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Trip of a lifetime


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Hi mgem. Just wanted to give you a few words of encouragement.


Of course you will be nervous, but you should also feel proud of yourself for making a big decision which will have a positive effect on your life. I remember thinking several times when sitting in the chair "I can't believe I've actually done it!"


You will also feel a bit weird generally, but that will have just as much to do jetlag and being in a different culture for a few days. Possibly also a touch of loneliness if you are not being accompanied by your wife.


He's a great doc - you'll be fine and well looked after. It seems like only yesterday for me but in fact it was 9 weeks ago. Like me, you will very soon be 9 weeks down the line offering words of encouragement to others facing the same journey. Take a deep breath - nearly there now.


If you feel shaky and want to chat, pm me and I'll give you a contact number.


Best wishes


17 Feb 09 - 3,200 FUs by strip surgery (Dr Feller)


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I guess as I'm writing this, you're probably dealing with aiport fun and airplane seats with little to no leg room. Ode to the joy of flying :-).


Relax, enjoy your trip, and let any remaining anxiety melt off your shoulders like butter on hot freshly baked bread!


You're going to be in great hands my friend.


I look forward to hearing about your experience and seeing your photos. Your dreams of hair are just around the corner :-).



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Originally posted by mgem:

Still can't quite believe it, but i'm flying out tomorrow, ht with Dr Feller thursday. Thanks for help and advice so far. mgem


Hey mgem icon_smile.gif dont worry mate! I was in the same sitiation as you... I remember thinking exactly the same things.. 'I cant believe I am going to NYC' .. waiting for the taxi to turn up at home to take me to the airport was one of my most nervious moments.. I was really nervious walking out the front door to get into the taxi even! But when I eventually got to the airport... for some reason... the airport gives you that 'i'm going on holiday feeling!' lol.. I felt like everything was a bit of a dream and everything just fell into place perfectly..the airports are easy to navagate.. and I havent been to an airport for about 15 years! so it really was something for me to be worried about... but for me...the nerves turned into more like 'excitement!' when you get into you hotel room you can finally get your shoes off and lay on the bed and chill out! Your there! Your in great hands! a million guys have already been there and done it so you know your in safe hands icon_wink.gif you made a great choice of drs.. Dr Feller is really a nice guy as well as the very best guy to give you the best result possible! You'll feel a whole lot better on the day than you will the days leading upto it... I am terible at waiting for things.. and the night before I felt my most restless... and prob my most nervious moment. But once I woke up that morning I was more than ready and just wanted to get to see Dr Feller finally and give me some hair on top of my head I have been wishing for fo so long! icon_wink.gif


I know how your feeling, but going to NYC was the most exiting time of my life! Thats how good it is! wish I was you it will be great.. icon_wink.gif enjoy it...its awesome!

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Hi Mgem ,

Good luck mate , must be a great feeling getting the work done and then chilling out afterwards , looking forward to seeing the results all the best


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