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  1. Was this FUE or FUT? I'm also curious which technique the other clinic used for the previous procedure.
  2. For those who are interested, Dr. McGrath (mentioned during the above broadcast) has some videos on YouTube showcasing some of his own before/after photos from an exosome treatment 30 days prior. The results appear to be insanely good, though I wish the photos were larger. I've been able to dig up a few more photos of exosome cases from his clinic and others, and I will say the speed of the initial resoonse does seem to be startlingly quick. Obviously the process is in its early stages so it is not as refined as it could possibly be, but much like with PRP the efficacy and response to seem to differ slightly from patient to patient. Dr. Cooley and Dr. McGrath are supposedly writing a paper together on the efficacy of exosomes on hair regrowth, but it will likely be at least another year or so before we have a better sense of potential longevity of treatment as well as the most effective methods of delivery. Still, as someone who has actually seen good results from PRP+Acell, the prospect of a similar but potentially more potent treatment is intriguing.
  3. I had a hunch it would stabilize eventually if you stuck with it. Any time I've started new treatment with any kind of efficacy the shedding has been insane, and definitely cyclical. I suspect the minoxidil may have helped to speed up the regrowth process a bit although I wouldn't say it's the cause based on your previous postings. Great response.
  4. I think the demarcation isn't necessarily something to worry about until you're looking at the "final" results. That side had a good chunk more native hair to begin with, so it makes sense that it seems to be a bit ahead of the game. I think it will likely even out a bit more but the 12 month mark, and in the meantime whatever you're doing differently with the styling is definitely working for you.
  5. Definitely more visible fullness in that frontal area. You can really tell by the difference in volume in the before/after profile shots.
  6. Looking very good, and at six months you've still got some improvement to come. Have you started getting more frequent comments from family and friends?
  7. So the timeline on this one is about five years? That's a nice, gradual transformation. The greatest concern with hair loss is regression over time, but this patient has had a slow, steady improvement. Smart of him to jump on things at the early signs of loss. I would think he probably still has some grafts available for the future if necessary.
  8. Dry hair is looking pretty strong. Very interested to see what kinds of improvement you have in the next few months, but even where you're at right now I'm sure you notice a world of difference in terms of what you can do with your hair.
  9. I do think this looks pretty good on the whole in comparison to your starting image. I don't see it as often, but I have seen some doctors say that certain patient's have results that don't quite mature until the 18 month mark. No way to tell if that's the case with you though. Has the clinic given you an opinion on growth so far? For what it's worth, I think the result looks great.
  10. Depending on the extent of your loss, a hair transplant isn't prohibitively expensive, especially if you're like most millennials and you know you're unlikely to ever make enough money to retire anyway. *Shrug*
  11. I'd be interested to see your technique. Historically I've basically used it like a lawnmower going across the top of the scalp vertically, horizontally, and diagonally for multiple reps in each direction. Then I'll do some small, slow circles in the weak areas to wrap it up. With the A7 vs the Derminator I can't use much pressure at all with 2mm in the area just in front of the hairline because I find the needles tend to snag unless I'm just "hovering" in place with the stamp, so I'm working on developing a feel for that. As a side note: I was reading more comparisons between the A6 and A7 and I think the actual pins on the A7 pads may be a touch finer than on the A6 as well. Depth is obviously whatever you set it to but I thought that was interesting. No idea if that ultimately makes a big impact but I'm still early in my exlerimentation phase with the new device. I *may* try out one of the heads with more pins just because they're cheap and I'm curious.
  12. I recall Dr. Vories saying that he can typically extract anywhere from 7,000-9,000 grafts depending on the donor. This is the first FUE only case I've seen that comes close to the 9k mark, so that's pretty cool.
  13. Except you entire premise is based on the idea that lifting weights results in a rise of testosterone levels significant enough to cause any excess production of sebum where it was otherwise not occuring. This is not the case. The increase in testosterone levels from lifting weights is not significant enough to throw you into hormonal imbalance if you didn't already have issues. You're searching for facts to support conclusions instead of drawing conclusions based on facts. This is textbook confirmation bias.
  14. Crown is definitely looking a lot stronger, which is pretty impressive considering where his level of loss was before. Nice to see such a strong impact from medical regimens even after surgical work. I think too many people dismiss this course of action. Very natural reconstruction work on this one. It doesn't look disproportionately "heavy" in any areas and covers a lot of ground for only 3,000 grafts. It's always interesting to see cases with a modest graft count used on a patient with a more severe level of hair loss, because at that point the artistry and arrangement of the grafts becomes absolutely critical.