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  1. Can you tell me the date of that procedure EJ?

    It shows as 2012 i know. However, you state that 'you waited until now'? What was the actual date of your procedure?

    1. ej


      it was 2003 when you where NHI I posted asking for help as one side stretched very badly

      I am much improved now and as you have said moved on

      Many Thanks


  2. Malcolm I notice you have posted a reply to my public profile page and also your own. In the interest of transparency I think it is also appropriate to have it here in this thread. Please could you link to it or post here also Regards ej
  3. Yes, you're right EJ. At that time I was working with a doctor called Santos. When I was referring patient's to DHI.  Santos was one of DHI's doctors.

    I discovered that Santos was ripping-off some of my patient's, He wasn't giving them the number of grafts agreed. Hence my refunding the difference between what you paid for, and what you actually received. I did the same with a number of other of Santo's's patients.

    After dumping DHI, I started to get malicious comments about me in various chat rooms. Most were signed with the initials CG. The initials of the owner of DHI. Costas Giotis. there were others, which were unsigned.

    Unfortunately,  your post referred to Dr. Tsounis, the surgeon I have worked with ever since dumping Santos, 15 years ago. 

    Dr. Tsounis's work is excellent, and I have never had a sleepless night, worrying about our patient's well-being ever since. 

    Hence my anger toward you EJ. It would have helped if you'd got your facts right mate.

    Time to move on EJ.



  4. Malcolm, My experiences and opinions that I have posted above, are substantially in the same form as my original post and remain unchanged. Just to clarify, I returned from Greece and complained to Mendelsohn re grafts numbers that he quoted for at the consultation stage, and the amount that I actually received. The initial consultation, and later partial refund for the above, that Mendelsohn agreed to pay me took place at Mendelsohns apartment Stockport UK upon my return so obviously there was no result I never heard from Mendelsohn again. My opinion is based upon my experience and results that I had at that time, and I am perfectly entitled to share my experience and opinions as it is simply the truth. ej
  5. Hi Spex Yes thanks for asking, I am in a lot better place than I was left in. I was thinking that when I met you, was at the start of this repair journey and you saw my start point, which we both know was not great. Would be good get your opinion sometime on how things have progressed, yes I would like to carry on with the repair but feel that I am in no rush at this point in time All the best ej
  6. Looks really refined and clean look forward to the updates All the best man ej
  7. I think shock loss is fairly common and usually grows back in time. 1 year time is when i would arrive at a conclusion. Get some pictures up then we can see what, and where you are all the best ej
  8. I think Spex is reasonable in what he has said. Why would you make a statement and back it up with no pictures? When i had a disastrous result with a coalition dr the first thing I did was post pics whilst requesting help and advice .
  9. Hi David I hope all is good You have come along way with your repair you look great! I read a while back that Doctor Ball uses hyperthermasol as a holding solution for grafts. If I remember correctly he said he was suprised more docs didnt use it as it increases yield considerably. Have you found this to be the case not only for yourself but in general with your clients? All the best ej
  10. It seems to me, to be a difficult job for a tech to plant 1k grafts into a graft site, that is bleeding and healing. Do you think the `stick and place` technique would be more suitable overall for fue? Nice video look forward to the updates All the best ej
  11. I would avoid at all costs. Mendelsohn has spent the last few years cleaning up his image online. There used to be pages of negative comments about him, however due to the new data protection laws I believe he has spent time getting most of it removed. My own experience of him was that of a car `salesman` who told me i had the donor for 3k grafts via fue. He then showed me a video of himself having the fue procedure. He suckered me in as I was young and naive. When I got to Greece the Dr took two strips either side of my head leaving me with massive scars and little growth. Fortunately Dr Bisanga managed to improve my situation with beard fue I remember Mendelsohns Doctor who he described as a `top man` every time he went to use anesthesia he said to me quote "say thank you dr" whilst the techs stood about laughing. On my return I knocked on Malcolms door and he gave me some money back as basically I was not leaving, if you know what I mean. The man is an utter scumbag, and not to be trusted, he hides away in Greece now The man is best avoided, use the search function on this site go back a few years. He has not managed to eradicate his shameful past on this forum ej
  12. I would look at Erdogan or Ozgur at HLC Ankara Erdogan seems to be knocking out great results one after the other and only heard good things about HLC and Ozgur also All the best man ej