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You can investigate surgeons who reside/practice in "Third World" countries with lower costs of living and production. I believe there are some Coalition surgeons in Pakistan and Thailand. You will have to check and see on this forum and inquire for their pricing structures.

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I think they will, for the most part. Of course some will have enough demand that they won't have to. But, I never thought cars would drop like they have and you can just about steal a Ford or Chevy right now.

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Almost all doctors will do this, but you have to be in a position to get yourself to the clinic within a few days of getting a phone call from them.


Actually a few years ago I went for a consult with Dr. Hasson and he said they had an open date the following day and he would give me a huge discount if I wanted to book the next day.


It was a very tempting offer but I just wasn't ready to pull the plugs at that time.


Typically you can get 25% +/- off the regular cost.

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Yes, the travel arrangement may actually cost you more. It is quite common to see airfare doubling, tripling or more, a few days before departure.


I have a flexible work, so I could have gone stand by with HT. However, considering the risk of airfare cost vs the discount for HT (offered by dr. Cooley), it was not worth it for me.


I am not a doctor. The opinions and comments are of my own.


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I can speak from experience. I have a friend who just asked his HT doctor to reduce the price because he was paying cash and they did. It is tough times for these doctors, just like other businesses, and they NEED clients. This is kind of a "name your own price" economy. I just got a brand new box spring and mattress priced at $875.00 closeout for $500.00 out the door, tax and all!

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mgmjtech where do u stay? try pakistan u might just pay about a $ a graft! great job also Dr Humayun is recommended here and great work n cheap



Originally posted by mgmjtech:

I have been wanting to get hair transplant for awhile now but the only thing that is stopping me is the cost. With the recession, any chances these doctors will lower their price? Someone here must have some influences.

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I am in Alberta, Canada.


Pakitan is a long way but i will be looking into the standby stuff. first time I heard of it but never hurt to ask. I am sure with the economy right now, bargain the price is the way to go.


"Ask to be put on standby, if somebody cancels, they will offer you their spot at a reduced rate."

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