The hairline itself is much "cleaner" in appearance due to the increased density and presence of stronger hair. I'd also be interested in the graft placement, but I don't think the count is out of line at all. Most hairline cases will be at least 1k to 1.5k grafts if there's any lowering involved and for the area behind 500 is also not an unreasonable number depending on patient goals.