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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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  1. Anyone familiar with Anderson in Atlanta?
  2. No. It has a certain feel to it, and most would dissolve in water.
  3. I don't get on much anymore, but for some reason I get email notifications of some threads that I "subscribe to". This is one. But, I'm about three years out from Cooley doing a repair job on a Latham's Hair Clinic job from back in 1991. I am very happy and it's undetectable. Maybe I'll get to go back soon for another 2500 or so for my crown, but my oldest is starting a private college and I'm still recovering, business wise, from the downturn. And my wife's boob job is next anyway. Cooley's one of the best though, no doubt about it. Dewayne
  4. Man, forget about the others and see Cooley in Charlotte!
  5. Duuuuuudddde! Man, he'll look like Sebastian Bach by the 11-month mark....
  6. If it's a family reunion I wouldn't stress about it much honestly. I mean, if they are real close family they'll be supportive in whatever you do. My three sisters and mom have been very happy for me and would never betray confidence. My dad's bald, but he still loves me so he's cool with it. As for cousins I see every couple or three years? You know, I just wouldn't worry with it personally. Chances are if they ever tried to gossip about you they'd run into someone sympathetic to you, so who cares.... You could always say you had a nasty boil cut off and wear a hat and act shamed.
  7. My advice is take off about 6 weeks to two months. I mean, this is too important. It won't take long to get back in shape. You can still feel it after month on the bench, particularly the 'scar' area.
  8. Check out the results of this study. I know it should be down in 'Hair Loss Drugs', but felt it important and I didn't want it to get buried. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/201..._med_prostate_cancer
  9. Dr. Lindsey gets the Oscar for most realistic pics. That fourth one still has my wife shook up. That's raw as hell! I think it'll look much better though.
  10. Bump..... Todd from Tennessee...... Here is a good example of the way my hair was going, in case you see this blog. I didn't have as many graphs as this guy (but now wish I would've went for 1000 more), but I was a diffuse thinner as well. As I said before, I never looked anywhere near as good as the "model" patients that Latham's advertised. I would continue looking....
  11. Dr. Cooley had a great post about this topic 3 or 4 yrs. ago. You should be able to locate it, but he essentially agreed with what your doctor friend said. Not because of side effects, but he thinks there is just as much benefit taking the lower dose amount. Try the search and see if you can see it under his posts.
  12. from an old veteran. I've sort of got a good life back, and don't come on here much anymore; but just a year and half ago I would stay on this site at least an hour or two a day..everyday. Here are some things I've learned: 1. You will still want to look good at 40! Some guys at 20 think it won't matter after they get out of their "prime". But let me tell you, your definition of prime will change too. I imagine my 74 year old dad still wants to look good. Don't be overly aggressive. 2. It's better to not get a transplant at all than to get a bad one! I got 400 plugs, or a 100 - can't remember....at the age of 24 and pretty much spent the next 15 years trying to hide the awful work. Even though the ladies at "Hair Club for Men" told me mine actually looked pretty good.... 3. Get at least three opinions. I got four or five, and discovered the best docs usually make the same general recommendations, so be wary of the one making extraordinary promises. 4. When you get your hair back, even though it might not be as thick as an 18 year olds, you probably won't come back to the site much. The real reason is this: You just won't think about your hair all that much. I wish I had more, but I don't think about it much now and I don't see people looking at my head like I did before..(see#2) 5. Price matters, but only in that the best doctors will generally be within 10 - 15% of each other. Those quacks with the $2 per graph billboards will have you HIDING for the next several years as well. 6. Take finasteride. I quit it for about three months and I could tell I experienced some thinning. Take a Viagra if you have to, but there shouldn't be any side effects. 7. You might experience growth after 9 months. Tests may show it's minimal, but by-God my eyes don't lie. I did! 8a. Don't exercise for a month or two after your surgery. This is too damn important, and none of us are in such great shape that a couple months off will be devistating. Actors do it all the time for movie roles. Sly Stallone once gained 40 pounds for a movie, and then afterwards got back into great shape. Stretch that scar because you don't want to lose 10 pounds off your bench press and see how you like it. 8b. Just because you get hair, it doesn't mean that you'll suddenly get your 18-year-old body back either. It's still hard to lose 20 pounds, so if that's an issue with you (like me) consider getting in great shape first. Sometimes that makes so much difference, you might not even want or need hair. Think Bruce Willis here. 9. The 'ugly phase' is inevitable I think. Mine looked good at four months, and then at six it looked like hell. Just give it a year. 10. Research at least three months on doctors, the procedure, etc. I think an educated patient is more likely to get a better transplant personally. This site was a great resource for me, and really has changed my life. I found several great doctors and decided on Cooley. If I had an extra $9k, I'd go back for another, but I've got a kid preparing for college, a mortgage, a wife who wants some new boobies, and a lot of other committments right now.
  13. I'm certainly a diffuse thinner, but didn't experience any shock loss from what I can tell. I think surgeon skill and the use of very small instruments helps avoid some of this, but I'm no doctor. Take the finasteride is the best advice I can give, along with a top world class surgeon. I've had a great experience, even though I'm still somewhat thin. At least I've got a natural look now.
  14. I would suspect this guy will look even thicker at the 12-month point. My biggest differences came between 3-5 months, and then again at the 9 - 12 month time; in relation to noticing a big difference in picture results.