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  1. Mycroft

    Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss

    There's no conclusive evidence that it does, and anecdotally I didn't notice much of a difference in hair fall after starting creatine. However, I have also been on Finasteride most of that time and that may have had some impact. My theory: if normal creatine dosages are linked to elevated DHT, creatine might accelerate your hair loss if DHT is the primary culprit behind your MPB. However, as we have established multiple times with DHT inhibitors, DHT is not necessarily the lone cause in many cases of MPB.
  2. I am trying some non surgical options for diffuse thinning and miniaturization. I've been on Fin for a few years and after a consultation recently added Nizoral, Dermarolling, and PRP. A laser cap for LLLT was also offered and that's the one option I didn't commit to because I hadn't researched it enough. What I'm finding is: it does work, but as you said it isn't quite the way many would have you believe. The stats show that number of patients who see actual regrowth is small, although it seems to be much more effective preventing further loss. The ones who do show regrowth have results I would compare to milder Minoxidil responders. There are many reports of people reporting better quality of existing hair, which leads me to believe that it is most effective in a situation where a good amount of hair is still present but may be miniaturized. It was also stressed to me by the doctor that the LLLT was effective when used synergistically with these other methods rather than being amazingly effective itself. I am still considering biting the bullet. Lasercap, the prescribed device, has a twelve month guarantee that would allow me to get most of my money back if I didn't think it was effective. At this point I need to wait and see how the other methods perform without LLLT in the mix so I will be able to accurately make that judgment call.
  3. What was the distribution of the graft placement? I don't have the most trained eye but I can see the marks for placement in the hairline and frontal zone. Any grafts in the crown or were those all non surgical results?
  4. Mycroft

    Is PRP Effective?

    If you guys are interested in anecdotal evidence, I am actually going to be trying out PRP very soon in addition to a couple of other non-surgical options. I have been on finasteride for a few years, starter on Minoxidil two months ago, and will be trying out PRP treatments. I'd be happy to try to provide some details on my experience for whatever that's worth. Disclaimer: I have a lot of my native hair and am primarily suffering from early thinning and miniaturization. My understanding is PRP has the best chance of success in this kind of situation, particularly when combined with synergistic treatments like the ones mentioned above.
  5. This was basically my understanding; that it may terminate dying hairs a bit prematurely but the healthy ones should grow back, which I assume is why I've seen some patients put on a finasteride and/or minoxidil regimen for a stretch prior to undergoing a transplant. I always figured in addition to the obvious need to stabilize natural loss that was a preventative measure to try to strengthen any native hair as much as possible to prevent shock loss.
  6. Thanks for posting the post op pictures. I think the clarification on the frontal portion having thinned less visibly is helpful because in the initial photos it is hard to tell without wondering if I'm imagining it. Is the patient taking Finasteride?
  7. Long time lurker. I'd be interested to hear some additional details on graft placement in this case as well. I was just looking at patients with a similar graft count with placements covering the bulk of the frontal area, and here that same amount seems to have been packed into the hairline alone. Was there a bit more thinning in the hairline than the pictures show? Or possibly it was lowered and I'm too inexperienced to be able to spot it?